Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #83

Take a picture; it'll last longer!
Remember saying that?
I think of Friday Fragments as snapshots in the photo shoot of our lives.

Say, "Cheese!"

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I worked very late tonight and came home to an amazingly clean kitchen, courtesy of my loving husband and son doing a "10-minute Power Clean."
I am so lucky!
What a great way to enter the weekend.

Thanks for your well wishes for Mom, which you left here. I've printed out a hard copy to add to my mom's album, and she is going to love it! That said, she was unable to go through with the surgery as planned (Thursday), because she came down with a very bad cold; it's been rescheduled for March 8th.


Danged spammers have hit my special blog page with posts about my mom. I switched to Disqus commenting, and it's working well, but I still haven't figured out how to import the Blogger comments to that page successfully. Working on it....


I recorded another audio post (see sidebar). It's the Post That Shall be Named, which I have now named Gifts from My Father: Parting Words.


If you missed my Baked Mostaccoli post on Mrs.4444 Cooks,
you should check it out;
it would be a terrific recipe for this weekend :)


This is really random, but did you know that some kids who sell drugs in high schools have figured out that by removing the drawstring in sweatpants or shorts, they can slide contraband inside the resulting space? What will they think of next?! Customized pockets in their underwear? (Oh, yeah; they've thought of that, too.)


Woohoo! Friday Fragments has reached epic proportions! I want to take this time to thank you for visiting some of the blogs of other fragmenters,
since I obviously can't get to every single one in a week's time.

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  1. UGH! How awful! Why do those spammers seem to go after the most sincere posts we write? I have written about the death of a friend's baby and the spammers ALWAYS hit it up. ugh

  2. Poor Grandma C. She is in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Damn spammers - spoiling everybody's fun.

    Good luck to your mom - tell her she is in my prayers.

  4. Praying for your sweet Mama...and cursing the spammers.

    Heading over to check out the recipe now!

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Sorry your mom wasn't able to have the surgery as planned - here's hoping she's feeling better from her cold soon!

    Spammers sure are annoying - I have to say that is one of the things I actually do like about using the Wordpress platform - they fry up the spam and feed 'em to the dogs! ;)

    Can your hubby and son give my hubby and PN a few pointers? Boy it would be nice to come home to an amazingly clean anything even just once! :)

    Off to check out your recipe! Have a great weekend! :)

  6. Spam is the devil. Hope mom feels better soon. Baked whatever that was looks yum!

  7. I hope your mom's cold resolves quickly and her next surgery date works.

    Your audio was just beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. I've assisted the physicians in bone marrow biopsy's before, but never had to experience it from the patient / patients family side. You are beautiful for being strong enough to be there for your dad.

  8. Stupid spammers.

    Can you imagine if drug addicts applied the same energy they do to using and selling to something productive?

    A clean kitchen sounds lovely!

  9. I hope you're Mom gets to feeling better soon.

    I will have to try that recipe. Looks like a yummy one to bring to a Bring a Dish to Pass event.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. The dealers and the cheaters are really very creative, aren't they? I just went to a workshop about the newest cheating methods and honestly think the students spend more time creating their cheats than it would take to study.

    Give your mom a big hug from me and then wash your hands. How disappointing to have to postpone something she wants and needs to have done.

    Now, send your boys to my house even though it would probably take at least a 20 minute power clean here.

  11. That recipe looks lovely!

    Hope your mom's cold goes away soon.

  12. Here's hoping your mom feels better soon!Happy Friday. I was able to link up today.. last week was a bit hectic! Have a great weekend!!

  13. Love the "Friday Fragments", although it's hard to leave comments because there's so much to say ;)

    I think your house must be in great shape anyway if a ten-minute power clean would make it look that great : )

    I'm sorry about your mom ... hopefully she'll recover from her cold soon and be up for the surgery March 8th. She's in my thoughts and prayers.

    Kids have become the picture of ingenuity ... I just wish they would use it for good. I hadn't heard about the space for the stash thing, but you won't believe what they're doing with vodka-soaked tampons ... (I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't witnessed it ... being a teacher in this day and age is stranger than you can imagine)

    Hope you have a great weekend : )

  14. Baked Mostaccoli is now on the menu for next Thursday! Yay.

    As for the drugs, where there is a will, there's a way.

  15. Going to have to check out that recipe!

    Grrr, spammers!

  16. I hate spammers. Grr!
    Hope your mom is feeling better soon!
    Speaking of contraband, I remember in my first year of college going on tour with our concert band and not being allowed to bring fruit. Apparently the kids in the past had injected the fruit with alcohol and ate it on the bus! No one knew how they all got drunk!

  17. my twitter account was hit and my blog had comments left as well I wonder why those with all the time dont do something worthwhile.
    love the baked mostachillo

  18. I came home late last night and found my kitchen a mess and my husband and sons out to a movie. LOL

    At least they were hanging out together.

  19. Poor mama got a cold? I will keep her in my prayers, please keep up updated.

    Ya gotta hand it to kids.....they think of everything...good....bad and illegal.

    God bless and have a fun relaxing weekend sweetie!!!

  20. I would just be happy if the dishes were clean. That is it.

  21. Wow - what a husband and son! :)

    I was using disqus until recently. I don't like that it doesn't consistently link the comments between disqus and blogger, so when I switched back to blogger, I lost a lot of my comments. *sigh* Also, a lot of regular visitors stopped commenting - several of them explained by email that they couldn't get their comments to go through on disqus.
    ... and I'm still being hounded by spammers here on bloggter. What to do? What to do?

    It's amazing what steps kids will take to bring in the drugs... if only they would put that much thought and effort into doing the right things.

  22. I hope your momma feels better and that her surgery goes smoothly on the eighth.

    I hate spammers...they are awful!

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  23. Covering your mom and her family in prayer.

    You husband is showing love. I would take a clean kitchen over roses or chocolates any day...although those aren't bad either.

    Good to come back to your's such a special place!

  24. I hope your mom feels better! I'm a new follower and a first time linker!

  25. I'd settle for a 5 Minute Moderately Enthusiastic clean!

  26. The last bit about drugs just scared the CRAP out of me!! Seriously, kids do that? I sometimes want to bury my head in the sand. Yeah, I know, that would not do any good.

    Congrats on your epic proportions!!!!
    Happy weekend! :)

  27. Bummer on the spammers. I (knock on wood) haven't been hit hard, and it isn't too hard to delete the few I get.

    Kudos to your husband and son. Can they come work in my kitchen? Dishes are sitting dirty in the sink (it's his job!) for two days now as my husband is playing on his computer again tonight.

    And the drugs? Yikes. Not only is it sad that people are doing this, but how sad that you know about it, too?

  28. rough week for me but thanks so much for your lovely comments as always, hope it gets better this coming week. loved that recipe :)sure hope mom gets better super fast! I LOVE your audio post, you should write poems or a memoir! seriously. thank you so much for FF!

  29. I hope your mom starts feeling better ASAP!

    That recipe looks rather tasty, I might just need to make it this week!

  30. If you figure out how to import your blogger comments to Disqus, please let me know! I really like Disqus and want to switch over but want to take my old comments with me.
    I missed fragging yesterday, boo!


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