Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Day

*Worked all day (It's a blur, really.)
*Supervised Student Council pancake/porky supper during parent conference night (four hours).
*Tended to a Student Council kid who fell like a tree behind me and landed with a thud. (Can you say scary?!)
*Listened sympathetically to a venting parent for 30 minutes, in my coat, waiting to go home (she arrived five minutes after conferences ended and was there to talk to the person who was giving me a ride home.)

On the bright side...

*I have a job.
*Everyone was entertained by The Pancake Guy, and we raised some money :) Most of the kids worked hard.
*Conferences were relatively painless.
*The teenager didn't crack her head open, gush blood, or require major medical treatment.
*The parent wasn't upset with me.

So, I'm wiped out, but it could be a lot worse. And hopefully (with another four hours of conferences tomorrow), it won't be!!


  1. Now that's the spirit Barb. You have a way of seeing the bright side of things. I like your positive view on life.

  2. What a bright attitude you have about things Mrs.4444. Not everything works out just as planned.


  3. Wow that's an action packed night...I hope tonight goes smoothly.

  4. Yep! Just proves that if we dig in deep enough, we can always find SOMETHING good in most everything. Now, if only we all would try to practice that aspect to living just think what a brighter, better world this would/could be.

  5. Great post! Glad the student didn't get hurt. Cool fundraiser. I may steal this idea.......


  6. It's so good that you're able to be positive about things that aren't necessarily so positive! (Did that even make sense?!) ;-)

  7. ' Don't know why in the world you would possibly be tried. What did you do....leave your cape at home?

    Was this the same pancake guy who tosses and flips the pancakes waaaay in the air and ya'll get to catch them in your plates! Woohoo!

    Have a great day and get some rest girl!!!

  8. Yes, Nezzy-The pancake guy is a lot of fun; there's a lot of smiles going on when he's serving up :)

    Dang it! Left my cape home again this morning...!

  9. Super Woman in action!! So great when we can remain positive when everything is nuts around us. :)

  10. Busy day, but you seem to have a handle on it- still though, a rough start to the week!

  11. I suspect that if you left that school, a great ray of sunlight would be lost.

  12. You rock. You have the energy of a 20 year old!!

    Hallie :)

  13. Get some rest.

    I wanted to let you know that I picked you as one of the featured blogs on Life2Us. Your button will be up for the whole month of February.

  14. oh.

    I am a little in awe of you right now.

  15. Holy Cow, Unknown Mami! That's quite an honor! Thank you so much!! Guess that means I'd better not take that rest!haha

    Aw, Caution Flag! What a sweetheart you are :) The beautiful thing is that my school is full of superstars; working with so many people who work are the top of their game is truly inspiring!

  16. Sounds like a busy day but I like how you put On The Bright Side, wonderful and positive!

  17. Love the Bright side angle! I thought that I had a busy day, but ya got me beat. Hang in there!

  18. Somedays I wish I could have interesting day like that. LOL!

    My excitement consisted of wondering if my son was going to puke all over the table when my husband insisted we go to lunch... (He did fine.)


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