Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #87

My heart is pounding really hard right now. Some of you know that feeling; the minutestary panic (as opposed to momentary panic) you experience when a post you drafted hits the blog and is hanging out there for NINE HOURS before you realize it and get the danged thing off and cleaned up before re-posting it. Whew. Thankfully, I had not written any scathing remarks about anyone (you know; just to vent, not intended for anyone to ever read, LOL). So, because I'm still in shock, I'm just going to say, "Welcome to Friday Fragments!!!" and use Kerri's clever intro from last week to kick us off:

“More important than learning how to recall things is finding ways to forget things that are cluttering the mind.”

~Eric Butterworth
(I didn't know that Mrs.Butterworth had a son.)

Thanks, Kerri! That was awesome.

***I'm excited to tell you that I have once again decided to join our middle school's Relay for Life Team. As a Student Council Advisor, I feel a need to set a good example for our SC participants, so I'm aiming high this year--My goal is $500. If you know anyone who has fought and kicked cancer's butt, please consider making a donation in their name. Of course, you are also to make a donation in memory of loved ones who have lost the fight. I recently learned of someone who is currently receiving treatment that ten years ago would have been considered "experimental." We are making gains against the cancer beast. Please consider sponsoring me. (see button in sidebar)

***Kathy, of Everyday Bliss, inspired me to write this story, about Grandma 4444 telling the story of how she almost delivered Mr.4444's brother in a public restroom:

"We were on our way somewhere when I felt like I had know...poop. I even had to have Bob stop at a gas station, since I had to go so bad, but I couldn't DO anything. When I went to wipe, though, I FELT HIS HEAD!!!" Bob rushed me to the hospital, they quickly got ready, and the baby shot out like a rocket. The doctor even said to the nurse, "Did you catch him?!"

***Hey, just because a mascara is "new" and different doesn't mean it's better. I tried the new Clinique High Lengths mascara

and found it to be incredibly clumpy (a two-Q-tips type clumpy) and hated it. I do still love my Clinique though; they cheerfully exchanged the new one for my old stand-by, Lash-Doubling Mascara. Just thought I'd encourage you to try it before you buy it (if that's possible.)

***Feels Like Chaos led me to this video for Dads considering adoption--It's wonderful.

***Every week, my friend Karen posts something she learned, in her Friday Fragments post. Inspired, I decided to learn something this week. While watching a TV show about dogs, I learned about the Lagoto Romagnola, a dog that sniffs out truffles. I've always wondered what the heck a truffle was anyway, since I'd heard they were a type of fungus and a chocolate delicacy. Now, thanks to Wikipedia, I know that there are two kinds of truffles. If I could get Cooper to sniff out truffles in our woods, we could be rich; some truffles sell for $1000-$2200 per pound!! Unfortunately, it would take moving to Europe to find any...

***I can't tell you how happy I was to find this post at Ignore Reality, a blog that found me this week. I learned about the Sing-a-Long Sound of Music production, and this has now been pushed to the top of my bucket list! It's showing right now in L.A. Ticket prices range from $9 to $433.

***Speaking of tickets, Mr.4444 and I are going to see Elton John in concert in April!!!!

In her Friday Fragments last week, QandleQueen (A Walk Through My Little World) referenced this post, in regard to a "spider incident" at Girl Scout camp. It made me laugh til I coughed up a lung, so check it out if you need a laugh. QandleQueen, the Favorite Friday Fragmenter Award goes to you this week. Enjoy!

***Going to try to paste the six or seven comments from my accidental post in the comments below. Wish me luck! And speaking of comments, after you link up your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS post (cuz that's the only kind that gets linked, right? :) stop by and visit a few other fragmenters; they'll welcome you with open arms. And don't forget to stop by for some Friday Night Leftovers to link up there, too!


  1. Eternal Lizdom said...

    Uh... is this supposed to be here already? :)

    I SAY: Um....NO!!

  2. Blogger mommytoalot said...

    Tell me it is NOT Friday already??

    I SAY: Um...NO!! (You're not losing your mind.) Sorry about that.

  3. Blogger Frau said...

    How do we sponsor you for your race? I always did the race for the cure with my sisters but being over seas this year I will miss out. Cancer sucks...plain and simple. Happy Friday Mrs.4444

    I SAY: As soon as I get this post fixed, I'll post a link to my RfL page. Thanks for asking :)

  4. Blogger Nezzy said...

    I'm thinkin' we need to toss the idea of growin' hay, wheat, corn and soybeans here on the Ponderosa and get us a cash crop of truffles in here. Heeeheheh!

    I always heard they used hogs to sniff the expensive delectably fungi out of the ground.

    A good read as always! Have a terrific day, sweetie!!!

    I SAY: Nezzy, come on--You didn't notice the mess in here? That is way too funny. Thanks for the chuckle. Wait a second; I realized I don't even have the FF button posted!!! (Heart pounding again a little.)

  5. Blogger Beth said...

    My life is going too fast already! Please don't tell me we're canceling Thursdays! LOL!

    I SAY: No worries, Beth. Thursday has been reinstated!!

  6. Blogger Vicki said...

    It's Friday in my part of the world. Do what every you can to get to Sing-a-Long Sound of music. I'm wondering what you get for a $433 ticket? I would be expecting endless champagne served by one of the von Trapp children and a foot massage from Rolf

    I SAY: Thanks, Vicki, for the chuckle!! :)

  7. Blogger blueviolet said...

    I'm so excited for your trip to see Elton John! How fun! I bet he's tamer in costume these days, don't ya think?

    Awesome on the Relay for Life thing!

    I SAY: We shall see!

  8. Bwahahahahahaha! I totally know the feeling of the heart racing when you've realized your draft was published. I'm always super paranoid about that.

  9. I've had truffle oil once...heavenly. I don't have any illusions of ever having it again - just not in the budget.

    Oh, the terror of publishing a draft! That's right up there with losing your wallet!

  10. Love the childbirth story about your MIL! I can kinda relate...but no public rest room involved. It's just that Steph arrived so quickly,before doc got there, that I wondered why we had to pay him just to fix me up a bit??? :0

  11. I have had the publishing of a draft happen....hate that!

    The birthing story.....she reached down to wipe and felt his head? I didn't know if I should laugh or gasp or throw up. Scary!

    I am so jealous of your Elton John tickets!

    Happy Friday Fragments!

  12. Elton John tickets! WOW! Sounds like fun.

  13. Have fun watching Elton John! That's exciting.
    I love the 'cluttering the mind' quote. Wish I knew how to unclutter mine!
    I wonder if Eric Butterworth's syrup is very, very good?

  14. My babies shot out fast, too.

    I saw Elton John in college. It was AWESOME!!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. I think every blooger can relate to your draft getting published by mistake--hate when that happens!

    Glad I inspired you to learn things too--thanks for the shout out!

    Hope you reach your goal!

    I am familiar with chocolate truffles-yum!

  16. I'm glad to know someone else has spazzed and unknowingly published an incomplete post. Nine hours though? Eeek :0

    Dang. I wish my babies had slipped out that easily. No such luck.

    I saw Elton John at a free concert in Central Park in 1981. Good times.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Yeah, and where does one get a truffle sniffing dog? And do they sniff out the chocolate kind as well?

  18. I HATE when I accidently publish early... Ugh!!!

    I never really knew what a truffle was either! Learned something new!

  19. I think there should be a pop up that asks you "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO PUBLISH NOW?" I've pre-published a bunch of times now and each time I scream louder.
    I think you might be the only one who caught the Butterworth joke. I for one thought it was funny...I am glad to see that I am not the cheese (standing alone)
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  20. Personally, I much prefer the chocolate truffles to the fungal variety :)

    Good luck on your Relay for Life. We always participate in my own little community, too!

  21. I was very impressed when I saw your post up last night. "She's exceptionally proactive," I thought. It was impressive - mistake or not :)

  22. I don't like truffles. But I wouldn't mind teaching our dog. Just cuz I don't eat it doesn't mean I can't profit...right?!

    Good luck on the Relay! I was thinking about walking this year...feeling the need to get out and walk for a cause!

  23. Good luck on the relay!

    And thanks for passing on the info on the mascara. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and wonder why I look
    Around 5ish, I realize it's because I forgot the mascara!

    Have a great weekend!

  24. Hee hee! I've posted a draft before, and gotten comments so I felt I had to keep it.
    I loved the spider story!!
    I'm actually enjoying the comments on top as much as the actual post, glad you added them back in!!

  25. In my Google reader I can see your post still - I thought it was a mistake. I've done that before, too and I know that thud thud thud that my heart makes when I finally realize.

    Grandma 4444's story is so very interesting! How funny.

    Say Hi to Elton for me :) and I'd love to sing along with both Elton and the Sound of Music.

  26. An Elton John show would be so much fun!

  27. Ooo! Have a blast at Elton John!
    Oh my on the blog post. Whoops!

    You know, I have never had good luck with a Clinique mascara. Love their other stuff, but I stick to my pink and green Maybeline tube ;)

  28. Oh mascara...I had THE PERFECT ONE and then they went and discontinued it. There's a couple that I use but I'm still searching for THE PERFECT ONE again!

    LOL @ your MIL thinking she needed to poo but was instead having a baby. Glad they made it to the hospital!

  29. I LOVE Elton John! I hope y'all have a wonderful time at the concert.

    I have friends that link participate in Friday Fragments every week. I decided to link up this week too! Thanks for the hospitality.

  30. I love that song "Tiny Dancer." He really writes a good song, questionable eye-wear notwithstanding.

  31. Girl your a gas! Ya always leave me smilin'!

    Have a glorious day!!!

  32. Dumb question, but can't you just edit the existing post and republish it with the changes v deleting and reposting it?

    I had no idea dogs could also find truffles, I always thought it was only pigs. Very cool. I learned something new, too!

  33. I'm so behind on blog reading that it's Saturday and I'm just reading Friday's posts, so I would have been clueless about your premature emancipation of thoughts from your head.

    But as always, I'm grateful to join the party you're throwin'!

  34. Oh man, I've accidentally posted before!

    There are some places that have truffle burgers on the menu that cost more than my monthly rent.


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