Saturday, April 10, 2010

Diaper Deck Drama

When Kendall was an infant, she had tons of black hair. In fact, had I not seen her come out myself, I might not have owned her. You should have seen the looks Mr.4444 and I gave each other--sort of, "Are you sure she's ours?!" Anyway, one day, as I changed her diaper in a diaper deck of a McDonald's, a busload of senior citizens gradually passed us by as they waited their turn for the restrooms. Each one clucked and commented on her hair, asking me if I had heartburn when I was pregnant, etc.

One admirer asked, "What's her name?" and I replied, "Kendall." She pinched up her face as if to say, "Hmmf!" but brightening a little, added, "So you're gonna call her 'Kendy' then." (It was more a pronouncement than a question.)

"No. We'll call her Kendall."

It was if I had just ruined her day; she just could not make room in her psyche for a girl named Kendall. She furrowed her eyebrows in disgust and walked away.

Because, you see, she's a Kendall, not a Kendy. So there!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KENDALL!! You're the best daughter I ever had :) Love you....


  1. It is a beautiful name..My kids are all the same nicknames..I have one for all 10 grand children but I am the only one allowed to use them..have to think of a new one for Payton Elizabeth due in May..I want to meet her first!!

  2. Happy Birthday Kendall!!

    (Kendy is a ridiculous glad your mother realized this and fought against the nicknames!)

    I was determined when Katarina was born that she would not be called Kat, so I fought it...and won! When she's older if she wants to be called that she can do it, but I protected her full name for her. Once kids get a nickname, the full name never comes back!

  3. kendy?! seriously?! blech. kendall is a much cooler name. i like 'different' names. especially considering my name was the top girls name the five or so years surrounding my birth year....

    happy birthday to kendall, and good luck for surviving the party, mrs4444! =D

  4. Happy birthday to a beautiful girl with a beautiful name.

  5. Awww, happy birthday Kendall!!

  6. Isn't if funny how some people make suggestions that sound like pronouncements?? Kendall is a great name. Happy Birthday, Kendall!

  7. lord have mercy Kendy sounds rediculous ...Thank goodness you went with Kendall which is a beautiful name ...Happy Birthday to Kendall!

  8. Happy Birthday Kendall! And happy anniversary to you for the day your gave birth to her! I love the name Kendall! Kendy is, well, stupid. Kendall is, however, lovely and unique!

    Mrs.4444, I finally posted the recipe for that buttery-crumbed mac and cheese. Hop on over when you get a chance!

  9. Happy Birthday to Kendall!

    What is it with people thinking they can determine what you want your kids called?

    We call my oldest Zach alot but he always refers to himself as Zachery. Guess we should take the hint!?!

  10. Happy birthday to Kendall! There sure are some cranky old folks out there eh? Hope I don't become one!!

  11. A birthday is always a special day. Because it's personal. It's all about you. Happy Birthday to Kendall and here's to 100 more.

  12. Kendall is a perfect name. Happy, happy birthday sweet Kendall. Have a great fun day!!!

    I'm just giggling thinkin' of the big sleepover! Heehehehe! What a blast!

    God bless and have a fun celebration.

  13. Kendy? Seriously? Was this an old lady crackhead convention?
    Happy Birthday to KENDALL!

  14. Best daughter you ever had, huh?

    So ummm what's wrong with Kendall as a name? Gotta love the old biddies!

  15. Happy Birthday, Kendall, & Happy Birthing Day, Mrs. 4s! Belated forgiveness, if you please!

    ("My" computer is out for repairs, & a pipe burst in our basement yesterday when DH washed the car for the 1st time this's been a rough weekend! I just had to shoo DH away so I could finish reading my blogs!!)

    Kendall is a beautiful name, & I can't imagine who would have though to call her "Kendy"! We call all five of our children by thier full names, despite many attempts by others to "suggest" abbreviations. They can decide to shorten their names as adults, if they want.

    I hope you recover quickly from the sleepover! This is one of my favorite times of the year, as my oldest two babies are April babes--the 17th & the 3rd respectively...apparently Kendall's day is right between. What fun!!

  16. My name is Kristin and I was called Kris until I was in middle school - at some point I just started introducing myself as Kristin and I got my full name back. I think my grandparents were the only ones to never make the change, but that's OK. Kendy, however is not OK LOL

    Happy belated birthday to Kendall!

  17. Yikes, what a sourpuss!

    Happy Birthday Kendall!

  18. My brother's middle name was Kendal and when he was little he was concerned and asked my mom why, if he was a kendal, didn't he have a wick on his head *L*

    Happy Birthday to your Kendall!

  19. All my babies had lots of hair too and people always asked me if I had heartburn. I didn't.

    My girls have very unique names and people always have the most unusual comments.

    Love the name Kendall. My cousin just named her baby Kennedy. Love that name too.

    Hope she had a happy bday! Can't believe you're still alive from the sleepover!

  20. I like the name Kendall but I like Kendy too. I work with a Kendy. My girls were both born with black hair .. too funny.

  21. I hope Kendall's birthday was a fabulous one!


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