Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tech Tuesday

After my insanely busy Friday night (fundraiser roll-out) and Saturday (a different fundraiser, plus the Elton John concert--WOW), I decided to plant my butt on the couch Sunday.  Of course, you know me; I must bloom where I am planted, so I here are some of the flowers I have to share with you today...

The following are some Internet resources that I find very entertaining or useful:

1000 Awesome Things and The Book of Awesome. It will make you smile. Check out the awesomeness here.

Yelp is a word-of-mouth website that allows you to read the reviews of regular people like you and me (well, mostly regular) for local businesses or places of interest. For example, I wrote some quick reviews for a couple of grocery stores I like/don't like, as well as a diner that is great but out-of-the-way. You could use Yelp to explore places you're going to visit on vacation or simply share your opinions if, like me, you are opinionated.  I read three reviews from tourists to Green Bay about a local favorite restaurant, which was really interesting (they hated it.) The next time you go on vacation, consider giving your objective opinion at Yelp.

If you're in Education, are a homeschooling parent or are just interested in learning cool stuff, Larry Ferlazzo is an INCREDIBLE resource. I cannot tell you enough how much I have learned from this man over the past year.  Here's a link to his Websites of the Month page, which has links to all of his other blog pages, too.  I guarantee that you will find something you are grateful to have at his site.

If you need a laugh, check out Awkward Family Photos, which has also been nominated for a Webby Award in two categories, Humor and Weird.

I have stumbled upon a blogger whose writing fills my heart.  The Momplex, by Jenny Penny is a treasure; I love the "voice" in her writing and think you would, too.

The Special Education Law Blog has been nominated for a Blogger's Choice Award in the category of Best Education Blog. It's not fluffy reading, but there is a search box and some excellent information.

The Everyday Philanthropist shows you how to make a difference with the resources you have, even if you are broke. She's got some terrific ideas.

That should give you enough to play with. Have fun :)


  1. Thanks for sharin' some of your faves, I'll be sure to check them out.

    BTW: How's your Mama doin'?

    You have yourself a terrific Tuesday!!!

  2. I love awkward family photos!!! Oh my goodness... If you have one of those days just check out a few of their photos and somehow whatever was wrong just disappears!!! I checked out the Everyday Philathropist... Pretty interesting. I like her ideas!

  3. Thank you, Mrs. 4444! Simply put, that was very sweet and made me feel good.

  4. These were all new to me. I really like recommendations on new blogs. I will check them out. Thanks for sharing your ideas on them too.

  5. I love Awkward Family Photos! You can friend them on Facebook, if anyone's interested.

    Another one I love is www.EngrishFunny.com . Oh my word ...

  6. thanks for the links.
    I had noticed the awkward family photo thing on facebook but never bother to look. It's a great laugh.

    Very recursive - a link to site of links to other resources of links.

  7. Awesome! I'm going to check out the Larry Ferlazzo one for sure.

    After your previous post where you explained delicious...I gave it a try, and now I am in love!! It is so useful and easy and smart! Just wanted to say thank you for that! =)

  8. This is an awesome list! I can't wait to visit some of these sites. Thanks for sharing ;)

  9. Thanks for the links. I have an interview next week for a teaching job. Woohoo!


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