Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just so you know....

I'm in Madison, Wednesday through Friday, at a conference that has so far been really worth my time! Today, our speaker, Yong Zhao, spoke about globalization and education for three solid hours (without stopping), and I found it hard to leave the room at all (for bathroom breaks) because I didn't want to miss anything. He was inspiring.  I just wanted to let you know that while I do have posts scheduled as usual, I won't be stopping by your blogs til the weekend, most likely. I hope this finds you all happy, healthy, and loving summer :)

I leave you with a quote Yong shared (by one of his own children's teachers) about students:

"Children are like popcorn....some of them pop early, and some of them pop late.

[Never mind that I burn a lot of popcorn! I loved it.]


  1. Love the quote....have a wonderful time!

  2. Great quote, enjoy your conference. I read your post about Jeffrey, very touching. I cannot imagine losing my Megan. It would be devastating. My heart aches for children lost.

  3. Hope you are able to enjoy your conference and it continues to be as good as it sounds from this post.
    I love the popcorn quote!

  4. Hope you continue to enjoy your trip and conference.
    I love the popcorn quote, one to remember!


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