Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reality Show Reality

College Students who like to get drunk and stupid
Mall Cops
Little People
Brats and their Unskilled Parents
Families with multiple children
Spoiled/Pregnant/Runaway Teenagers
Hollywood Has-Beens
Drug Addicts
Garbage Collectors
Chefs/Cake Designers
Wannabee Models/Atheletes/Prom Queens
"Beautiful" People

Who will they not make a "reality" show about? I'll tell you...

Happy, functional families (Remember Little House on the Prairie?)
People with good social skills (Remember the Waltons? Leave It to Beaver?)
Intelligent fathers (I think Bill Cosby was the last one I know of, and they pretty much broke the mold with him.)

Who am I missing??


  1. Everybody Hates Chris was a good show, very funny with a very real, functional, hard working family.

  2. College kids who work while they're going to school, are dedicated, and focused. Now that's one I'd like to see!

  3. Mary reminded me of Different World! Or maybe "Saved by the Bell: The College Years." Ha!

    I always enjoyed Roseanne for the absolute realism and humor of the show. Dan was a good man, husband, father.

    These days... I enjoy The Middle (just ended its first season) and ... well, there's... um....

    Now I really miss Family Ties.

  4. These days, I'll settle for anything with an actual, well written script!

  5. it is amazing to me that we can have 800 channels and nothing on tv.

  6. You are making me miss the shows I loved growing up. You know what show I loved? Good Times. They were a great family, that worked hard and stood by each other even thought times were always tough.

  7. We've become a nation of voyeurs! It's ridiculous! If some of those 'Real Housewives' lived next door to me, I would have to move to the boondocks.

    (I admit I like watching Extreme Home Makeover... makes me cry all the time.)

    (I like the new look and header... very nice.)

  8. You're so right. There aren't any functional families on tv!

  9. Gosh, you're right! The closest I can get is the strange love between Jack and Liz Lemon on 30 Rock.

  10. I used to like My Three Sons and Father Knows Best.

  11. It is a sad fact that dysfunctional families make for good TV ratings. I am actually loving the fact that summer is here and TV is bad enough for me to have stopped watching completely - instead I am going for a walk, reading my book and blogging :-)

  12. And we wonder why other countries and cultures hate us.

  13. And this is why I don't watch reality TV!

    (Love your new design - guess I haven't been by in awhile!)

  14. I've been meaning to mention the new design! LOVE the title bar, with all the pics, and the slideshow of your Mom.
    True but sad. This post explains why we watch Discovery/Travel/Food Network more than anything else.
    What is it with the idiot Dads on tv? Man O Mine pointed that out a few months back, even in commercials, men are bumbling idiots, and usually their women are snarky & superior.

  15. Well, I have to raise my hand - I rather enjoy quite a few reality TV shows. I only watch one on your list, though, Survivor. Oh, two, I see chefs on your list. I like the voting out type of reality shows it seems - Survivor, Amazing Race, The Next Food Network Star, Design Star, Project Runway, etc.

    I used to love the show about firemen called "Emergency" - that was a cool show.

    Kristin - The Goat

  16. The good old days....
    I don't watch TV at all anymore and I know I am not missing a thing.

  17. OH! and I love the new header and layout, looking good!

  18. I'm waiting for the reality tv show about computer programmer geeks. I will watch that religiously.

  19. My Three Sons had an intelligent father. I loved those old shows that you mention here.

  20. I'm with you. I watch those old shows whenever I can find them.

  21. I actually like reality TV, though in smaller doses. I think I'd be a great candidate for Wife Swap (though I would never do it in a million years), but I would never, ever put my own family through that.

    Way to stick your neck out there, Kristin--I'm proud of you :)

  22. Loving parents happy to be blessed with special needs kids........like ME!!

  23. hmmm reality shows, what about Beauty and the Geek? I saw that show and I was really amazed at how much the women learn about themselves, how selfish they are and how shallow they are. And the men, they learn how to be in the same room with a woman and realize she is just another person, not some goddess, I love this show!

    I watched Little House when I was a kid, and as an adult I enjoy all the re-runs of I Love Lucy and even get my kids to enjoy them too!

  24. it's all about $
    happy people don't make RATINGS!
    I watch RHNJ lol

  25. We like amazing race, and will watch the odd survivor or Biggest loser, but honestly we're finding less and less that really grabs us enough to sit down and give up the time for. Our teens asked us if we thought it was worth what we paid for cable every month... cause they never watch anymore...they prefer a dvd if they have the time.

  26. I was just saying earlier today that there aren't any 'good' shows anymore.

    Remember, Bewitched, and I Dream of Jenine? And Growing Pains?

    Gosh. <3


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