Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sundays in My City

Unknown Mami hosts a wonderful photo-themed meme on Sundays, when people from all over the world post photos representing their cities. This week, I have kind of a hodgepodge and am going to make up for skipping last week.

In my neck of the woods, I came upon a very elusive, but beautiful, bird family. Here's the best shot I could get...

I'm also still enamored with this funky tree, now in the midst of a farm field of happy yellow something-or-other.

Our friends, Mike and Sandy, had us over for fish on Friday night. No, not the fish in their backyard coy pond. Their dog couldn't wait for dinner, though, and helped himself to the fish food (as in the food belonging to the fish!)

It was pretty hot/muggy outside (we were cooking/eating in their very nice, clean garage.) and this guy...

was dying to go swimming and eat some fish! (What a good dog!! He did not jump in, though he got really close.)

This little baby got a good workout that night...

Think fresh walleye, shoestring fries, and my first-ever, deep-fried green peppers!

I saved the best two photos for last.

Here's the partner-chefs doing the dishes after serving that amazingly delicious meal.

(Yes, Mike knows he looks like Uncle Fester.)

That's my man right there on the right and below...

(Just so you know, that's not a wart on Mr.4444's cheek; it's a bead of sweat, and if you look very, very, carefully, you'll see another one starting on the end of his nose.)

I know, I know....I've got it good.

Unknown Mami's got it good, too; she lives in San Francisco and always has great shots to share. Why not stop by and say hi?!


  1. I love love love that tree!

    I'm not so into fried peppers...but they make me think of fried pickles which are delicious and wonderful!

  2. Whoa! That orange fish looks as big as the dog! Cool.

    And you ARE lucky. A guy who cooks AND cleans! He's awesome.

    Happy SIMC

  3. Hi, love the header by the way.

    Your post is always a treat to read and smile along.

    I also have a cool guy who cooks and cleans and sweats! ;) They are priceless! I am sure you also look after yours very well.

    Have a great Sunday.

  4. Great photos. Happy Sunday!

  5. The fish are monstrous!!!! What a fun time!!!!

  6. Every picture is awesome and of course the last is the best :)

  7. Funny, your friend does look like Uncle Fester. Ha. Sounds like a lot of fun though, plenty of good food and fun with friends.

  8. Great pics! Looks like a fun evening. I love the new layout!

  9. I was holding my breath thinking you were going to say the dogs "ate" one of those fish.

    And what woman doesn't like a man working in the kitchen.

  10. Looks like everybody has gone on a new blog look spree!!! Love your look too!! Nice shots especially of the cute little fella staring into the cam!!

  11. like the new new blog look, fresh and bright!

    Love the TREE too and the doggies too, and wow HUGE fish!

    Happy Sunday!

  12. It's been a little while since I've visited - love the new changes. :-)

    Dinner with friends is always a good deal.

    Here from SIMC.

  13. What a fun afternoon! I knew those were sweatballs on your guy!

    Thanks for sharing pictures of a very happy afternoon!

  14. LOL!!! He DOES look like Uncle Fester!
    Doesn't everything taste better when it's fried? Especially if someone else does the frying!

  15. Wonderful pictures, conjuring up happy summer days and evenings. I love every one and the story behind it.

  16. I love the idea of fried green peppers!

    Enjoy your week...

  17. I love Koi ponds!! Yummy food. Much much much faster loading!! Thanks

  18. pictures of your husband sweating - I sweat really easy so that would not prove much to my wife. That's a good role model picture.

    Walleye - the best - did you have beer batter? Did your husband catch the walleye?

  19. Oh my. I feel hot just looking at those pictures! Holy cow! The peppers looked yummy : ) Even Uncle Fester looks sweet : )

  20. First of all I just want to say that I love your new header!

    Thanks for sharing the photos of a great day. I love the tree!

  21. I would prefer to never eat green peppers deep fried or otherwise LOL but I sure do think they look cool!!

    That tree however is Fabulous! I may have to name it. Funny, the first name that came to my mind was Petunia...LOL I don't think that tree is a Petunia.

    Kristin - The Goat

  22. Beautiful tree!
    Beautiful Smiles!!
    and yes you do got it good!!!!
    Have an Fun Monday!

  23. beautiful tree. im loving it.
    your simc looks great.
    take care.
    love. ria

  24. Oh I am so jealous of the fish fry! I never knew what one was until I lived in Michigan, and out here in So. Cal, they just don't have them!

    And don't you just love a man who cooks AND does the dishes when it's's doesn't get any better!

  25. That how it sits right in the middle of it all.

    I would love to have a fishfry! how did the deep fried peppers taste?

  26. Also curious about the fried bell pepper. And by the way I LOVE pictures of random trees.

  27. These are great! That coy is HUGE. How old is he?

    And, Mike has it good, too. Real good!


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