Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Summer Smiles Edition

Did you know I have a daughter, too?  There's been a lot of attention paid to Kyle lately (graduation, graduation party, Eagle stuff, camping silliness.)  Just in case you were wondering, Kendall is enjoying her summer, too.  Here's proof (taken from her camera with permission):

Yes, this girl likes to give piggy-back rides to her friends.

(And no, that is not a fake basketball "sticker" photoshopped into the photo; 
It's a real basketball, thrown by the boys.)

Here's the "Omg-omg! I'm gonna wet my pants!!" shot.
(No, she didn't really wet her pants, as far as I know.)

She used a timer for this last one. 
I couldn't decide if I liked the crooked one
or the one I straightened with Picnik.
You decide...

The smiles in these shots pretty much say it all.

Summer rocks.


  1. Her mother and grandmother's sense of humor sure does shine through in that smile. I like the straightened picture best.

  2. Sweet. I like the straightend one too. :)

  3. i love summer. that's funny about the fact that right now alot of attention is going to your son. that's how it is in our household too only it's for my daughter. she's going to be one soon and we are busy planning everything for her first birthday party. we have a four year old son who's feeling a little left out right now. but this friday, we're having nico(his name) day. so we're taking our daughter to my in laws and my son will get to choose whatever he wants to do. friday's a holiday for us, so no school for him. btw, this is my first visit to your blog, but great reading!!!

  4. I like them both, but I think the straight horizon one is my favorite. Looks like everyone at your house is having a great summer! Ours starts Friday, insert ominous sounding music!

  5. The last picture is really awesome!
    She is a cutie for sure!

  6. She's adorable and I know you're equally proud of them both!

  7. She's a beautiful girl and looks like a VERY happy one!

  8. I remembered you had a daughter!

    And like her mom - pretty.

    You have great kids. Thats priceless.

  9. CROOKED!!!!

    I love happy kid pictures!

  10. Your daughter is so beautiful, just like her Mom! Really, she does look like you so much!

    I love the pic of her and Kyle, so awesome! Glad they are enjoying summer!

  11. I like the straight line on the water.

  12. I actually like the crooked! Great pictures, I can't wait for our summer to begin!

  13. personally, i think that the crooked one is so much better. they are so cute, looks like summer is going well for them!

  14. Oh the fun times of trying to knock the girls down with a ball.
    nice pics.
    OH - the straighten one.

  15. Good times! I think I like the straightened picture.

  16. I love these pictures! Your daughter is beautiful. Yes, I do remember that you have one, you recently painted her room chocolate colored :)
    I can't decide. I love them both.

  17. I like the crooked one better I think :) Great pictures

  18. She's strong and beautiful!!

    And, that ball does look fake. Too funny!


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