Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #101

Summer's the perfect time for Friday Fragments, don't you think?  So many of you are just so busy enjoying your kids home for the summer [snort!], working in your garden, or going on vacation, that you hardly have time to post daily. This is great, because it means you're enjoying your summer. However, you know you have to unload the miscellaneous tidbits from your mind (and catch us up on what you're up to), so frag away!!! [To learn how to be a good Friday Fragmenter citizen, click here.]

***I heard on TV tonight that epilepsy kills as many people as breast cancer, but breast cancer gets five times the publicity. Wow.

***Here's a tip for those of you going to class reunions, graduations, etc. during which your photo may be taken: If you're going to wear a black shirt, invest in a black or nude bra. You'll be much happier when you see photos of yourself plastered all over Facebook :) Just sayin'...

***Some 13-year-old hoodlums got into our middle school last weekend and wreaked some havoc. They smeared peanut butter and jelly all over the place, wrote on the walls with markers and, oh, I almost forgot--- took a dump in one of the rooms. Really? Are you kidding me?! Now for the fun part:  There are surveillance cameras in our building. The boys were found and confronted, and they confessed. I think it's safe to say that they are in deep sht.

***A few blogging buddies could use a kind word today. Beth is dealing with physical and emotional effects from a car accident two years ago. Weaselmomma and her husband Dave are remembering the loss of their sweet baby, Claire, eight years ago today.  Dawn, of Bee and Rose, has a new post up .  Her story, too, is a sad one, but she is keeping her chin up, in spite of things. (Dawn is the one whose husband, Chilly, shared his near-death experience, which I shared a while back.)  Please consider stopping by and saying hi to these women who could use the kindness.

***The Lawn/Garden/Garage Edition of our Favorite Things is scheduled for July 9th (I'm leaving time for the holiday). Mr.4444 and I would love to hear your recommendations, so be sure to join in!
***Amy, of The Fourth Frog Blog shared this hilarious spoof of "All the Single Ladies"in her fragments last week:

Amy, you definitely earned the Favorite Friday Fragmenter award this week! Here you go:

***I also really enjoyed this fragment last week, from A Few Clowns Short:

"Here's another email picture I got recently. Ok at first I thought that's a great idea. What a space saver!
But then I remembered my daughter's room. The whole family would be in crutches and disabled the first week. Too big of a problem with forgetting to shut the drawers."

That would TOTALLY happen in my house, too. Lisleman, the Favorite Friday Fragmenter award also goes to you this week! Congratulations!

***Omigosh! I'm almost up to 1000 posts! That is crazy!!!

***A long, long time ago, my friend Kandee and I shared a subscription to The Tightwad Gazette. (It cost a whopping $12, if I remember correctly.) I still chuckle over that.

***I'm thinking of making a little shrine over there (in my sidebar) called, "Hall of Shame," where I post the buttons of people who don't read Friday Fragment posts and just link up their random posts, instead. (This idea makes me laugh out loud.)  I have two names from last week that I could put up, and (believe it or not) one from today already.  Dare I? (hahaha Don't worry-I have a little more class than that. Just having a little fun.)

That's it for me, and now I look forward to catching up with you and your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS post. Link up here, and after that, do a fragmenter a favor and go visit some other fraggers, especially OSCAR (if you see him below), because that will mean he conquered his fear and figured out how to link up! WOOHOO!! 


  1. 1,000 posts! WOW!!

    The wrinkled ladies rock.

    Have a fantabulous 4th, my friend!!

  2. I love the video ... The shoe in the stairs thing is saaaweet! Also the new look is lovely I like the pics and it is really clean and pretty here!

  3. That video is HILARIOUS!!! I have never laughed so hard in my life!!THANK YOU FOR POSTING!!!!

  4. So you're not a fan of the white bra showing through the black clothes? lol

    You shared a subscription to the Tightwad Gazette? Now that's hysterical!! but that video was right up there, too! All the wrinkled ladies lol

    I vote for the Hall of Shame! (of course you can't do it, but I still vote for it!)

    Kristin - The Goat

  5. Oh man, I would have loved to go in on that Tightwad Gazette subscription with you and your friend.

    Have a great 4th!

  6. Love the new look. The show in the stair thing is pretty neat but yeah...with kiddos, it's a death trip...or at least a for sure trip to the ER.
    Have a great holiday weekend!!

  7. I checked out the blogs you linked to, so sad about the first two you mention. What happens to thirteen year olds anyway, damaging other peoples property and demeaning themselves in the process. I hope the consequences are such that they don't want to do anything illegal again.

  8. Thanks for doing that, TechnoBabe. It makes a difference :)

  9. I LOVE the Hall of Shame idea! You should totally do it.

  10. I don't even know how to check how many posts I have! Sad, I know. I looked but didn't see. Congrats on almost having a kilopost!

    Taking a dump in school? Freaking GROSS!!! Well, unless it's in the proper place, but yeah. Nastay. Glad those hooligans were caught!

    Happy 4th! :D

  11. That is a crazy fact about epilepsy! WOW!

    What is wrong with some people's kids? Glad it came back to bite em in the butt.

    Those stairs are pretty funny, but yes I have to agree, I would probably be in crutches!

    Have a great weekend!!

  12. Thank you for all your kindness. I am honored to call you friend. (today is actually 8 yrs, but so far I am doing okay & Mr. Weasel is still asleep.)

  13. I hope you have a great weekend!

    (and I totally agree on that drawer in the stairs thing: great idea, but too dangerous over here, too!)

  14. GREAT bra tip. It would also be nice if someone warned you beforehand, while the pictures were being taken.

    WTF is wrong with kids these days? My cousin just turned 16 and I look at her facebook page and just shake my head and sigh.

  15. I don't mind posting the Bad Fragmenter award on my blog. :-) HA!

  16. I'm guessing you're speaking from experience in that second fragment? Don't ya just love Facebook? :)

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  17. Now didn't you just give us a lecture about wearing pretty undies? Hee hee!
    Glad they caught the little vandals. How sad that they would do that.
    I'm all for the wall of shame!
    A friend of mine put the Wrinkled Ladies on FB a while back, it is hilarious!

  18. Perhaps I need some sleep, more time without beer, or something. I coudn't figger it out. Must be sun spots, yeah thats it.

    Have a great weekend!

  19. Those stairs would never work in our house, either. What's up with the kids not taking the time to close the drawers?
    Bloggers linking up and then not participating is becoming a HUGE peeve of mine. Driving me crazy!

  20. Loved the video; wish I had heard about auditions!

    Great info on your linked blogs. Thanks!

    I had a problem copying and pasting. Your logo made it, but it took me to another blog. I finally got it right using the "here" method.

    Love your new look! Happy 4th!

  21. I TOTALLY think you should call out Friday Fragment parasites. Not cool.

    1000 posts! Kudos to you!

    oooh... looking forward to the next Favorite Things

    Have a great 4th!

  22. I've known several children that have earned their angel wings dealing with epilepsy, but I know several survivors of breast cancer. Exposure makes a difference, I think.

    On a lighter note:
    "Don't be mad when you see your skin don't fit" Bwahahahaha!! LOVE IT!!!

    I like the stairs, too. But yes, we'd all be injured quickly!!

  23. I love it when I finally get my damn post to post and I can come over here and read all of your fun fragments!!

    1000 posts! Now that is a milestone!! Super cool!

    Love that tidbit about the boys... technology has changed the world of teen pranks. Let's just say I'm glad I was one way back when....

    Count me in on the shaming the rule breakers. I really get annoyed when others doen't follow the hostess rules... Only thing is the wall of shame gives them publicity and rewards the bad behavior...

    Anyway thanks again for the fun! Read my fragmenty post for an update on your prize delivery.

  24. 1,000 posts?! Wowsa! I don't think I have even hit 100! Yes, I know I'm pathetic.

    I think the Hall of Shame is a great idea, but I'm afraid it would only give them what they want, clicks. Shameless self-promoters suck.

    Loved your fragments, as usual. Hope you have a wonderful 4th!

  25. That is awful about the school! But the deep sh*t comment was funny!

  26. 1,000 posts is a lot of posting! Maybe time to do a "best of the best" - it would be fun to see which ones you picked! Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend

  27. Want to hear my suggestion about class reunions? DON'T GO!!!!!!! My 20th is this year; I will not be attending. :)

  28. Wow, that's really interesting about epilepsy. Scary!

    LOL @ the bra rec. Did you, by chance, find out first hand? Haha!

    OMGosh! What little buttheads that got into the school. WHY would they take a dump in the room? That's frickin disgusting!

    Will need to stop by and visit the friends in need.

    LMAO at the spoof! Hilarious!

    The drawers in the stairs is genius!! If only it wouldn't cause broken bones. LOL

    Have a great 4th weekend!!

  29. Can't believe 1000 post WOW!

    Those boys are in deep doodoo!

    I may not get to everyone on FRIDAY but I do try to get to them before the end of the weekend.

    Happy 4th!

  30. People really link up without a Friday Fragment post?? How rude...
    And....I LoVE that video!!

  31. Ok, I'm totally distracted by the fact that I won the Favorite Fragmenter award to remember much of what else you wrote about. Oh yes, breast cancer. Heart disease kills more people each year than breast cancer too. But those pink ribbon people know their grassroots marketing.

    I think if you could lock the stair/drawers, that might work. Maybe when I build my dream house?

    As for the Hall of Shame? Do it. If they are bold enough to skirt the rules, be bold enough to call them on it.

  32. That video cracks me up!!!

    Whoot on the almost 1000 posts!!!! You rock!

  33. wow - thanks for the recognition on the FF post. I will be proudly displaying that award - as soon as I pick myself up from falling down the stairs. Laptop reading and walking - bad idea.

    thanks FF is a great idea.

  34. Conceptually the stairs sound like a brilliant idea, but aside the hazard-of-falling risk, they probably do not really save space since they appear to be at least twice as deep as a normal step therefore the stairway would end up being at least twice as long. Also they are ergonomically inefficient in that each step would probably require two strides or one potentially dangerous long stride. They would be awkward stairs to navigate it would appear to me.

    Nice post and blog. And 1000 posts! Wow!

    Tossing It Out

  35. 1000 posts; wow that is amazing.
    Brain cancer also kills more than breast cancer and gets no publicity. I have had epilepsy since childhood, I am lucky it is controlled and not severe. I hardly ever talk about it maybe I should.


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