Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sundays in My City, Independence Day

Thank you, Unknown Mami, for hosting my favorite meme of the week, Sundays in My City. I truly love the virtual field trip to communities near and far.

While I do not have a post specific to my nation's holiday today, my photos do relate to the spirit of the holiday, in  a sense, because without our independence, we would not have freedom of religion. And if we didn't have freedom of religion, I probably would not have attended Nativity Parish's church picnic, last week Saturday!

Of course, no respectable Catholic church picnik is without Bingo!

And fresh corn-on-the-cob, getting ready for its butter-bath!

And booyah, of course...(click on the link to learn more)

And duh! A beer tent...

And some yummy dessert...

 And fun for the kids...

And priests...

What are the odds of twin brothers both becoming priests?! Only one (Father Benjamin, on the left) is our parish priest. His brother was just visiting. They have a short time to visit, because Fr. Ben has been called to work for the Vatican!  He has been "asked" to go to move to the Vatican and continue his studies in law, with the plan of one day becoming a lawyer for the Catholic Church (and when The Pope talks, priests listen!)

Sorry, but I missed this year's polka mass! :(

Have a wonderful week! And visit Unknown Mami for more cultural goodness :)

Oh, and P.S. If you're behind in your blog reading, check out my new Saturday Sampling feature (if you haven't already), to which 25 bloggers linked up their favorite recent posts! You'll find some gems there, and the opportunity to link up, too! Keep SS in mind this week, as I'll be doing it every week!


  1. Well, youor church picnic sounds like it was great fun! I haven't been to anything like that in years!

  2. Does 'shortcake' mean a piece of cake or something else?
    This is super way to learn new things from different cultures than mine.
    Sunny SIMC greetings from Casablanca, Morocco!


  3. Wow. I wanna come join your parish! You know what they say about us Catholics: Whenever 2 or more are gathered, there's always a 5th! ;)

  4. What fun! I have no clue what Booyah is though... you'll have to enlighten me!

    And what a young priest you have! I feel that all of ours around here are old - or at least 3/4 of them!

  5. Great pictures of your church picnic. Fresh corn on the cob would be my favorite I think. What is booyah? I really like the picture of the kids singing.

  6. Your parish picnic looks like huge fun!

    Congrats to Fr. Ben... what a fabulous opportunity. Good luck to him.

  7. ummm... booyah??? Is it food?

    I'm sure our collective boohyah ignorance is cracking you up!

    can't wait to hear...

    happy 4th

  8. Wow, love the twin priests! And yes, what is Booyah! (I think I'd probably like it, whatever it is....)

  9. Lol- I'm so glad I'm not alone! I have never heard of Booyah either! Great pictures, looks like a good time!

  10. Booyah? I thought it meant "in your face, sucker!" Apparently you eat it though?! I think you need to do an entire post on Booyah!

    Looks like great fun!

  11. Your church picnic looks much better than ours. I am on the committee to plan all of our hospitality events and cannot believe the arguing that goes on (I do not believe in arguing only debating peacefully).
    Twin priest..that is awesome. The priest that came to the hospital to anoint Michael played on the football team with my husbands brother in High School.
    Thank you so much for your prayers; we have another surgery at 12:30 today..on the 4th of July:(

  12. There's just something wholesome about a church function. We don't have them often here, but when they do, we make sure to attend. Looks like this one had great weather and lots of good food.

  13. :) Strawberry shortcake is in the cake family; it's basically a biscuit or cake topped with fresh strawberries (with smooshed up strawberry juice, sometimes) and topped with whipped topping.

    For more about booyah, check out this post:

  14. I love strawberry short cake! And the story about the priest. What an opprotunity!

  15. I love that brothers became brothers. AND I also love that you're going to continue the Saturday Sampling. It was fun.

  16. I love the get together's the churches organize. Yet to start participating in the ones conducted here in Germany!!!

  17. Hey! I just read your comment and wanted to stop by and peek at your site! Nice! Checked out your profile, and I'm a special ed teacher (and former midwest girl) too! Off to check out your Saturday Sampling...

  18. I can see that they're twins now. It took me a minute. That goattee is such a good disguise! Also, thanks for stopping by my silly blog! I work with children with autism at times (I'm a speech pathologist), too. What I am not understanding is...were my rules inappropriate? Is there something wrong with anything I said? Ha! You made a good point!

  19. Church functions were always my favorite. Happy 4th of July!

  20. Love it! That last picture is awesome!!

    Makes me think back to my days at St. Helen's. Hiding in the bathroom stalls while Sister Mary Immaculate went on the hunt for girls wearing make-up. Father Kelley scaring the be-jesus out of us in the confessionals. Sister Veronese using a ruler to measure the distance between boys and girls when they were dancing. Those were the days!

  21. I've been to WI many times and had many a cheese but I never heard of Booyah. Looks good. Now I will need to find some. Do they ever serve it in a restaurant?

    Hey I posted about my recent FF award - thanks again

  22. Awww how fun! I love community events like this. It looks like you had a great time.

    And sadly? I've never seen bingo at any of my Catholic events. How wrong is that?

  23. yum corn in a butter bath!

  24. Being from Michigan we usually have some of the same traditions as you WI folks, but I've got to tell ya, that I've never head of Booyah. What an underertaking to chop and peel all of those veggies. It sounds like fun though.

    Kristin - The Goat

  25. Fresh corn on the cob dipped in butter. Oh my-- I would LOVE that! Your church really knows how to so a summer picnic right!

    Hope your 4th was grand.


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