Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thousand Words Thursday: Jack Johnson Edition

A picture says a thousand words (says The Mom Jen), so today, you'll get at least 5000, because I'm going to show you a handful from the concert I attended last weekend with my friends, Dawn, Shawna, Kris, Katie, and Candice. (Hi, Girls!!)

First, see this kind of boring shot of Alpine Valley Music Theater, in southern Wisconsin?

It says a lot more than you think.  For example, I took it at about 7pm, when we arrived.  G-Love and Special Sauce opened for Jack Johnson, who didn't even start until two hours after I took the photo. It says a lot of things, which I added for you here...[click to enlarge]

So, yeah; Kris's broken leg was good for something, at least. And can you imagine hiking up to use the restroom?
I can, because I did it about five times. [Note to self: Take your Go-Girl next time!]
What the photo doesn't say is that I did not see one pair of heels that night, but you can see why.

I'll spare you the photo of my cup of Diet Coke with the pile of puke next to it. (No, not my puke.)
In the young woman's defense, it was dark, and at least she didn't hurl on my shoulder (I was on the aisle.)

These guys (who sat directly behind us)?

What the photo does not say is why they were so happy. having had not a single drink between them (that I noticed.)  Yes, I'm outing them for smoking "something" they passed back and forth between them, but that's what they get for doing it all night, right out in the open like that, without a care in the world for anyone (let alone the "security" person standing literally next to them all night.) I have to be honest and say that they were very, very nice and not at all bothersome (unless you count the contact high for Dawn and me.)

This next shot is of our "friends" in the row with us. Need I say more about this guy?

Okay, I will. He was a little scary at first but actually just a sloppy drunk;
a "bull in a china shop," (kind of) but a nice bull.

Overall, I really have to admit that everyone (aside from the puker) was really pleasant, and the atmosphere was very upbeat.  Jack Johnson's music is very happy, relaxing stuff. 

As we were leaving, we passed the nosebleed seats and could hear thousands of sweet voices,
singing along with Jack, who was a tiny speck from their vantage point and could barely be heard.
No matter; true Jack Johnson fans know all of the words :)

So, here's a recap of what I learned at the Jack Johnson concert at Alpine Valley:

*There is something very sweet and beautiful about thousands of
people willing to sit on a very steep hill in the dark,
in grass that has been rained upon
for three days.

*If you want great seats and very special treatment (including Handicapped Parking),
break your leg. (Thanks, Kris! :)

*Keep a close watch on your drink (or at least BYO lid!)

*Wear sensible shoes (Chaco sandals-best investment ever! 5 years and counting!)

*Oh, and if you don't smoke, stay home--You might as well be a smoker
(of all things smokey) if you are there; it's allowed, because it's "outdoors."

*Jack Johnson is a talented musician and a very nice guy!!

Thanks, Jen, for the inspiration. Now, when are you going to resurrect Thousand Words Thursday?!


  1. My sister is going to see him this month. Or maybe she already saw him? I don't know. Anyway, I know she is (or was!) very excited! I am going to see John Mayer in the fall. Not exactly the same kind of music, but it his concert is in the same kind of venue as JJ's was in your pictures. And they're both young guys with there are some more similarities. This post took me to a happy, relaxing place (I was also imagining inhaling those fumes), so thanks!

  2. LOL, Kelly--I'm sure you're right about the similarities. Have fun!!

    Okay, I give--what the heck is up with the "38K" next to my like button? I thought I had this thing figured out!!!

  3. You're a more adventurous person than I am. I can't tell you how many concerts I have been to mostly in southern CA and the last one there that hubby and I attended was also outside seating and people were so high most of them would not stay in their seats and there were just too many of them so they ran the whole concert. There wasn't fighting but very large groups of them were all over the place dancing and singing and it took away from what we paid big bucks to see. We decided to not attend any more concerts. Hubby has been clean and sober almost ten years and I have been around enough drugs and alcohol in my whole life to fill a coliseum. I have had beer spilled on me and lots more. We are done. I am so glad you did have a good experience, and I agree that Jack Johnson is a great musician.

  4. There should be a parallel word to "carny" for concert goers, dontcha think?

    Glad you had fun, and escaped with your lives. :)

  5. Love a little Jack Johnson, and I've actually been to Alpine Valley!

  6. My long ago experience with Alpine Valley was skiing there.
    But we have a family story from a free concert in Grant Park Chicago. Back in the 90's we took the kids out to the open air concert and sat on the grass. But it was the other grass and its smoke drifting by that got the attention of the kids. There wasn't any problems and we now have a story to tell around family gatherings.

  7. awesome photos and stories. It sounds like y'all had alot of fun! and that last picture is just amazing!

  8. Mr. Ski and I LOVE Jack Johnson! We are going to try and make it to the Kokua festival in Hawaii next year to see him AND Hawaii! :) Glad you had a great experience despite the "puker", "bull in china shop", and the contact buzz!

    The best way to clean your camera lens is with your own breath...hah hah (my best description in words of creating hot air) and quickly wipe with a soft cloth or q-tip if the lens is smaller.

  9. Oh dear smoking concert goers.. Its always an interesting mix of people. Glad to hear you had a good time!

  10. OH MY... I originally came to say "Hey I need help with FF!" But now all I have to say is... WOW! I would LOVED to have been there! I love G LOVE (and "cold beverages")and Jack Johnson! HOW EXCITING!!!!

    What a fabulous time :)

    Oh yeah, Im not sure just what to do on FF, I think I did it correctly? I also added your button!

    Have a Rockin' weekend!



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