Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And Then?!

Some of my friends (and yours) are collaborating on a really exciting, fun project, and I'd like you to know about it.  So....what better way to scoop you in that to share the prologue, written by Tara, the fearless leader of this endeavor....


When my oldest child was very young, she would create the most wondrous stories. During the telling, her favorite segue was ‘… and then!’ Her audience was enraptured of her, eagerly anticipating the rest of her tale, wanting to know what came next.
That excitement is what we hope to accomplish here.
An experiment in fiction, this is a collaborative blog written by a host of authors ~ each bringing a little something different to the story. Each author pens a separate chapter, moving the story along on an uncharted path – sometimes humorous, sometimes dark, always unpredictable.
We are following along with our readers, not knowing how the tales ends, hopefully creating wondrous tales which will inspire everyone to ask ‘.. and what happens then?’
Please take a moment to peruse our list of contributing authors. Each a gifted writer in their own right. Check out our blogs and get to know us. Hopefully you will enjoy what you find.
Thank you,
Editor, Tara R.

Chapter One of What Happens Then debuts today.  In lieu of a comment here, please stop by and say hello!
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