Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sky Signs

The coolest thing happened on my way to meeting up with Caution a couple weeks back. 
As I was driving along, I noticed something remarkable in the sky...

In case you didn't notice it...

That's right! There was a heart in the clouds! 
Of course, that didn't surprise me a bit, 
since I was on my way to meet one of the sweetest bloggers I know.

Another amazing thing happened in the Wisconsin sky on recent Friday night, when Mr.4444 and I went to the home of a dear friend for dinner.  Earlier, there had been an incredible rainstorm, causing major flooding (2.75 inches of rain in Green Bay, for example.) We found some passable roads and made it to Leslie's (after all, who lets a little rain get in the way of a free meal?!) After dinner, we went outside and saw a double rainbow over the cornfield across the street! It was so big and so close that I was unable to fit the whole thing in my camera lens, but if you look at this shot, you'll see both bows. It was incredibly vibrant and distinct, like no rainbow we had ever seen...

Of course, Mr.4444 had to yuck it up...

(Keep dreaming there, buddy :)

Actually, we really don't need the riches, anyway, because as I told you a while back, 
Publishers Clearinghouse is coming over on August 31st to hand me a check. 
(Someone with my initials, in my zipcode, they assured me, so that's a sure thing, right?!)

First, a heart in the sky. Then, a stunning double rainbow!
If those aren't good luck signs, I don't know what are.

Just in case, I'm off to buy a lottery ticket.


  1. Yup, all signs are pointing to a Big Win. What's the amount in the All State Super Lottery thingy---whatever it's called.

    The rainbow pictures are amazing! How cool!

  2. Too funny! At first I thought it was a kiss....thought wow lucky girl kisses follower her everywhere! Have a great day and congrats on your millions!

  3. Beautiful! All signs of wonderfulness!

  4. And a heart in the clouds is EXACTLY why one should never leave home without a camera! :)

    The rainbow picture is awesome!

  5. I missed the double rainbow but saw a bunch of pictures on FB of it.
    I would go buy a lottery ticket too!!

  6. love the ♥ in the clouds so cool...and that last photo of the leprechaun errrrm i mean mr4444 is priceless!!!

  7. The heart was the first thing I spied when I opened your post.

    You did a magnificent job catchin' the double rainbow. The picture is just fab and that Mr. 4444's, heeehehehe! Too funny.

    I truly hate to burst your bubble but I'm expectin' Publishers at my door just anytime today. I haven't forgotten about the furnace through. :o)

    You have a beautiful day girl!

  8. Wait! I have been assured that someone with MY initials has won! What's going on here?

    I saw a bunny in the clouds the other day. What do you think it means?

  9. I've seen a double rainbow twice--the first time in Colorado (which makes total sense) and the second time just last winter here in Northern California (which doesn't). They are pretty amazing!

  10. that heart in the clouds is so totally cool! love both pictures!

  11. I can't remember the last time I saw a rainbow and you get to see and photograph two. Pretty amazing. As for the heart in the sky on your way to meet Caution, that is totally understandable :-)

  12. Beautiful sky shots! Thought your husband was implying that HE was the gold at the end of the rainbow (grin).

    A while back I posted a "Friday the 13th" story that involved a button collection I had as a kid, and you asked if I still have it.

    Well, I found some of the buttons and posted pictures if you'ld like to see them:


  13. so he is your pot of gold. Some get gold others get him.

    From what you have mentioned about him (cooking, playful pics, etc.) he is worth his weight in gold.

    BTW - wouldn't that make you want to eat more - being worth your weight in gold???

  14. I was on a blog earlier today with a chicken in the clouds! :) Good luck with PCH!

  15. I like his sense of humor.

    We're still best friends.....right??

  16. Mr. 4444 is Irish. And remember:

    Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby feel a little friskie!

  17. Most certainly lucky signs! Whenever I see funny things in clouds I think it is one of my dear angels in heaven trying to tell me something. Rainbows are one of my absolute favorite things..great shot!
    I buy lottery tickets 2x a week; I'm really getting tired of the rejection.
    6 days cigarette free; I cannot die of agony..right?


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