Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sundays in My City: Brockway Mountain

For us, a trip to the U.P. would not be complete without driving to the top of Brockway Mountain.

Uncharacteristically, Lake Superior was as still as glass the day we were there.

Why, yes! Those are my children 30 yards past the caution post in the foreground of the next photo,
why do you ask? 
How far is the drop over that cliff?  Oh, only a few hundred feet. 
(They wouldn't feel much after the first 100 or so.)  
Hey, a mom's gotta get the good shot while she can! 
(We have insurance, you know.)

 [Sorry about the fingerprint, or the poltergeist, or whatever that is.]

Don't worry; I called them back after snapping this shot, my favorite of the summer...

(click to enlarge, but be careful you don't fall!)

Another of my favorites is Unknown Mami, who is the hostess of Sundays in My City
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  1. Don't know if you know or have been to the Cliffs of Moher (Ireland) but not only was there a loooong drop. At the bottom was the crashing surf of the Atlantic ocean.
    I was nervous but no one slipped off. Strange but I guess stepping off a curb in Chicago can be more deadly.

  2. You're so funny, Lisleman. Yes, you're probably right :)

  3. Wow, wow, wow... The view...

    They look pretty safe, conquering pioneers...

    Have a great Sunday. xxx

  4. The view is so huge, forest looks endless...
    Happy SIMC from Casa!

  5. Glad you called them back away from the drop off place after the photo. It is a beautiful view though. I like how you describe Lake Superior as as still as glass. Nice pictures and narrative.

  6. I loved that last shot when I saw it on Facebook, it's beautiful.

    I find myself holding my breath and biting my tongue when we're bushwalking and the kids blithely walk up to the edges of precipices and jump from rock to rock and do all the things I vividly remember doing myself as a kid but which now give me the screaming heebie jeebies.

    I'd have taken the photos before calling them back too ;-)

  7. Just beautiful! It just amazes me that there are lakes that are so big they seem like the ocean!

  8. You make me want to visit the UP with these pictures. Clicking and enlarging that last one really makes it look breathtaking.

  9. I. Want. To. Go. There. Magnificent! Both views and photos.

  10. I could use this in my life right now, nice views!

  11. It's gorgeous. I'm afraid of heights so I think I would freak out getting that close to a cliff.

  12. What an amazing view. You can see for miles!!!
    Happy SIMC,

  13. You know, it just makes me want to close my eyes and breathe. :)

  14. And where is the picture DOWN? You know, so we can see how far it is?

  15. Oh those are gorgeous! I've never been up to the UP, and I had no idea that's what the terrain looks like. I hope you had/are having a great time!

  16. Oh come on, you know you told your kids to go stand out there! haha

    But you are right, you have to get the perfect shot!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the UP, I lived in Mi for 6 years and I miss it so much!!!

  17. Fabulous photos. What's the UP? I live in UP too, but UP India. U.P. stands for the state of Uttar Pradesh, which in British India was known as United Provinces.

  18. The U.P. stands for Upper Peninsula, as in U.P. of Michigan :)

  19. I love your pictures ... just beautiful!


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