Monday, August 23, 2010

Sundays in My "City" (on Monday)

I've been riding my bike more than ever these days. Since I live in a rural area, long bike rides always involve farm fields and country roads. No matter which route I take, I'm always rewarded with beautiful scenery and photo ops.

I think a summer bike ride on a Wisconsin country road should be on everyone's Bucket List.

For one thing, the skies are incredibly blue, and the clouds just seem fluffier here...

The greens seem greener...

Yes, the temps get hot (84 this day), but the breeze feels wonderful.

You'll see cows like this...

and this...(Sorry for the intrusion, Mama Cow!)

You might even see cows who like to pose for photos!

If you're lucky, you have a friend whose house is a great half-way destination (12 miles from home), 
and you can have a drink of water while you admire her hard work 
(keeping fingers crossed for a jar of these delightful goodies!)

Of course, a bike ride in the country is not all beauty. 
There's the sweat
and the bugs (I ate two on this trip), 
and this, now and then...

For me, there's also the feeling of vulnerability when a car comes up 
(I'm so worried about people who text while driving!!!), 
and on this particular trip, I had the oddest experience ever! 
Right about here (excuse the blur, please)...

I saw a middle-aged woman approaching from the opposite direction, on a motor scooter. 
She was riding right down the middle of the road, wearing a cute, floppy hat, and a big smile.

Just as she drew near, she waved a hand in that "Hallo!" kind of way, 
and I thought, "Oh, she's a friendly one!" 

That is, until she called out this cheery greeting, in a sing-songy way:

[No, I'm not kidding.]

and continued on her way. 

(Honestly, I was speechless, so no, I did not reply,
though I did look behind me, a little fearful that she might turn around and run me over.)

So, back to that Bucket List thing (Try to forget about the crazy woman.
Trust me--99.9% of people who greet you in Wisconsin will typically just say "Hi" 
and give you a friendly smile and maybe a nod.)

Everyone should enjoy a beautiful (curse-free) bike ride on a hot, summer day,
if not in Wisconsin, some other place.

What are you waiting for?!

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  1. That looks like something right out of The Sound of Music...right up until you said Text while driving!

  2. What am I waiting for? Summer! ;-)

    Actually, I lie, going bike riding here in summer is pretty hideous, much too humid along with the heat. Spring time should be good though, perhaps we'll dust the bikes off and take them for a spin in a few more weeks time.

    I love the cow sculpture!

  3. I liked the cows! Not big on bike riding, Cleveland streets have more traffic and I just get nervous. I know a family whose son got killed while biking to work one day.

    That looks like a good place to ride though. One point for Wisconsin!

  4. If I make a Wisconsin bike ride on my bucket list, will you go riding with me?

  5. Omg....that is too funny! I can't wait to finish unpacking and get on our bikes. I worry about the same thing here texting and drivers not seeing me. Great pictures!

  6. Blueviolet, ABSOLUTELY! Just as long as it's between June-August! :)

  7. Maybe your scooter buddy is from Minnesota - they have Brett Favre for another season. Or maybe the swearing rider is someone that wasn't in your classroom. If there is a next time, take their photo and post it here. Your community may be able to help ID the person and suggest appropriate ways to expose the rider for their lack of character.

  8. I've been thinking about getting a bike but where we live summer time is not bike ride friendly - we are set for another 105F day today. Also we don't have those scenic roads to drive, just main busy car filled routes with no bike lanes anywhere. If I lived in Wisconsin I'd be out biking and hiking for sure.

  9. That sounds wonderful! Even with the crazy woman! I have driven from Chicago to Minneapolis and found that ride to be beautiful. I'm sure the rural roads are twice as nice!

    It's been added.

  10. I love going on bike rides!

    Those are some very photogenic cows!

    I love your re-doing of the SIMC button. Very nice.

  11. Beautiful pics and 84* is perfect weather for anything...We have a heat index of 110* today and I am calling that hot and being very jealous ...But in winter you are allowed to be a bit envious when it is 70* here and 15* there =)

  12. What I wouldn't give for 84 to be "hot"! Is it flat there? 'Cause that's one of the things that keeps me from getting on my bike...the hills.

  13. I don't think I have been to the parts of Wisconsin you ride but I really enjoyed the area where my kids spent time at camp (near Burlington WI)

    Those clouds are cheese puffs right?

    Wish you used DISQUS because I could easily leave a clickable link but here's a link to an older post about my kids' WI camp and an accident.

    good pic and great story telling.

  14. I might actually consider riding my bike more often, if my views were that wonderful!

  15. This made me miss the midwest! I like the metal cow.

  16. The entire area looks beautiful.

    If I were a cow, I would definitely be attracted to that iron one. Yeah baby!

    That lady? Now that's classic. I can just imagine the look on your face when you heard it.

    Some day I'll make Wisconsin.

  17. well, at least she used all FIVE fingers to waive at you....

    and 84!!! gee whiz. I'd have to wear a damn jacket to ride a bike in that weather! ugh.

  18. Really enjoyed the photos and story about your ride. I think that woman would have left me speechless. An odd one I'd say! I live in the same type of area as you and I always take my camera along when we take walks and drives. Love the 4 cows in a row!

    What I really love most about your blog is how you really enjoy the area where you live. Since we don't travel all that much, we try to do the same thing here.

  19. This site is gonna cause me problems!!! I allow myself only a hour aday online- And I follow to 2 great great blogs- artfulrv and bumfuzzle - but now have to add yours! I live in florida near beach but 50 years in wisc. this is going to fun! ven wisc has goofy people! crazy lady on scooter! walden creek rv-steve

  20. I can't believe that lady! I think I would have been scared to reply, too!

  21. OMGoodness, just goes to show ya that looks can be deceiving. I stopped and let a sweet old lady cross the street in front of me. When she reached the center of my car she turned my way and gave me the big old finger. Maybe she forgot to take her meds...heeehehehe!

    Have a super day!!!

  22. Hahaha! Who said kids say the darndest things?

    I'm thinking Wisconsin is drivable for me from where I live...

  23. Me too. Loved the whole post, but especially the posing cows. Talk about good training!

    It is pretty flat where you are, right? And good for you getting some quality exercise. Must be nice to be young and fit. ;-)

  24. That last tidbit is unbelievable! I have no idea what possess some people...and she was probably a wife or mom. She was definitely a daughter!

    As for the 84 temps. PLEASE send them to GA!!


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