Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sundays in My City

I love Sundays, because Unknown Mami always hosts Sundays in My City,
a photo meme that showcases communities from all over the world.
My city on Friday night was Hancock, where we stopped for supper on our way to Calumet, Michigan. 
Geno's has homemade ravioli and spaghetti, and pizza, among other things.
We all thought the spaghetti was to die for. 
I was not a fan of the ravioli. Maybe I'm just spoiled by Chef Boyardee? haha

Sorry, but I was ravenous and didn't think to take a photo until I was half-finished. 

Yes, the portions are huge, and the Italian is authentic.

Grease? What grease?! (I told you it was to die for! What did you expect?)
The bill was a little high, at $82 before the tip, for five of us .
[Thanks, again, Grandma 4444!]

After dinner, Kyle said, "Aw, look, Mom! We're both holding our 'food babies'!"
so, of course, we got a shot of that.

(Sorry, I didn't want you to see my chewed fingernails.)

If you see this place when driving through Lake Linden in the U.P., STOP! 

 The Lake's Dairyland burgers were wonderful, and so were these onion rings!
and how often do you see portions this size?!)

It wasn't all about food, of course. We also visited McLain State Park,
which is also a family favorite stop for the 4444 family.
We love to walk out onto the breakwater...

Can't you just tell how COLD Lake Superior is from these photos?

Of course, the guys are always cooperative when it comes to pictures...

Thank goodness Kendall always has my picture-taking back...

As Mr.4444 would say, he goes "like dog piss--in spurts"
when it comes to cooperating for photos.


Not cooperating...

Oh least he's housebroken.

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  1. "Food babies"! I LOVE that! LOL!

  2. I've never sampled the burgers and onion rings at the Lake Linden restaurant, but they have some wonderful ice cream cones, too.

    I've enjoyed your jaunt to Calumet. thanks for sharing.

  3. The mom/pop restaurants are always so much better than the big Chains.

  4. The spaghetti looks great. I like that and lasagna together. But at home I make a spaghetti with little marinara sauce and lots of parmesan.
    And I add chopped fresh sweet basil.
    Your family fun time is so great in the pics.

  5. "At least he's housebroken!" I love this!

    What a great weekend for you all. You ate well, exercised well, and played well! Now, that's my idea of cooperation! Of course, we don't know what went on between each picture....

    Thanks so much for sharing. Makes me want to visit!

  6. Do you know, I've never eaten onion rings? I strongly suspect this is a situation in dire need of rectifying.

  7. Lovely photos! Sounds like a wonderful trip.

  8. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a stellar week :)

  9. Kendal is gorgeous, just like her momma.

    Those onion rings made me forget I just had lunch. They look so good.

  10. The breakwater is cool. Yes Superior is cold...and deep (just like the Richard Pryor joke - Google him and the phrase and you'll laugh.)Thanks for bringing us along on your UP vacation.

  11. Looks like a fun day. Sometimes your pictures just crack me up! There must never be a dull moment in your place with those two guys of yours.

    Loved the pictures.

  12. The greasier, the better.

    And I agree with you, nothing beats Chef Boyardee.....LOL

    Hey, you're wearing the same shorts as the ones in your header.

  13. Oh my word. LOVE your week in review. And your food baby. That is the cutest picture ever. Laughed and laughed!

  14. i feel like i gained a few pounds just looking at your photos! :)

    love the food babies--i have about one a day!

  15. I haven't been hungry all day. Now I am hungry. A burger and onion rings sounds great right now. So does Italian! :)

    I don't remember the last time my husband took a photo. He doesn't like his photo taken. Period. No cooperation there.

    It looks like it was nice, but a bit chilly. I think I'll head up there. I'm tired of the heat and humidity.

  16. the food looked amazing! thanks for sharing your family trip with us, I love the pics.

    Lake Superior looks like a freaking ocean! wow!

  17. Food posts like this always have me eating AGAIN! Looks like ya'll had a awesome time. "Food Belly"? I'm gonna have to remember that one.

  18. Food posts like this always have me eating AGAIN! Looks like ya'll had a awesome time. "Food Belly"? I'm gonna have to remember that one.

  19. I love these pics and I am so out of the loop, I have not done a SIMC for a long time now, I miss them!

    Food Belly's that is a good one! isn't it uncanny how our children pick up on our mannerisms? I can see so much of my X husband in my son it is just weird sometimes!

  20. Housebroken is good! "Foodbabies", you guys crack me up!

    God bless ya!

  21. seems like a nice day for family :)where exactly are you? it is sooooo hot here in nyc!


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