Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Say Cabbage, I Say...

The other night, Mr.4444 and I were in the living room when Kyle was over in the kitchen, 
making a sandwich for his lunch the next day.

"Hm," he remarked. "This lettuce looks really good, but it's kind of mushy."

"Mushy?? That's weird," I replied, 
thinking of the beautiful head of lettuce I had just put in the fridge that day.
Did you get it off of the top shelf?"

"I don't know...maybe. It's kind of rubbery, too."

Rubbery? Puzzled, I turned to see Kyle...peeling a cabbage.

(So, yeah; my son had never seen a fresh cabbage before. What?! Who makes their own coleslaw?!)

We laughed pretty hard.

Why did I have a rare cabbage in my home, you ask? Well, read on!

Many months ago, I received a package of Survival Seeds (from Hometown Seeds), in exchange for posting a text ad in my sidebar. I was happy to receive them, because I knew that my friend Dawn had a big garden and would know what to do with them. (Remember, I have a black thumb! Plus, we don't get enough sunlight here in the woods.) Dawn took gentle care of those seeds; she kept them separate from her other seeds said that the Survival Seeds did a remarkable job surviving, compared to her other seeds; they all came up nicely.  When the day finally came to put the plants out, Dawn even made a special little plot for them! She and her family have planted, weeded, and begun harvesting the Survival Seeds bounty, as well as that from the rest of her huge garden, and I feel like a grasshopper! (Think The Ants and the Grasshopper fable.)

She keeps sharing with me!  (Yes, I know--I owe her, big time!) 
Here are some of the results from the Survival Garden:

(Don't stress about the carrots; they were just the babies that were weeded out to make room for the others.)

I've been loving the bounty of Dawn's garden this summer...

I really don't know how I'm going to repay her.

And I must repay her, because it's going to be a long winter, 
and I recently took this photo at Dawn's house:

Thanks, Dawn, for sowing the Survival Seeds, 
but also using your green thumb on the seeds of our friendship. :)


  1. We've talked for years about having our own garden, but then decided it was too much work. Especially since we get "overflow" from my parents' & one of my sisters' gardens! Aren't those the best veggies...the ones that come from someone else's garden? :D

  2. You are way too sweet! It has been my pleasure to share and my joy to have a great friendship like ours.

  3. That is so wonderful for your friend to share her garden bounty with you.

  4. Good gardening!

    Sadly, my garden is a flop this year. I've not harvested much of anything. :(

  5. Holy Cow! Look at all those beans!!

  6. It's great to have a friend who shares the bounty of a green thumb. I used to plant a garden but my MIL plants one big enough to feed the whole dang county so I put all my energy into my flower gardens.

    I love that Mr. Kyle was makin' a sandwich out of that 'rubbery' cabbage. Heeeheheheh...funny guy, 'must take after his sweet mama!

    God bless ya and have a terrific day sweetie!

  7. Great post about food and sharing and friendship. Love it.

  8. that is too funny...i've known some adults who've mistaken cabbage for lettuce! :)

  9. I am envious!!! I would love fresh veggies!!!

  10. I love food from the garden, it's just so good. I always say that I don't like tomatoes unless they are warm from the garden.

    Gotta laugh at not knowing about cabbage, but then again, I can't imagine. I've been eating cabbage since the beginning of my time :)

    Kristin - The Goat

  11. Ya gotta love friends like that!

  12. Your friend likes to nurture, whether it's food or friends, doesn't she? The harvest is bountiful either way.

    The vegetables look spectacular.


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