Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall Food Frenzy

No pics to post today; our colors haven't started yet, but when they do, look out! 
In the meantime, I thought I would offer up some great fall recipes from Mrs.4444 Cooks.

Mr.4444 and Kyle went up north to da U.P. hunting camp, and I "relaxed" in the kitchen!
(The starred recipes are those I made this weekend. The rest are just "fall" recipes.)

Sorry-No pic of this one. (That would be pornography, you know!)
And this recipe has nothing to do with fall, but I made it today 
and just finished licking the Cool-Whip spoon,
so it's on my mind.

Seriously--This recipe is fantastic. Many, many people have requested it
in the past and can attest to it's fantastic-ness.  
Do not be afraid of the word "yam." Focus on the "Berry," (or whichever scares you less) instead. 
You won't be sorry, I tell you...

It's no wonder Kyle has agreed to stay for supper tonight.
[insert cackle]
It was all part of my evil mom-plan!
 How could he resist?!

P.S. I also made chili for Kyle to take back with him, but I don't have that recipe on Mrs.4444 Cooks, so I left it out. ANY of these recipes are surefire "Bring 'em home from college" recipes in our house.  I'm guessing you have your own for your family. Do share!


  1. Stop! You're making my mouth water! It's not cold enough here yet to make fall foods, and I'm chomping at the bit to do so! Hubby forbids me to make soup until it freezes at night and is no hotter than 70 degrees during the day. Can I just come to your house until it cools off here?

  2. Omg....what time is dinner? If I start driving now think by the time I get there, there would be any cake left?

  3. YUM! Fall food is the best! I love it more than any other season! Those look like great recipes!

  4. The Berry Yams sound great! I'll be adding that to my trial run for the holidays! Thanks for the drools. =D

  5. yum, yum and again, yum!! what a busy lady you were this weekend!

  6. those look DELISH, all of them! i did some baking this weekend too-- we definitely have some fall foliage going on, but you have to hunt for it. i think the main reason is because we have had NO rain and the trees are dropping leaves left & right.

  7. I wish I were at your house and I wish it were cool enough to turn the oven on ...We had 94* high today and the humidity is about 80% LAME!

  8. OMG, that looks so good! Especially the apple dumplings....yummm!

  9. I am so excited the colors are coming soon!! I have been driving all of my northern friends crazy asking for pictures.

    I am fall-deprived....and after reading this post I am also very hungry! ;-)

  10. I do like a mom with a could Kyle leave with a food plan like that??? It all looks marvelous and just makes me want to hop a plane your way for samples, crumbs or anything left! Yeah, no pic of Devils' Sex Cake...hummm, a little suspicious to me. Heeehehehhe ( I bet it was delicious!)

    Have a great weeks sweetie!!!

  11. As always, yummy recipes! I use your cookbook all the time!!


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