Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #114

Hooray! It's time for Friday Fragments! time to unload all of those miscellaneous thought scraps from your week. I'm glad you're here. [First timers, learn more about FF by clicking on the FF tab in my header.]

***It's not really Friday as I type this, but since I don't have students tomorrow, it feels like one. Today was a hell of a day, with screaming, crying, spitting, shoving, head-banging, and restraint (not all the same student). Is there a full moon? I could only feel sympathy for these kids; can you imagine feeling so-out-of control?

***Florence Henderson--Isn't she inspiring on DWTS? Seventy-six years old, and she looks and dances better than many women a lot younger than she is! Bristol danced as well as a pine tree (my humble opinion) on the first night, but I think she's made excellent progress! I'm enjoying this new season.

***And speaking of new seasons, GLEE! (Need I say more?)

***My Favorite Friday Fragmenter from last week is Cyndie, of Putting the Fun in Dysfunctional, who wrote about making her son another birthday cake (the Dinosaur Dig Cake!):

It looks really easy, and Andrew will LOVE it!

Especially because the dog at the cake we had for his birthday dinner on Monday.

I thought I had put it out of her reach, but I guess I underestimated her! WOOPS

I told Andrew, "Hey, if it makes you feel any better, she ate my birthday cake, too!"

If you're a regular reader (which means you've forgiven me for not visiting lately--God BLESS you), you know why I loved that fragment. Thanks, Cyndie!!

***One of our favorite nieces is coming (from California) to visit this weekend. She and her wonderful husband will just be here two days, so we will pack in a lot of chillin' and catching up. We haven't seen them in years--I'm so excited!

***A few weeks ago, when Mr.4444 was especially missing Kyle and worrying like a typical dad, he said,
"I know you have to let them fly out of the nest, but there are a lot of hawks out there!" So sweet.  Our little bird called this week with exciting news--He got his ears pierced!  (Who knew hawks travelled with needles?!)  Kyle says the pierced ears have made him a real "chick magnet."   He also joined a fraternity (the good kind) and is attending a leadership training this weekend.  I'm not worried; he's an eagle, remember? :)

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  1. I linked up. I wasn't expecting to catch you half-dressed. I'll be back when you have your whole outfit on.

  2. I keep hearing about Glee. Everyone is talking about it, but I've never seen it. I guess it's like golf. Everyone I know does it but me.

    Mrs. Brady just never ages, does she.

    Pierced ears attracts the ladies? No wonder I never got a second look.

  3. I haven't seen Glee. It's probably one of those shows I'll start watching five years from now and say, "Hey, this is great! I wonder if anyone else has seen this show!"

    I love me some Florence Henderson! I'm loving watching her on DWTS!

  4. That cake fragment cracked me up last week!

    I need to get off my butt (off the computer) and start watching DWTS this season. Everyone blogging about it is really enjoying it.

    Happy weekend to you! Have great fun with your niece!

  5. I'm so thrilled about the return of Glee and Dancing With the Stars! And it sounds like Kyle is making a smooth transition to college. I'm sure you're a proud mama: )

  6. I recently found Glee and find it very fun. My Girl calls it "That singing you show you watch when Daddy isn't home." She invites me to watch it when I haven't caved to her request to watch Blues Clues.

    Who knew ear piercing was so powerful!

    I haven't watched DWTS yet but hearing that Mrs. Brady is on it makes me interested!

    Thanks for hosting the Fragments again... I love writing this post each week and reading the other contributions. It is my favorite Meme!

  7. Your lil eagle is spreading his wings, I love it ! Have a great weekend!

  8. From what I've seen on your blog, I don't think you have anything to worry about in terms of your little birdies!

    Have a great weekend :)

  9. I thought that Friday would never get here and was so happy when I checked my email at 5:30 this morning. That's when I learned that I had committed myself to 8 AM events for both Saturday and Sunday :((((

    I am so glad that Kyle is finding success in college. What do you suppose he'll pierce next???

  10. The linky this week is different, no faces to greet me. Ahh well, that's OK :)

    Funny what kids do when they leave home. Thankfully it was just ear piercing lol

    I haven't been able to go visit my blogging friends the past few weeks either and I don't think I'll be remedying that anytime soon. We've got the home show this weekend and then I leave for my Michigan trip. Busy busy!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Kristin - The Goat

  11. The Hawks nor vulture will get Kyle! He'll be great. Are there "good" fraternities? ;)
    No - just no to Glee. I was forced to watch an episode - so I was bribed with a cupcake, but NO!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Both of my brothers had pierced ears; they no longer do. :)

    I haven't really visited anyone this week either. Sleeping non-stop due to illness is not a good time. I feel like a slug.

  13. September was a busy month for you. Glad you are still in one piece - and with no more spider encounters.

  14. I've been impressed with Florence Henderson too. She's a good dancer! She's one of my favorites this season.

  15. I don't watch Glee. I'm afraid I'll like it, and I don't have time as it is. Yay

    Kyle was probably a chick magnet before the ear rings. Girls like a guy who's already an eagle ;)

    Have a fun weekend with your niece!!!

  16. I love me some GLEE!

    I laughed loudly when I read the DWTS update regarding the first episode..."Bristol danced as well as a pine tree." LOL!!!

  17. I find it adorable that your son would tell you that he is a chick magnet.

  18. Now he can share earrings with his girlfriends.

    Jennifer Grey is rocking DWTS. She had my vote after the first rehearsal scene.

  19. Hey seems like there are more FF posts link every week. It's growing well.
    I got another one up.
    Earrings on guys were very taboo on guys when I was that age. We would incorrectly identify earring wearers with other traits. Years later I worked with some great guys that sported an earring (I still think one is enough) and I started thinking I should do it. Still have not but my ears are still here - maybe.

  20. That stinks that yesterday didn't go very well. Hope today was better. And yes, Florence Henderson is awesome on Dancing With The Stars and I'm not even a big fan of the show, but I enjoy watching her.

  21. There is something in the air... full moon was last week, but kids' regulation is SO off right now....

    Enjoy the time with your cousin!

  22. Loved Glee!
    Oh the power of the piercings....;)

  23. I love Florence Hendersen. I love GLEE. I can't wait until they do a Florence Hendersen GLEE.

  24. I'm finally getting on the blog who started Friday Fragments! I've seen you credited so many times but never actually been to your blog. Thanks for stopping on mine. :) I love DWTS and want to record GLEE but I am finding that our nightly TV time is growing smaller and smaller. Boo!

  25. Off to college to try new things and explore life. Oh, and to learn too.

  26. Chick magnet? BUt of course he is, just look at his parents!!!

    Love GLee, can't wait to watch it tonight!

    Love DWTS, and I totally love Florence, she is so inspiring, I so want to be like her when I am that age.


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