Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lewd, Crude, or Misconstrued? You Decide

Apparently, those who paid the price of admission to nearby Pulaski High School's football game on Friday night got more than their money's worth:

17-year-old Pulaski teen faces disciplinary action, fines for streaking during football game

PULASKI — A 17-year-old Pulaski High School student is facing disciplinary action and possible court fines after he allegedly streaked across the high school football field during a varsity game Friday night, authorities said today.  Police Chief Randal Dunford said the 17-year-old male student disrupted the Pulaski-Bay Port by running across the field during the first quarter wearing only red shoes and a clown mask.

Dunford said officials were able to identify the suspect later using spectator video and photographs, as well as a tip from a school staffer. The suspect admitted pulling the stunt.

He could be fined nearly $1,000 if found guilty in municipal court of disorderly conduct and lewd behavior. Dunford said school administrators also were considering disciplinary action.

My personal thoughts:

I just want to know which "school staffer" was able to identify the naked young man's body, which he/she obviously only saw from the shins to the chin. Perhaps he/she should be questioned further!

(Only kidding--He is apparently on the swim team--people most like see him half-naked all the time.)

He apparently ran the length of the field as a play ended, launched himself over a 6' chain link fence, and disappeared into the woods, eluding his pursuers. Impressive.  (He confessed when questioned at school today.) All because his friends dared him to do it.

Now that's confidence.

The comments from readers of this story in the Press Gazette are very entertaining. Here's a sample:

*believe me i saw the kid streaking. god already punished him more than any of us could.....his new nickname should be tiny....
*I was at the game supporting the Pirates and I want to tell you that was the best $4 I ever spent for entertainment. It was fricking hilarious. I don't know what was funnier watching the kid run on the field or watching the Keystone cops/Puaski PD chase him..

*Give him a medal! I've never had the courage at any point in my life to try something like that!

*Sounds pretty innocent when you consider the crap these high school kids are exposed to on TV these days!

*The way the system works they'll probably charge him with a misdaweiner and ban him from an education and going to college. LMAO and in mo This kid needs an "attaboy" for two reasons. First he had the balls to do it (no pun intended), and second he was not carjacking an elderly woman or holding up a convenience store. Good old fashioned clean fun. No Drugs, no guns, no alcohol, and last but not least, NO CLOTHES. Ground him for a week and call it a day!

Talk amongst yourselves. 

[Just have to give a shout-out to Jean S-S. for posting the link to this story on her FB page tonight. I saw it on someone else's page and want to make sure she gets the credit!]


  1. While I admit that it's funny, he definitely should be punished in some way...I mean you can't just show your junk to the whole school and get away with it!
    I'm cracking up at the comment about God already punishing him...heheh..

  2. My uncle did a streaking stunt in the 70s when it was the thing to do lol He ran right through his HS cafeteria right in the middle of lunch. When my grandmother asked the neighbor girl what exactly happened she said - "Nothing should happen to him. The sign outside the lunch room said 'must wear shoes' and he did!"

    I was about 6 years old when that happened and I still get a kick out of it when I think of it.

    Hope the kid enjoyed the dare - he may never be allowed to go to another game again lol

    Kristin - The Goat

  3. There is only one way to make a positive ID on the kid.

    Based on his physical description it sounds like the swim team will now test him for steroids to boot.

  4. What comes to mind comes from Shakespeare: "Much ado about nothing".

    He will be forever remembered.

    The cops will be forever ridiculed.

    The fans will chuckle endlessly.

    Lewd? I think that's overstating it just a bit. But then, the minions of the law, the Keepers of the Community Morals, are often full of bluster and bombast. As now.

  5. My inner 7th grader is laughing hysterically!

    The mom in me is saying the kid needs discipline (if my kids had been at the game, I might be an eeny-weeny upset. *snicker*)

  6. I'm with Coby. There has to be some "punishment" or it isn't worth taking the dare. If Americans weren't so uptight about nudity we couldn't get such a charge out of someone streaking.

    If "everybody did it", it couldn't be worth doing anymore. I think a fine of a grand is too steep a penalty, though.

    And my seventh grader is laughing, too.

  7. I don't think he should be fined or charged. It was a dare people, one he actually got away with! Just ban him from attending all events for the rest of the year and be done with it.

  8. I love it! Comments are the best...good clean fun! No harm no foul right! I could never!

  9. Charge him $50 and send him on his way... yeah... if I'd been at the game with my kids I'd probably be a little upset but in the grand scheme of things....

  10. From a man who has done this. Not on a football field. It's all in fun. He had balls. (LOL)

    Sadly - there are some who would have him set up as a sex offender. My friend is a lawyer and had to defend a man who was urinating on the side of the road. The local court has listed him as a sex offender.

    Nudity is nothing. Its what people make of it.

  11. I find it funny! I would have loved to have been there. And yes, there should be punishment. A fine sounds... well, fine. More than that is unnecessary. Now, if he did it because he was strung out on drugs, different story. If he was running up to people and rubbing his genitals on them, different story. Even if he stopped in the middle of the field and was gyrating and thrusting at the stands- different story. But running naked in front of a crowd... not sexual, not a power play over a victim.

  12. I love it!!! sounds like good old fashioned fun to me:)

  13. Personally, i think it's a riot! High school football games take themselves so seriously that it would have been a welcome relief for me.

  14. I personally would be REALLY mad if it was my kid, but I would be the one punishing him! I don't think it is the end of the world, or grounds for the "legal system" to step in! The school, on the other hand, might consider a painful in school suspension.

  15. Those comments were pretty funny. It was a school incident so just send him to detention or something. No need to press charges. People need to live a little!!!

  16. red shoes and a clown mask - he's got my vote.

    Seriously, he should get some punishment but nothing too severe. Maybe keep him out of a swim meet.

    There are some stunts that should not be promoted but are fun and creative.

  17. Maybe I'm going to sound like a prude, which I am not, but...he should be punished. I get it that people streak, but...it's really weird that he did that with a clown mask. Scary even...a little. Now, this is taking things a little far, but...if there is a continuum for people with odd sexual behavior which eventually leads to sexual deviancy and perhaps a crime...do you think it started with streaking? I seriously doubt it, but...the guy just can't do that. No one wants to see his wang.

  18. LOL! I actually thought the same thing you did when I read the part about the staff member identifying him! The comments were hilarious!
    The sad thing is, if he's charged, he'll probably have to register as a sex offender.
    That being said, he's a 17 year old boy who was challenged. When boys are 17 years old, they're so impulsive...they don't think about the consequences about their actions. "It seemed like a good idea at the time" kind of thing.
    I agree: he didn't do anything sexual, he just ran nekked across the football field. When I was in high school, the boys tennis team mooned us (the girls & coach) on the way home from a match. Not as many people saw it, but same principle. Teenage boys don't think about the consequences.
    Glad to see there are so many people with such good humor in your area!

  19. Lovely!

    So now I have to talk to my middle school son about drugs, sex, AND not streaking??

    I shudder to think what next.

  20. This will be something this guy will not want remembered when he is older. There are so many rules and regulations and laws today. In my opinion, he should just be let go but then again this could become a regular occurrence at the games with different guys trying to get attention.

  21. Just tell me that they are not going to charge him with something that labels him a sex offender for the rest of his life!

  22. Those comments are hilarious!!

    I suppose he has to be punished....but I'm not exactly sure how tough they should be on him.

    I'm laughing too hard to come up with serious punishment ideas.

  23. I have to answer this from two perspectives.

    The old fashioned part of me says that he shouldn't have done this. Where are his morals. And how was he brought up that he thinks this is acceptable? And what about the children in the stands who witnesses this? How do their parents explain it to them?

    The good natured, fun loving part of me is laughing silly.

    How's that for sitting on the fence?

  24. "Misdaweiner" Heeeheheheh!

    My mind is sayin' the kid needs punished in a manor he would never ever think of pullin' such a reveling stunt again.

    My heart is screamin' you go guy, bare all your confidence and win that bet!!! I know, sometimes I shock people...Just sayin'.........

    Have a fun day girl! :o)


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