Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spider Drama #5 (Bonus Post!)

This morning's Spider Incident was so bad, I had to vlog about it.  I'm considering it part of the therapy I'm going to need.

For those of you who are counting, that's 6 spiders in five days.
Sorry about the end of the video; I don't have time to monkey with it.
What you missed is me saying,

"Pray that I don't get eaten alive by spiders on my way home tonight."

(And yes, I know I need to comb my hair. What do you expect?! I've been traumatized!!!!)

And yes, I have asked God to forgive me for taking his name in vain.
And for the record, Kendall did not say, "Oh my God!" She said "Oh my gosh, Mom!"
(She would appreciate that clarification.)


  1. OMG! Wow I can't believe you are being stalked by little miss muffit and her huge friends! Where are you going to take your car to an exterminator or a auto shop? Wow crazy I'd be freaking too!

  2. Ugh. Is walking beginning to seem an attractive alternative to driving? Fumigation is definitely the way to go!

  3. I.hate.spiders.

    You are a brave woman. I would have my hubs driving that car and I would be carpooling or calling a cab!

  4. Careful on Mim's blog... sometimes she posts REALLY BIG spider pictures. ;)

    I HATE SPIDERS. I am TRYING to accentuate how "cool" they are this season. As long as they are in trees or sitting dociley in their webs and not jumping at me or crawling towards me. Sit in your web and wait for that poor innocent fly to land there so you can eat it. OTher than that- spiders need to stay away from me!!!

    Love this vlog and seeing a bit of your classroom!! Love that top, too. Where do you shop??

  5. What is going on? That's a lot of spiders in a few days. Maybe you should put one of those bug bombs in your car overnight. I know you're traumatized so why did this make me chuckle?

  6. Ha, great vlog - you are a natural story teller. Get some insect spray and fog up your car and where it parks. You might want to do an inspection before driving to scoot away any of the eight leggers. Thanks for the shout out.

  7. My drive in the morning is 22.5 miles to work -- I'd be jumping OUT of the car ON the highway. Seriously. I'd then walk home and never get back in the car.

    I feel you. I really, really do. Hate spiders. HATE the spiders.

  8. I'm tellin' ya if ya don't kill 'em they just procreate carryin' big old egg sacks on their back that burst into hundreds and hundreds of baby arachnids. Just buy the spray...make sure it kills spiders too and fog up your car so the next morrn' your spider free. Although it does make for some mighty good Vlog fodder!!!

    I'm lovin' that top too, if ya ever tire of it...toss it my way, please! :o)

    Have a great one girl! :o)

  9. YUCK! I hate when you are driving along and one dangles down next to you and you can see it, but not get at it w/out getting in an accident. Tim really hates spiders too and one time he killed one that was on our house with a bb gun, lol. Lisa

  10. Oh my gosh! I would have died! Spiders freak me out!

  11. I would totally wreck my car. Not. Even. Kidding! I hate spiders. I loathe them really!

  12. I'm glad you didn't get in accident or anything brought on by the spider!

    It was cool to hear your voice. It's nothing at all how I'd heard it my head the last two years. Feel like I know you more now!

  13. Girl, you CRACK me up!!! Those spiders are just trying to get out of the rain. :( Of course if it were me... I would have flipped out too!!! Spiders, crickets and lizards gross me out!!! Thanks for the laugh!!! I needed it!!

  14. Months ago when you were thinking of a vlog did you have any idea this would be it?
    Halloween decorations - any spiders this year?
    Any of the kids dressing up as spiderman?
    thanks for telling the story

  15. This is really serious. I think you need to hire protection! Seriously. : )

    PS You are beautiful! I didn't see any stringy hair at all!

  16. Glad you could all laugh at my expense. The outfit is from New York & Company, one of my favorite stores ever.

    I told Mr.4444 (who came home tonight from a short business trip) that I will be driving his truck to work tomorrow and will continue until he assures me my car is spider-free. I just can't take the stress anymore; on my way home today, I killed a another baby spider and let a huge bee out the window...

  17. Oh my goodness! I have missed alot and sorry Barb, but you have me crying I am laughing so hard! I feel your pain! I get em in my van because I leave the windows open in the garage...eww....

  18. I'm still laughing that you drew that picture of your window and steering wheel and that honkin' spider - sorry, I know you're totally traumatized.
    I hate spiders too. Thank goodness they're not so mammoth around here. At least that I've seen.

    You're too funny, Barb!

  19. Yyyyaaaeeaahhh!!! I'd be freaked out. Yes, bug bomb it!!
    And how do you KNOW there's not a larger one in the back seat?
    Ok, maybe I shouldn't say that before you get this taken care of.
    Sounds like some Hitchcock film.
    Just sayin'
    Yyyaeeaaahh!!!!*hands waving*

  20. You're cute.

    You should have just drawn that on a piece of paper!

    That happens to me a lot - There are trees between my door and driveway - Very often I walk through the web - never realize it and drag the mess into the car.

    One day during the weekend - Use Mr. 4444's car. Spray inside your car some insect spray. leave it closed for about an ahour. Then air it out. They are behind your dashboard and in your seat....

    Close your sun roof when you're not in it. (if you have one)

    I see you made it as you have posted since... LOL

    Good luck!

    (oh them big hairy ones are dee-lish!!!)


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