Monday, November 8, 2010

What Think Ye of Christmas? (Book Giveaway)

Note: This giveaway is over. The winner was Caution.

A couple of years ago, I "met" a blogger with whom I connected so well, I felt like we were sisters separated at birth. Jana Winters Parkin, "Charette," writes at Divergent Pathways, and if you've never read her blog, you really should, because she writes some very moving stuff. She's not only a talented writer, though; she's also a very gifted artist, which, of course, I figured out seeing works like this on her business site (which I found while stalking her a couple of years ago).

How gifted Jana was, I had no idea, until I read her bio (WOW), written especially for a new book that she illustrated with original watercolor paintings, What Think Ye of Christmas?

When Jana asked if I would review the book, I was honored to accept. She sent a copy of the book for me to keep and one to give away on Half-Past Kissin' Time!

What Think Ye of Christmas, written by Ester Rasband, is the second edition of a book she originally wrote 30 years ago, as a way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas:

The star, the lights, the feasting...if we forget the symbolism behind them, we lose out on the richest, most valuable message of the holiday:


Ms. Rasband's and Jana's partnership bears fruit in this treasure, which calls us all to fit some quiet time into the holiday, to remember why we're doing all the rushing around. (I don't know about you, but I could use the reminder.)  To see Jana's heartwarming artwork that's in the book, visit this link.

One person will win a copy of What Think Ye of Christmas. To enter, just leave a comment here, telling me the Christmas symbol that has the most meaning for you. That's it. (Giveaway ends Sunday night, November 14th, at 11:59pm.)

*This hard-cover, picture book has about 30 pages and sells for about $10. Discounts are offered for multiple copies, and gift wrapping is available.


  1. A creche...because isn't that what it's all about?
    I can't believe it's already that time again, but I refuse to do anything until after Thanksgiving!

  2. What an honor to be asked to review the book and to be given your own copy. Very nice. We don't really do gifts at Christmas, I stopped years ago when I was around my grown children and time spent together was the goal, not the presents. They had presents they needed to buy or felt they needed to buy on their in-laws side so they were rushing around while working full time. So for our side of the family we put a stop to the commercial part of Christmas. Another five years after that is when I stopped watching TV. I wanted my life back. So I got it. For me, I have had so much happen in my life and I have believed in angels so we do have a Christmas tree but the only decorations we use are angels. Angels depicting all walks of life. And all activities. There are angels around all of the time.

  3. Can't thank you enough for this great review!

    And my favorite Christmas symbol? Well the one from the book that really resonated for me was "being busy" because it's the thing that I usually find the most vexing. I LOVE that she turned it into a positive by reminding us that "Joys is hard bought" and that "God wants us to be givers."

    p.s. Don't enter me in the giveaway...I'm just commenting because I like you!

  4. I know it is time to start thinking Christmas, but I can hardy believe it's here already. My favorite symbol is the star. Light in a dark place, is a powerful thing!
    Blessings on your day!

  5. That artwork is so beautiful. It is alive and magical at the same time. I like angels. My favorite Christmas ornament is an angel that my mother and I bought at a craft sale. My mother has been gone over 20 years now. This reminds me both of angels spreading good news, real life angels at work in our lives, and the treasure of time spent together. Our lives are full of blessings every day and Christmas is special time to remember where those blessings came from. Mari

  6. Oh, the watercolor pictures are simply breathtaking!!!

    This may be corny but it's the lights baby!!! As I warp my tree in lights (yep, I put 1000 on the burnin' bush) it reminds me of how Jesus came to be the light of the world. Not only with my blazin' beauty but any of the light displays I might see 'round any corner at Christmastime.

    We may face dark times in our lives but Jesus never fails...He is our Light!!!

    God bless ya'll!!! :o)

  7. i think i would have to say, stockings. they have historic significance with St. Nick and his work with poor widows and orphans leading me to remember all the ways in which God has gifted and provided for His children throughout history. i love stocking stuffings for my family because in small ways (not huge monetary ways) i can show them how i have thought of them and love them.

  8. I'm a lights fan, too. They bring such warmth during what should be COLD December that I hate taking them down in January.

  9. Charrette's husband and My husband have a lot in common, and I can only hope to have commonalities with Charrette. She really is full of talent. I love the color and vitality in the paintings.

    My favorite symbol is christmas lights. We just moved from New York City, and I am dreading a christmas season without the light and cheer of that illuminated city. Rockefeller center brought tears to my eyes year after year.

  10. It's hard to pick a favorite Christmas symbol. I do think the spirit of Christmas is a powerful thing when people let it grow.

    Well if I need to pick a symbol I'll go with the music. The music conveys cheer, mystery, hope and thankfulness all wrapped up as a great gift to one's soul.
    Even "grandma got run over by a reindeer" lifts my spirit but it's not my favorite.

  11. Xmas is officially my favorite time of year. It's not the presents, its the family and friends spending the holidays together. Okay, maybe the eggnog too.

  12. What a cool giveaway!

    I have this memory from when I was younger of our darkened living room lit only by the lights on the Christmas Tree. I stared at the ceiling for hours watching it turn from blue to red to green to yellow to white. So I'd have to say that Christmas trees and their smell are my favorite Christmas symbols.

  13. hummm, you may have already read this about me.

    the symbol with the most meaning would be Santa....and the reason can be found in a post I repost every December....

    here's the link if you don't know my story already

  14. Awesome post!! For me it's the Christmas lights. All the bright lights in the neighborhood make all the neighborhoods seem economically equal. It's hard to tell the shabby neighborhoods from the richer ones.. the lights take away the dark and glommy and bring brightness,love, and unity.

  15. The most special thing about Christmas is gathering at the dining room table. The moment the dinner is delivered to the restless crowd, heads lowered to say grace, the crackers finally popping and laughter ensuing. It's one of the few times in the year that we can all get together and the feeling of being blessed is palpable.

  16. Oh how awesome. I read some of her background on this book earlier this weekend. I LOVE it.

    My most meaningful symbol has to be the Advent wreath. Too many weeks of having those conversations and then having one person chosen to actually get to light the candle....

  17. This looks like a beautiful book.
    I love Christmas. I think the Christmas symbol that means the most to me is a nativity set, if that counts as a symbol, because that's what Christmas is all about. I like collecting sets from different countries or cultures--it shows how universal Christmas and its meaning truly are.

  18. THE Christmas symbol for me is the Nativity scene. It's not just the baby Jesus, but the Holy Family and those who gathered to adore Christ. I think it was the original reference to "it takes a village..."


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