Thursday, November 18, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #121

Everyone knows how good it feels to de-clutter around the house. 
Friday Fragments, however, is the place to de-clutter the mind!
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Thanks for joining me. Off we go!


Bathroom shelving, luggage, cookware that would make Paula Dean cry; these are just crumbs of what's available on the CSNStores website. I've received three different products from their more than 200 stores, and my experiences have been excellent, so I look forward to offering you a chance at your very own CSNStores gift certificate very soon. Stay tuned! [For my reviews, click here and here.]

An exchange between Kendall and me, at 6:30am, trying to get out of the house:

"Where is my Ipod? Where in the heck did I put it?"

"You should check your school bag; sometimes you're responsible without realizing it."

(She knows me so well.)


My Favorite Friday Fragmenter last week was Kathy, of Everyday Mommy
She has a preschooler daughter (I LOVE that age!)  Here little sweetheart said this one day...

"Mommy I don't want to die for a long time but when we do can we hold hands?"

She's obviously philosophizing about death, as many preschoolers are wont to do, 
since she also made this random (and totally nonsensical comment) to a grocery store clerk:

"We got these chips for my daddy. He's not dead yet so we bought him these."

Sooo precious. Kathy, the award is yours this week! Enjoy!

I truly look forward to catching up with all of you fragmenters this weekend. 
Leave a trail of breadcrumbs, will you?


  1. For the first time in weeks, I was able to read every FF post, so I remember Everyday Mommy's post. That's a great one for the favorite :)

    I'm in for the giveaway whenever you have it. I've got some things on my list that I could use - I bet CSN stores have it!

    Kristin - The Goat

  2. that statement about her Dad and chips must have made that clerk's day. I would have just cracked up. Great to have a blog to save those funny moments.

  3. Would you prefer I leave a trail of seasoned bread crumbs or plain bread crumbs?

  4. I am going to leave the seasoned ones....

  5. That is the sweetest thing ever that precious little girl said.

    And, your daughter's response to your question is hilarious.

    This is my first time EVER to link up for Friday Fragments. It was fun to put together.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I've been horrible about getting time to read and visit other blogs... so I missed Kathy's FF last week - thanks for highlighting them... priceless!

  7. I have been a bad fragment follower - hoping to visit everyone this week!

  8. The quote from Kathy's daughter just made me cry. My mum sat beside her mum's bed last Saturday as Grandma died. I haven't really cried properly till now.

  9. you just have to love kids. they can simplify things so well for us! kathy's daughter is so sweet, i think i would also like to hold soemone's hand when it's time for me to leave.....

  10. I just love the preschooler's comments. I have a four year old who is trying to figure out the whole death/dying/living thing and the things she says sometimes just rock me to my core. So perceptive and raw.

  11. I would of loved to be a little frog (I hate mice) observing in the check~out line just to see the look on the checker's face! Heeehehehe...that one is just priceless!

    Ya'll have a beautifully blessed weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  12. Unintentional responsibility? I could use some of that.

    No other blog hops for me today, so maybe that will motivate me to be a better blog visitor :)

  13. Sometimes you're responsible without realizing it?! Ha, ha!

  14. LOL @ Ipod!!!! I love the Fragment of the week.. awesome~

  15. I totally foresee that conversation between you and Kendall in my future with my daughter. Oh how the tide turns!

    And I love how preschoolers interpret and process things. Outta the mouth of a babe, for sure.

    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!!

  16. That Kendall is one sharp young lady! Sounds like you have a great relationship with your teenage daughter... An admirable quality.

    Looking forward to checking out the CSNStores... And I really like gift cards too!

    Am I the only one who has to slow down while saying the word "philosophizing"? That story was so cute :)

    Enjoy the weekend with your family!

  17. I've been such a blog slacker!
    I love your exchange with Kendall! I giggled. I am excited for that age with my girls, excited and filled with dread at the same time.

    Have a great weekend!!

  18. I love that she may have accidentally been responsible lol funny how they do that :)

  19. I will check in all of you later but right now I have to go learn what to do in case of an emergency.

  20. I had never heard of CSN until recently. Crazy, right?!? LOL!

    Loved your fragments!

    ~Mrs. Albright

  21. hey mrs. how are ya? :) happy FF!


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