Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners is a weekly photo meme hosted by Lotus, of I am Lotus.

Thanksgiving at our house looked much like others, I'm sure.  

There was the gabbing in the kitchen...

(Mom and my sister, Mary, who incidentally brought the Pumpkin Dinner Rolls).

 Of course, there was also the sharing of electronics...

My mom played virtual checkers with grandson, Caden...

and was tickled by "Talking Tom."

 There was the overflow dining in the living room...

There were also a few other, non-traditional events...
...a special "birthday pie" for Caden....

(Kendall would probably appreciate my mentioning that despite the preceding two pics, 
she didn't eat any more than anyone else in the house!haha)

"Frosting" your own cake is fun!

Thankfully, everyone brought dishes to share. (As you can see, we had more than enough desserts!)

Here is my favorite photo of the night! You don't see this every night!

I'm thankful for a lot of things, but that last shot kind of takes the cake right now :)


  1. Love the pictures! I'm kinda partial to that last one, too. ;-)

  2. nice place and a great family. I'm glad you mentioned your daughter being caught eating in two of your shots because I noticed it and would have felt odd commenting on it. I have been accused of taking pictures only after people start eating.

    Looks like you had extra pie, do you need any help getting rid of it? I find it great for breakfast.

  3. Isn't it great having family together for a great meal? And how did the men get the cleanup job?

  4. Luv the last photo! :) Perhaps you'll share with the rest of us what drug you used to get them to behave so strangely.. ;)

  5. I sympathize with Kendall. Sometimes I think there has never been a photo of me without a fork on its way to my open mouth. Funny, that!

  6. Love the last picture! That may have been video worthy too!

  7. It looks like a perfect Thanksgiving! Thanks for posting these pics. Somehow, it makes me feel a little closer to home! :o)

  8. Yes, that last shot is PRICELESS! :)

  9. Love the pic of Caden on the back of the couch between the two and their electronics...what would the holidays be without electronics indeed!

  10. That last shot is one you'll never see here on the Ponderosa Thanksgiving in the kitchen! Honey, ya need to frame that one!

    It shows in everyone's smiles what a great Thanksgiving ya'll had!

    God bless ya and have a great week sweetie!!! :o)

  11. I'll take those leftover desserts if they're still around!

  12. That's funny! I saw those two pictures of Kendall and thought that Lydia would KILL me if I posted those :)

    I am envious of your full house holidays!


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