Thursday, December 2, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #123

My life is complete; I have a belly full of Apple Dumplings, so I hardly feel fragmented at all, but I'll come up with something. We have a house full of college kids (for dinner) right now, so I'll be back.

***Okay, I'm back! Kyle and seven friends came home for spaghetti dinner tonight. It was really nice to have him home, and his friends were very appreciative :)

***I'm having a giveaway on Monday for a $100 CSNStores giftcard!  I'm also having a $50 CSNStore giveaway on Mrs.4444 Cooks on Monday! Stay tuned!!

***A 15-year-old boy died at his own hands this week, after holding his class hostage at a neighboring school district. He has left nothing but questions from his family, friends, and classmates. Some of my 6th graders looked to me for reassurance the morning after it happened. It was awkward--How do you say, "It couldn't happen here" when could?  I just told them it was a very rare thing and encouraged them to talk with their parents or the guidance department if they needed to talk further about it.

No time to frag any more tonight. Keep in touch, will you? Here's the linky:


  1. Oh yeah! Having made these before, I can attest to their delicious-ness. And I didn't even mess them up.

  2. My belly is full of hubby's homemade chicken pot pie and life is good.

  3. A house full of college kids sounds like a lot of fun! Hope y'all are enjoying myself.
    I have a belly full of Mickey D's. (hanging head in shame)

  4. Apple dumplings! I can't even take it. They sound heavenly!!!

  5. I have a fridge full of apples. Maybe you could share the recipe?! :)

    Kristin _ The Goat

  6. glad I read this after coming back from eating I might not be able to finish following the FF posts. Had a fine plate of noodles at noodles.

  7. I'm clicking on that apple dumplings hotlink. There had better be a recipe!

  8. I did a double take: when I first read "I'm back," initially I thought you said, "I'm black." I thought maybe I had missed something! ;-)

    Apple dumplings sound delicious!

  9. so sorry that you and the kids are going through the trauma of that incident...

    Now I'm craving apple dumplings.... happy ff!

  10. So sad about the 15-year-old. It's hard enough for adults to understand let alone 6th graders. :-(

    The Apple Dumplings are very tempting, but we don't have crescent rolls in tins over here. I feel very hardly done by.

    I'm giving stuff away on Monday too, I'm taking entries all weekend though!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend :-)

  11. That is a very, very sad situation. It seems we can no longer say "things like that will never happen here" because sadly, they do happen. There doesn't seem to be a easy way to explain that to children.

    I have never had Apple Dumplings...perhaps I shall try them! ;-) Happy Friday!

  12. "How do you say, "It couldn't happen here" when could?"

    I think this sums it up perfectly. What a scary world we live in. When the VA Tech shooting happened I was teaching sociology at a community college and we ended up spending that whole night's lecture talking about the phenomenon.

    LOVE big spaghetti dinners! I bookmarked your dumpling recipe. YUM!

  13. I don't think I've ever had apple dumplings.

  14. Nothing beats a full house....I can almost see your big smile feeding Kyle and friend! Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. I love having a house full of people eating good food :)

    I am making Apple Crisp for Sparky tonight.

  16. I'm with Coby. Thought you said, "I'm black" too and wondered what it meant :)
    The latest school school really has made me wonder what we can do. Honestly, it terrifies me on many, many levels.

  17. Mrs. 4444's, It's Jenny at Eternal Instants... When in blog crisis I know no one else to turn to for honest and straight forward answers! My blog has completelty disapeared... Google says I have no account!!! What do you think has happened. Two days ago or so I monetized my blog, I read and understood the terms, and abided by them, I was in the middle of posting my FF when suddenly after hitting the "post now" icon, It was gone!!! The whole thing; blog and all... I am so sad, I feel like I could cry... Today is my birthday, Happy birthday to me :(
    What should I do... Please take a moment and send me some wisdom; I put so much energy into it... :(

  18. So sad to hear about the school incident... I can't imagine what the people connected to that child are going through.

  19. A belly full of apple dumplings and a spaghetti dinner sound yummy.

    How utterly tragic about the young man. I can't fathom the grief and questions left behind. My heart goes out to the family.

  20. Hi Mrs. 4444's... I feel really bad about going on about my silly blog after reading your FF post for this week! The story of the young boy was very sad, and put my entire day into perspective... You do have a way of doing that! So sorry to hear that news.

    My husband came home today for lunch and proceeded to tell me that he deleted a "google" account associated with password problems! He and I have been having the same prob... Between us, my blog and His You Tube account (which by the way I had no idea was even associated with google), there has been utter confusion, changing passwords dozens of times between us! COMMUNICATION is KEY!

    Sorry for the long writes... But thank you so much for being here! You are AWESOME!

    Hope to get my new blog up and running before your giveaway!

    :) Jenny @ Eternal Instants

  21. The kids here have been following that story in school, at least my high-schoolers-it truly is tragic, and there are no guarantees that it won't happen wherever we are!

    How cool to have Kyle and so many of his friends there for dinner! It sounds like a lot of fun.

  22. I wondered if that school was near yours. Very sad :(

    It must be so nice to have Kyle go to school so close so you can have big, fun dinners!

    Happy weekend :)

  23. that is so sad, about that event at the school :(

    have a great weekend mrs4444 :)

  24. Glad you had a good time with "the boys"...

    That is so,so sad about that boy...there is just so much sadness going on....around here, a toddler was (fatally) shot through a van window in a gang related shooting about 20 miles from here.

    And that is a small city!

  25. Ahhhh, It was a not-paying-attention moment for me - I see you did indeed share a link to your Apple Dumplings. Excellent, Thank you!

    What an awful event. I saw it on the news.

    Kristin - The Goat

  26. Sorry to hear of the wasted young child should ever have to feel like that is the only way out or indeed feel the need to 'get out'...Tough call with your kids too, I think you said the right thing though :)

    It may be my slow internet connection but I cant seem to get the linky up this week so here is a link to my frags :)


    p.s I am totally loving the pic of you and your mum on the right hand side bar!


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