Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #124

Friday Fragments are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard. Collect humorous observations, "Heard" items, and other small gems (hint: a notebook is helpful :) and put them together in a Friday Fragments post. Anyone will tell you that fragging is one of the easiest, most satisfying posts to write! First time fragging? Please read the specifics here.
As I write this week's fragments, a beautiful blanket of snow covers Northeast Wisconsin. If it's going to be cold, I'd rather have snow to at least make it pretty. Cooper sure loves the snow! I'm just glad any stray deer carcasses in the woods will soon be buried.
I attended a conference this week in the Wisconsin Dells (no, I did not partake in any of the waterparks). It was productive, and I plan to share some things I learned with you next week.  The drive home in our first real snow of the season took two extra hours, and I'm grateful to finally be home.

My $100 CSN Stores Giveaway is open until Sunday night at midnight. You don't need a blog to enter, either, so be sure to enter, here.  The $50 Giveaway is over at Mrs.4444 Cooks, so check that out, too!

Wondering what gift you can give your child's teacher? I really mean it when I say that the best gift you can give your child's teacher is to do your part as a parent; that's more than enough. If you still feel a need to offer something, write a heartfelt note, wishing him/her a happy, relaxing Christmas.  Still insisting on a gift? A big pack of pencils or a bottle of hand sanitizer this time of year is a welcome contribution to any classroom.
Yes, I'm sorry, but I did turn Word Verification on, because I just couldn't take the 10-15 spam comments I was getting every single day, and I wanted my Anonymous cousin, Lisa, to be able to comment without a Google account. So, if you hate it, complain to Lisa!haha  It's really just temporary (the WV thing). I just wanted to take a vacation from the spam for a week or so; I plan to turn it back off soon.
Jene, of The Original Bean was my Favorite Friday Fragmenter this week. She offered up some analysis about how people eat their gingerbread men, and she ended it with this personal revelation:
I don't eat gingerbread people, or anything shaped like any living thing, so what does that make me? I guess crazy, because I've been that way since I was 3, when (according to the lore of Original Bean) I cried because I didn't want to eat a chocolate bunny at easter. It made me too sad. OCD! Whee!

Poor thing. Jene, the award is yours :)
Random quote from Kendall, who came into the livingroom and said, "I love and look up to Kyle soooo much, I can't even put it into words."  How sweet is that?!  We're all looking forward to Kyle coming home from college next week :)
Alrighty then. Now it's your turn to share your frags and meet some new friends. Link away! (Remember, Santa's watching; if you don't bother to actually read the post and just link up a random post from your blog, you will get coal in your stocking and your link will be deleted.)


  1. i have no problem with the word verification.... i would rather you not get harassed!!

    i wish we could get some snow here, but not the 3-4 feet they got last winter. we still don't own a snow blower.... oh son, dear son, here is your shovel ;-)

    thank you again for letting me join in, you are so right that fragging on friday is relieving in so many ways!!

  2. I just got cold chills at the mere mention of snow. I will be traveling to the U.P. of Michigan for Christmas to see the inlaws and snow doesn't make me happy.

    Eating chocolate bunnies does sound disturbing but they are totally delish! Are you a vegetarian? lol

    Have a great weekend~

  3. I love your snowflakes! The ones on the blog post, that is, not the real ones.
    I love that quote from Kendall. It's really awesome to see that sibling bond; I'm starting to see it more as my kids get older and it feels good.
    Thanks for the teacher gift tips!
    Happy Friday!

  4. I hope Kyle and Kendall are always close. What a beautiful relationship.

  5. So sweet the relationship your kids seem to have with each other!

  6. oh no word verification help
    alright I'm over it
    threat of a lump of coal? I expected it would have been being sent to down to the office.
    I even remember the Bean's problem with eating shaped food. That was a good pick.
    Thanks for offering ff

  7. My WV word is "chill" guess that's what I'm going to have to do until you turn off the word verification again LOL

    I think giving a heartfelt letter to teacher for Christmas would be a really great gift.

    Kristin - The Goat

  8. I love the bit about the teacher gifts... We didn't grow up in a household where that was really even an option (monetarily), to give a gift to our teachers that is, so, I wish I would have known that something so simple would have meant so very much. You are a special teacher... Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I don't mind the word verification, it takes only a second :) You deserve the break!

  9. It seems like the spam comments have increased by leaps and bounds lately over at my blog. It is so annoying.

    SNOW!! I love it! We saw just a bit of it last week while we were in Arizona and I loved every single flake.

    Happy Friday to you.

  10. Enjoy your snow - we're freezing here in SC, but no snow :( The wv thing makes sense if you are getting spam..

  11. That's so sweet that Kendall and Kyle get along so well.

  12. Ugh. Snow. Wish I liked it, but I don't and I dislike it more and more every year.... the girls like it though.

    I hear Wisconsin Dells is a lot like Gatlinburg. The family and I love Gatlinburg and have thought about checking out Wisconsin Dells.

    I don't know about not eating people shaped food, but I certainly don't have a problem with reese's eggs at Easter or the Reese's Christmas Trees this time of year. Yum!

  13. I'm not a huge fan of cold, but if it HAS to be freezing out then there had better be a good foot of snow out there, too.

    Thanks for the gift tip, but I still end up feeling like I need to do something more, especially since they're just underpaid daycare workers. Not that "real" teachers aren't underpaid, too, but at least most real teachers aren't wiping butts and hauling kids to the potty every hour :)

    On the WV - I glanced down and thought my word was "pesto," and then I was hungry. Too bad it's actually "pacto," and I'm still hungry anyway.

  14. The WV isn't really a big deal. Doesn't bother me. Annoying spam does!

    It's neat that Kyle and Kendall are so close. I wish that I could be closer to my brothers; doesn't seem to happen often. :)

  15. I've become a terribly unfaithful blogger, so wv won't deter me much more :)

    I love your kids' relationship. Kyle must be a very special man to inspire such love and Kendall must be an intuitive young woman to recognize that.

  16. I always adore Fridays at your place. You 'frag' so well!

    God bless and have a stupendous weekend sweetie!!!

  17. Teachers always need hand sanitizer and tissues!

  18. I am finally fraggin! Thanks for hosting!

    I love that your kids are so close! My older ones seem close, but then my oldest son (who just turned 18!!!!!) and my Serena (age 5) are closer then ever, she loves her big brother like no other!

    I love how you are straight to the point with people linking up!

    Great ideas for teachers! I really need to get something special for Serena's teacher, she has endured a lot this year with the craziness of the kids in her class. She is a wonderful older woman!

  19. I especially love Kendall's comments. I'm finding that anticpating two coming home for the holidays is making me a little bit more senitmental than usual!

  20. I love that you said the best present you can give a teacher is to be a good parent to your kid. You always warm my heart!

    We are going to go to a waterpark over Christmas and Kaishon is so excited. Unbelievably so!

  21. Hey spiderwoman - if you didn't check my FF post well you should but please click over the "newer post" (today) and watch my holiday cheer video.
    Since you are a vlogger - ok since you a parttime vlogger I thought you would be interested.


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