Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Glogster Fun

This year, I discovered Glogster and have been using it at school, but it's a great tool for all kinds of folks. Glogster is the 21st Century's answer to old-fashioned posterboard/markers posters/cards and is pretty fun to use. You can put words, pictures, all kinds of videos, animated graphics, audio, podcasts, etc. on your poster (with none of that gluestick residue!haha) Got kids with some Christmas thank you notes to send to people with computers? You should check this out!

Glogster's what I used when I took my Difference Makers kids to the Tundra Lodge (Green Bay) for a little Christmas party fun. I wanted to thank the general manager for helping us out with the waterpark passes, so while the kids were eating pizza, I put this together. (I've edited it for confidentiality/blogging purposes.)

Here's our Glogster Thank You "note," (which I was able to email to the manager before we even left the building that night!) The kids chose the graphics and added the text. (I just took the pics and chose the snowflake background.)

There is a GlogsterEdu and a regular Glogster. GlogsterEdu is more teacher/kid-friendly, and Glogster is a little more "Parental Guidance is Suggested" kind of place. I found these glogs there:

This is one of my favorites: Emo

A birthday card for someone
A sweet glog for a friend

Here's a link to a beautiful glog by a French person named Lynn Cole. I can't understand it, but I like it!

Teachers can use Glogster for an incredible number of lessons, but here's a Glog for the book, The Giver. (the video response at the bottom is wonderful, btw).
This glog was done for a charity.
Here's a teacher's classroom glog.

A lot of people use Glogster to make glogs about their favorite musicians, pets, etc.

Today, it occurred to me that anyone could make a poster that was a collaborative effort, too. Wouldn't that be fun? As a family, you could make a big Congratulations, Get Well, Thank You, or Happy Anniversary poster for a family member, even if you were all separated by miles and continents! (If the collaborators don't live near each other, you'd have to take turns being logged in to add your content, but that's a minor detail.)

The possibilities are endless! You could use Glogster to scrapbook a vacation, baby book, or any other scrapbook project, too. You can figure out how to use it by simply poking around and clicking on stuff (or email me, and I'll do my best to help). BTW, you do not need to register to view glogs, only to make them.

Let me know if you try it--I'd love to see what you make of it!


  1. Dude, I want to make my own Glog! PG-13.

  2. You did a great Glog! I may try it? If I find time?

  3. It truly is a new world isn't it?? Now I gotta check out the Glog!

    Have fun sweetie and may God bless ya! :o)

  4. Super fun! I can't wait to go try it out.

  5. never ending stuff on the internet. I took a quick look. Certainly very blog like but I assume easier to post video clips and pictures with fancy borders. While I was looking at a glog about George Harrison I clicked over to a another service called Doodletoo that also looks fun.


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