Thursday, January 13, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #129

I've been trying to make it home before dark after school, so that I can finally get an updated shot of my favorite tree on my commute (see header), but I just can't make it, due to Kendall's musical rehearsals every night.  Fortunately (or not), my mind continues to fragment, regardless of lighting conditions, so I'm totally prepared today. Welcome. [To learn more about Friday fragments, click on the tab above.]
The Packers are in the NFL Playoffs! What a thrill! It might be because I sang the Packer Fight Song like 42 times on Sunday, but more than likely, it was because we dragged Kendall into the livingroom for the last two minutes of the game (she wins everything). Regardless, I'm fired up and will post the fight song for your listening pleasure soon. and hope to one day see my webcam up and working again, so that I can share the fight song with you! :)
Anyone whose ever potty trained a preschooler will appreciate this Facebook status update from my co-worker, Tina:

I think it's hilarious every time I hear nick say, "Don't you remember? It's a new year, so you're supposed to go on the potty!"

Nice try, Nick. I don't miss those days...
While looking for my little Packers graphic, I found an obscure little blog called The Wearing of the Green (and Gold) on which all posts relate to the Packers uniform. If you want to make some guy's day, pop over there and leave a comment :)
Love dolphins? I like them and all, but I've never swum* with them or anything. After watching the powerful, Academy Award-Winning documentary, The Cove, on Saturday, I'm sure I never will take up the popular tourist activity. The film (especially the last 30 minutes) was very eye-opening. I watched it via Netflix instant-view (which costs nothing if you have an account). I have a great respect for the many people who risked their personal safety to get the word out about how 23,000 dolphins are being slaughtered in Japan every year.
*Yes, I did look up the corrrect verb tense for "swum,"and I still think it looks wierd, don't you?

Yes, I like documentaries.  I also watched a short one called China's Lost Girls, with Lisa Ling, produced by National Geographic. What can I say? I like learning about stuff.
Have you backed up your blog lately? It's important, you know. I don't wanna hear you bawling because your blog crashed and you didn't have it backed up. It's so easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

Two days after I drafted the previous fragment, my laptop croaked. Ask me if I backed up my files lately. (no)
If you missed my Saturday Sampling post last weekend, you really should bookmark it; there were an incredible number of posts really worth the read.
Kendall (age 15 now) has chosen her solo and ensemble song for this year. It's ancient, and I don't really understand the words (though they are in English). Still, she sounds like an angel singing I Attempt from Love's Sickness [to Fly].  Mr.4444 and I look forward to hearing this song at least 100 times in the next two months :)
Finally, while riding in the car last night, Kendall commented on a commercial for a magical cure for age spots....

"I'm sorry, but if you're old enough to have brown spots on your hands, that really shouldn't be your priority; it should be living."

LOLOL!  Fortunately, she finished her thought with...

"You know--your priority should be having fun with your grandkids and stuff."

Sure, Kendall; I'm sure that's what you meant...

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  1. Swum would say that "swum" looks weird, but I'm not one of those swumones.

    Alright, I'm reaching for a pun. Give a Mami a break!

  2. How DO you back up your blog? I'd like to do that.

    Go Bears!

  3. Funny girl, that K!

    What, no frag about certain people kicking your butt at Words With Friends? Muahahahaha ;)

    Gotta watch The Cove now!!! Thanks for the tip...

  4. This link tells how to back up a Blogger blog:

  5. I know what you mean about getting home before dark, I never do... I agree, swum, looks wierd. And I am a bit bummed I missed last Saturday's Saturday Sampling -- I slept through 1/2 of Saturday -- I guess I need a little catchup. Tonight, I am posting up (its in progress). Have a great Friday.

  6. Oh I've missed you! I'm way behind on my blog reading. I think I've backed up my blog before, but not for a while. Thanks for the link to remind me how to do it again. Tell Kendall to keep her words soft and sweet -- soon enough she'll be old enough for age spots!

  7. good thing you can fragment in the dark.
    The best documentary IMHO is PaperClips and as a teacher you'll be even more touched by it.
    I like Kendall's thinking. Why don't we start calling them wisdom spots or something positive?

  8. I remember learning "swim, swam, swum", but it still sounds weird!
    Kendall cracks me up!

  9. As someone who made the New Year's Resolution of no more diapers for her toddler a year ago, a do love the Facebook status update you shared! Thankfully he achieved his resolution, now we just need to work on his aim -- I'm learning the hard way not to walk in the bathroom in my slippers or sock feet -- yuck!

  10. My little commercial for backing up my blog is that I use It backs up my computer every time I'm are connected to the internet. Between my husband and I we have used Carbonite a few times to get back our lost data from dead computers. It's only $55 a year and I love it.

    Commercial over - thank you :)

    Go Packers!

    I'm one of those people who rarely practiced singing by singing. Most of the time I just read the sheet music over and over again, thinking about the song. Once a week I worked with a voice teacher and fine tuned the song. The power of visualization :) I loved to sing, but not the same thing over and over.

    Good luck to Kendall.

    by the way - my word verification is wootar. lol

  11. I always procrastinate about backing up my stuff too. There is just so much to do.

  12. J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!

    Sorry, couldn't help myself, but they aren't playing each other, which makes me only a little obnoxious :)

  13. I'm still in mourning over the COLTS loss :-( But, I love watching the Superbowl and the excitement around it

    The age spot comment made me laugh out loud! Hilarious! I bet when she gets to that age, she MAY care about staying alive, her family AND age spots :-)

    Happy Friday!

  14. I have a collection of words that always look and sound weird to me. "Swum" is definitely among them.

    I've actually seen that Lisa Ling documentary. Have to admit that I'm not her biggest fan (I think Channel One ruined her for me), but I did find it to be a fascinating story.

    Let's go Jets!

  15. You're supposed to back up your blog????? I'm freaking out now.
    How do I do that?????

  16. How often do you back up your blog?
    That is probably a good suggestion you are giving in this post.
    We watch documentaries too. We have learned so many things this way. Sometimes we make lunch and watch a documentary while we eat and talk about what we are watching.

  17. Swum is odd, but "had lain" or "I lay in bed last night" is odder. Both of those beauties are on my teaching syllabus this term.

    I used to think I would like to meet Kendall, but now I know I will have to put bandaides over all my sun spots first. That's going to take a while.

    You are going to post a video of her singing, right? Was "F U" or "Raise Your Glass" not an option for the competition? Such a shame...

    {{hugs}} to you, Mrs. 4444's!

  18. Swim, swam, swum. Hum.

    I can't talk football. Mostly because I don't care a whole lot... but also because our Colts just never got it together this year. :(

  19. Swum....never used it and I'm so working it into a conversation with my know it all teen and see if she corrects me!Have a great weekend!

  20. Swum always sounds/looks weird to me. Not lnking up today, but I HAD to come by and check you out!!! Not that I don't have fragments, but Garrett got his mission call and that warrants more than a frag. Havea great weekend and maybe you will get that "tree shot."

  21. I would really like to see The Cove. I've heard that it's amazing.

  22. Netflix Instant Watch is fantastic! The comment about age spots cracked me up!

  23. Congrats to your Green Bay for making it!
    Love Kendall's comment, great point of view!

  24. Oh yes, I learned about backing up my computer files the hard way-- The very hard way. I am religious about it now.

    The age spots comment cracks me up--especially since I just came from the dermatologist having a few removed. I've not learned I need to also be as religious about sunscreen and I am backing up files :-)

    Thanks for doing this feature. I really appreciate it.

    xo jj

  25. I hope the Packers win will mean the Eagles were beat by the best team (per my husband)...
    I never get home before dark and it is so, so depressing..9weeks til spring? I think!
    Have a terrific week!!


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