Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #131

If you've made it this far (Friday), you're home free!! Welcome to the weekend, Baby! I suppose if you work this weekend, that might not be as encouraging. If not, here's to a day off soon! :)  As for me, I am ready to unload my randomness!

**I'm going to write a book! That's all I'm going to say about that right now, but now that I've put it out there, there's no going back. I am SO excited!  Anyone know a trustworthy, talented literary agent?

**Just so you know, I'm very often tempted to "Like" your blog posts. However, because my Facebook name is private, I've learned not to do so; it's nothing personal :)

**I guess if I'm gonna a write a book, I might have to consider blogging with my real name. Naah! I like Mrs.4444.  And no, I can't use Mrs.4444 as a pen name--That would be inappropriate for this book. (Sorry--That's the only hint you're getting for now.)

**You may not realize it, but Green Bay Packer fans consider the Minnesota Vikings to be arch rivals (even moreso than the Chicago Bears, I think). So, it is a little ironic that at school, my homeroom drew "Minneapolis" for the city we will represent in our upcoming "6th grade Winter Olympics" day of outdoor fun.  We have to make a huge banner representing Minneapolis, and we have to do a great job. (We want a gold medal in the banner category, of course!) Never thought I'd see the day that I cheer for Minnesota, haha. :)

**I read a couple hundred comments this week (Yes, I was a little behind). If you didn't hear from me, it might be because you showed up as a "No Reply" commenter. I don't usually take the time to go looking for email addresses; I love you, but I'm not in love with you enough to beg for it. Sorry.

**Shell, of Things I Can't Say once wrote an excellent piece called Blog Newbie?, and I highly recommend it. (It addresses that No-Reply comment issue, among other enlightening blogging topics for the new, but also the seasoned blogger who needs a reminder.  In fact, that part about reciprocal reading/commenting stung me a little bit, but I had it coming. Just like Shell to tell it like it is in a firm, yet kind way. Thanks, Shell.

**Did you catch my talking-Cooper post yesterday? It's pretty cute and very short.Check it out if you need to smile.

**Steven Tyler--I never noticed him, really, before American Idol, and I absolutely love him. Then again, I have extensive experience working with emotionally disturbed individuals; his quirkiness is very endearing to me.

**Okay, I'll get out of your way so you can link up here.[Remember, though, this link is for the few, the proud, the fragmenters (only). Other links will be deleted.] [To learn more about Friday Fragments, click on the tab at the top of this page.]


  1. I'm glad you are writing a book. I know you've mentioned your husband encouraging you to do so before and I can only imagine it will be wonderful.

  2. Hey Cooper would be a good pen name. Best of luck on writing. I find creating a good blog post challenge enough.

    Well if you can break away (writer's block time) pop over I found an odd youtube clip related to 4444. It's odd but family friendly. Cooper might bark.

  3. Writing a book is awesome. I've written a couple. Unfortunately I haven't managed to attain a literary agent yet (the hardest & most nervewracking part for SURE)!! Best of luck!!

  4. I am so very excited about your book plans!! How fun!

    On "liking" posts. If you like it, it will show up that "one person likes". Your name will only show up to people who are actually friends with you on facebook. So when I look at my blog post, sometimes it will say 3 people like it, but I only know who 1 of those people are.

    I need MORE hints! Also an advanced copy would be nice. ;-)

    I know what you mean about the no reply commenters. It makes me sad, but there is no way I'm going to take the time to track every single one of them down.

    Steven Tyler has caused my husband to watch AI for the first time.

    I actually fragmented this week. Yay! Happy Friday to you!

  5. Okay, so I don't feel so bad now...I just decided tonight that I have a crush on Steven Tyler. His quirkiness IS endearing. I love how, whenever there's a really good singer, he closes his eyes and gets this look on his face, like his thinking, "Yeah, man, that's some really good 'shtuff.'" Only he's probably not thinking 'shtuff.'

    Can't wait to hear more about the book!

  6. Best of luck with the book which I'm sure will go on to be a best-seller. My Kindle is waiting for you to finish it!

  7. I love your post today. I couldn't agree more with the newbie bloggers and the "comments". This week I responded to several people and then realized when I was just about to hit send -- no address was there. Oh well. And I'll be interested to read your book. Steven Tyler I love him but, I don't follow American Idol. However, I am interested to see how this season goes with two "actual" professionals in the industry as judges.

  8. I spent a lot of years hating Aerosmith because I went to a concert of theirs and Steven Tyler was so high he could hardly sing. I only started liking them when I heard that he rehabbed and succeeded. I'd always enjoyed the music, but was so saddened by the behavior.

    Yay! A book :)

    I'm going to head on over and read the blog newbie post. I'm not, but I could use a refresher. I don't normally reply to comments, but if someone comments a few times on my blog (and they are new to me) I'll go over and read their blog and comment. If they are a regular to my blog, I already go to their place and hang out :)

  9. Thanks for the mention. :)

    I probably need to revise that post b/c I don't do those things now. LOL

  10. Check out She's about to have her second book published. Maybe she could give you some thoughts on an agent. Can't wait to hear more about it.

    Jury is still out on Steven Tyler here. He's a bit pitchy for me :)

    I'm trying to be a better blog reader. I used to be quite faithful, but lately I haven't had the time. I've got my faves, though. Like you.

    I'm desperately trying to link up my blog today for Friday Fragments, but it won't let me upload a picture. No picture, no Linky. So frustrating. Oh well, here's the link:

  11. That is terrible that you drew Minnesota! I would think out of all the cities there are, they could have left your arch rival out of the mix. If I were you, I'd definitely redraw being the loyal Packers fan that you are. What is wrong with you letting them make you cheer and promote Minnesota??? This is an OUTRAGE! Maybe you could get Packers ties for all your kids to wear while they participate!

  12. i always thought writing a book would be cool, till i heard how much time and energy it takes... maybe when i am an empty nester, if i still feel like it ;-) i wish you the best with it!

    i am glad you have discovered tyler to be interesting, i am an aerosmith fan. can't wait to see all his addition to american idol.

    my BFF lives in MN, so i know all about your rivalry ;-) i am rooting for GB in the super bowl, she just can't and is choosing the steelers, which i can't root for as an eagles fan :-(

  13. We, of course, are Vikings fans here, so it was very painful to watch that last Packers game. :(

    I laughed that you equated Steven Tyler with disturbed individuals. However, I don't think you're that far off.

  14. Oh girlllll... Steven Tyler has had my heart for a long time! I love his personality... sweetness in a rocker? Love it!

  15. I have to admit, I do like Steven Tyler on the show... I can't get over his looks though..

    Writing a book? Congratulations!

  16. I fail so miserably at responding to all my comments! I wish I could do better!

  17. That's exciting about the book! And I agree, Steven Tyler is VERY funny on Idol, he's been cracking me up. Thanks for the link with blogging tips, I need those tips! Have a great weekend!

  18. Yay for book writing! It'll be awesome :-)

    (I have to stop using "awesome" so much, I think I'm wearing it out.)

    I'm way behind in both blog reading, commenting and responding, but then I was traveling so I think I'll let myself off the hook this time ;-)

    I did see the Cooper cuteness, I watched the long version and smiled the whole way through!

  19. Good luck on your book. I have a manuscript and am in search for a literary agent. A few rejection letters have come in and I was EXCITED!

    You'll need this link,category,Nonfiction.aspx

  20. A book? I'm intrigued. I've been threatening to write one about libraries for years.

  21. Can't wait to hear more about the book!!

    I use blogger's "reactions" feature to put a "like" click box at the end of each post on my blog. :)

    I'm totally behind in blog reading this week!!

  22. I have to say I'm enjoying Steven Tyler too....he is funny and crazy too but sincere! Are you serious about a book.....that would be so exciting! Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. I don't respond to any comments. Maybe that's why there are so few!!

    Write that book, baby! I just finished writing one and think it will remain in the computer, but it was fun :)

    Steven Tyler won my heart when he kissed that girl with the brain injury. Such a sweet, thoughtful gesture.

  24. Hey Mrs 4444s,
    Happy Friday! I am way behind in commenting and reading for that matter!
    I am excited to read your book, no matter what it is about!

  25. Yay Friday!

    Best of luck with your book! I will be expecting a chance to purchase an autographed copy when it comes out. You can sign it Mrs4444 if you so desire :)

    I don't blame you for watching the FB thing. I keep meaning to do that too but sometimes I forget! Of course I don't have near as many followers as you do.

    Good luck to your Packers! I don't have a dog in this fight, so I will be enjoying the commercials and the food.

  26. I am so glad I'm not the only one that wants to hit "like" on the blog posts! I'm like you though, FB is pretty personal to me, so I can't. I want to though... Really badly. :)

  27. You little tease!!!!
    I can't wait to hear more about the book.
    And I know that you will rally around to get your class to find it within themselves to cheer for Minnesota!

  28. so glad that you have your husbands encouragment that is always great good luck with your writing

  29. You go girl...good for you!!! Before I retired I was tryin' to publish children's books then life happened and seemed my time was consumed with elder-care. I'm still at it. Let me know how it's still on my bucket list.

    God bless and have an amazing weekend sweetie!!!

  30. I can't wait to hear more about this book!

    And, good for you!

  31. I am so excited that you're writing a book! I can't wait to hear more about it.
    I like Steven Tyler too, I was really surprised by his personality.
    I recently stopped trying to be anonymous on my blog. I'm doing some paid writing jobs with my real last name so I figured it's going to get out there anyway!

  32. That would sting a little to make that for Minnesota....but not too bad right now since WE'RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL AND THEY ARE NOT!!!

  33. I keep hearing how good Steven Tyler is. I have the shows saved and have not had the time to sit still and watch them.
    So you are going to write a book...I am very excited for you...but it is not for the faint of heart (I know you are tough)! The first thing to do is join a sight called Query Tracker; seriously will save you tons of time and angst. It is free but I suggest the upgrade. The second very important thing to do is form a group of beta readers(critics) least 5 or 6 people that do not love you aka family or best friends!
    If you need any help or advice please let me know...

  34. Writing a book and that's ALL the info we get? Really? I have my fingers crossed for you - let me know if you ever need an eye to take a look.

    And Vikings? C'mon, we're awesome. I'm already feeling sorry for you for next Sunday. *mwah*

    Soooooo with that who no-reply thing, did it also talk about Captcha and Word Verification? Just askin' ;)

  35. Congrats on writing a book! That's fantastic!

    I was pleasantly surprised by Steven Tyler on AI. I *assumed* he'd be terrible but I'm enjoying him.


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