Monday, January 10, 2011

Monkey Monday

Yes, I do realize that gorillas are not considered "monkeys," but I couldn't resist using that title. 

This post is sure to make you smile.
If you prefer being cranky on Mondays, better shuffle off.

I found this photo while looking for the source of the one that follows. Isn't it funny?

Apparently, some kid accidentally dropped his game into the gorilla enclosure. 
(Doesn't look like he's gonna get it back soon.Haha)
For the source of the photo and the story, click here.

I can't remember why I stumbled upon this pic last week, but I was so glad I did.  Don't you just love it?

What's even sweeter about this photo is that, yes, it depicts the love between a mother and her child, 
but what you may not know is this pair came together through adoption.

How cool is that?
(I sent it to Yaya.)

For more of the story, read Abandoned Baby Gorilla Finds New Mom.
For more pics of Hasani and her mommy at the San Francisco zoo, click here.

Have a great Monday :)


  1. So sweet. Now that song from Tarzan is in my head..."You'll be in my Heart" by Phil Collins. Love it!

  2. Thanks for sharing this-off to read about the story and see the source. I like that first picture best--funny indeed!

  3. Thank you for these! I love chimps and gorillas. If were an animal, I would one! It's always Monkey Monday for me!

  4. Ah!! Perfect way to start a Monday with a smile! Too cute! Happy Monday!

  5. So cute!!! And I think Monkey Monday would be a great way to start every week :)


  6. That picture of Monma Monkey and baby made me say "awwww". Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for the Monday morning smile!

  8. thanks I had not heard of the story. I'm glad I followed the link too. The story is funny/interesting on many levels.
    There has been many good shows on animals that surprise me with the intelligence found within the various species.

  9. Not feeling too grumpy today (especially since we have a snow day!), so I read on! That 2nd picture is just adorable.

  10. Thanks for sharing these too cute pics. I love these happy gorillas.

  11. After a sweet post like that no one should be cranky today... not saying I was!

    Monkey Monday to you too!

  12. That was so fun!!!

    It really does look like he's playing the electronic game!

  13. I wonder if she's reading our blogs?

  14. Such sweet pics!

    I think I read that the gorilla with the electronic toy scored 358 points in computer Scrabble. Amazing.

  15. Love the mama and baby picture. So sweet....and Mama Gorilla is probably smart enough to check to make sure that the game in the Nintendo DS is rated E for everyone before giving it to baby.


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