Monday, January 17, 2011

Tech Tuesday

This is very hodge-podgy, but before I share the tech, I'm going to share the wreck that is my holiday shopping experience (first and last) with The Bradford Exchange.  As mentioned previously, I ordered three separate items for Grandma 4444's Christmas and January birthday. The first came within a week but was not of good quality and had to be returned. The second came the day before Christmas and fell apart in my hands (I returned it and have yet to receive credit). The third item, while perfectly nice, arrived the Monday after Christmas, even though I ordered in on December 13th and was promised delivery by Christmas. Today, I spent 17 minutes on hold, waiting for an operator. When she answered, I kindly told her that I think 17 minutes is an unreasonable time to wait for "Customer Service," and she assured me that was a "standard" wait time. Okay, so I guess I have to just keep waiting for my refund. I figure I will keep complaining about it here until I get some kind of satisfaction. Thanks for letting me vent!

On to the tech!

I found some new apps for the iPad/iPhone recently, and I know at least some of you will find them very useful.

Sound Note-Wonderful tool for taking notes in school, at work, etc. Records sound as you put key words on the page. Later, click on one of your key words, and it will take you directly to the place in the recording in which you wrote it. [To answer Lisleman's question, I don't have students using it yet--I'm still figuring the thing out myself! However, I am positive I'll be having kids taking notes soon and will let you know how it goes.]

2Do Tasks in Style-This is an organizer that my 5th grade nephew showed me. (Thanks, Logan!)  It's fantastic! It cost $5.99 and is worth well worth it.  [And yes, Lisleman, I am SO organized, that my posts have begun publishing themselves without my knowledge lately. It's amazing, really.]
All Recipes-Awesome. Love the graphics. It's free, but the coolest features cost money. Enter the number of servings you're going to make, and it adjusts the amounts of the ingredients automatically. Who needs math anymore?! [shhhhh! Don't tell my students!]  All Recipes also has a great website to use if you don't have need for apps. In fact, my sister Michelle made this absolutely wonderful Baked Potato Salad recntly, and I highly, highly recommend it!

Crazy, crazy, crazy busy with work/snow/life these days. Thanks for stopping by to say hi! :)


  1. You should check out Momento, which is like a digital journal of your daily activity on fb, twitter, your blog, and other rss feeds. Very cool.

  2. I have a dumbphone so I can't even have apps!

  3. Sound interesting!
    What phone are these for? I have a droid.
    One of my new favs is Shazam. You hold it up near the speaker when a song is playing and it gives you the Title, Artist, Album, and all sorts of other information. The DJ never gives the title and Artist when I love a song!

  4. If I remember you have an Ipad so I'll assume the apps are for that.
    So the Sound Note puts a marker into the recording so you can go back to it - right? How many students record lessons?
    Hmm, is the calender on your Ipad off or is your productivity so great that you are always a day ahead?

  5. Somehow I know this is not gonna be a surprise to ya'll....I do not own an Ipad!

    We had our credit card used fraudulently just before we left for Texas a couple weeks ago and had to cancel it just before the trip! Pain!!! There's a whole other story with this one...

    God bless ya and have a beautiful day. I'm off to the city to 'stock~up' on supplies...snowstorm a'comn'........

  6. Oh, gosh. Someday I'll enter the 21st century and purchase an iBook, or any other "i," for that matter. Right now, I'll have to make do with my school district's icky Dell laptop. And I have to say that I've become quite wary of shopping online. The quality isn't often there, is it?

  7. I noticed an update here and thanks for the mention. auto-publish post now that's dangerous. Hey Joanie's RR blog pointed out that weirdo in the comment is also a coward check out her post.
    Speaking of updates - I updated my blogger profile pic - what do you think?

  8. This post almost made me regret buying a Droid. Almost.

    You fancy pants iPhoners think you're all that!

    Actually, the iPhone is pretty sleek.

  9. Do you mean to tell me that I should use my phone for something other than play Angry Birds? Who knew?

  10. Thanks for the app info! I got an iPad for Christmas and so now I'm very interested in all of the apps out there. I'll definitely be checking some of these out. Thanks again!


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