Thursday, February 24, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #135

Welcome to Friday Fragments, the perfect post for unloading your muddled mind before enjoying an empty-headed weekend!  I've got plenty for you this week-Thanks for stopping by. (Please click on the tab above to learn more.)

***Free/Family/Fun Fragment:  Tonight, my Difference Makers and I volunteered at a "moonlight" snowshoe/cross-country ski event at one of our district's grade schools. It was organized by a few dedicated teachers who just wanted to encourage families to do something fun together. Everyone had a lot of fun, and the weather was beautiful.  I just love my school district; it's a gem, I tell you.

***Kendall's in her high school's musical this weekend. (She's a wife in The King and I.) We're taking the grandmas to the show tomorrow night. It should be nice, but my favorite part will be not staying after school to pick Kendall up after rehearsals :)  Next up:  Solo & Ensemble, which I LOVE.

***Before we went to the snowshoe event (it didn't start until 6pm), the Difference Makers kids made a huge banner that reads, "Teach and You Touch a Life Forever."  The students plan to hand out pastel-colored paper hearts on which they will ask kids to write message about teachers who have made a difference in their lives. They'll put the hearts on the banner and hang it in the lunchroom. Nice, huh?

***An incredibly wonderful thing happened to me this morning, but it's too wonderful for a tiny little fragment, so I plan to write about it Monday. Sorry, you'll have to remain in suspense.

***Another excellent thing that happened to me this week came in the form of a critical email I received from someone I barely know.   I had called him out for being insensitive when he sent a teacher-bashing email to his entire address book without thinking about who he might be sending it to. (He didn't realize I'm a teacher.)  He replied with a close-minded rant and followed it up with this message, in it's very own email:

"I really don't like mispellings. I mispelled personally in my email. You mispelled judgment and acknowledgement. You might want to use SpellCheck before sending emails."

Do you see why I found this criticism amusing?  I replied with,

"LOL, Steve!! It's misspell, but don't worry; I know plenty of very smart people who don't use spellcheck on their emails. Those two get me every time! :)"  He didn't reply.haha

Okay, that's enough from me! Link up your own fragments below, and have a fragtastic weekend :)


  1. Steve might want to check his attitude before sending emails, but I guess most email programs don't come with attitude check.

  2. The NERVE of that Steve. get a life dude! and now I wanna know about your incredibly good news!!

  3. Steve sounds like a DOUCHE.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

  4. A incredibly wonderful teacher should get some wonderful. I'll be waiting for the Monday news.

    Thanks again for hosting this.

  5. I love Unknown Mami's comment.
    I hate suspense! Can't wait to read what happened to you.
    I love, love, LOVE the banner idea. How thoughtful!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. What is Steves email? Let me have a shot at him!

    I'm glad you had something wonderful happen. Can't wait to read about it!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Wow, sounds like a great week. Ummm, Steve has some issues - and that part of your post made me laugh out loud (especially is correction at the end about spelling). Sometimes, I think "really" when people do really stupid things. Wow! I am looking forward to Monday's post. And hope Kendall's performance goes well. Sorry, I haven't participated recently been busy with work and not enough time to post and today computer difficulties. Hopefully, I can post up for Saturday. Have a fabulous Friday!

  8. I hear you on being transport weary! Volleyball, track, theater, tutoring...When I win the lottery, I'm SO hiring a driver.

    The Steve thing? Priceless!

  9. LOL.. I have received many emails at work from people that don't use their spellcheck. I often wonder if they even have it activated. The worst is receiving a resume filled with spelling errors.. I put them in the 'later' pile..

  10. Good for Kendall to participate in school activities. I hope she has so much fun in the musical.
    The Difference Makers have always interested me. What a great idea. I hope lots of schools across the country do more things like the banner and the hearts. Why does the negative and hateful events get so much coverage when there are loving, kind, and encouraging things happening in schools. The guy Steve is typical of the misled people who spew the idiot stew they continue to chew.

  11. Wow. Steve has some issues.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Don't you love it when someone gets all self-righteous about spelling and grammar, then makes an elementary mistake himself? What a tool!

  13. Sounds like Steve can dish it out but he can't take it. I hate that. Good for you for standing up. :-)

    I used to see a LOT of parental craziness at the library. I never really understood the whole "my child has too many other things going on so I'll do their homework for them" concept. There IS a reason I'm a librarian not a teacher.

  14. So many emotional ups and downs for you lately! Whew!

    I remember the good old days of Solo & Ensemble...

  15. Some people feel we are all entitled to their opinions.

    The idea of the banner with students' comments gets me choked up. I'd love to hear more about it!!

  16. Have a wonderful time at Kendall's musical. What a great way to spend the weekend!

    I love it when, in an offended rage, people send out an offensive email and then.....have egg on their face.

    I often mispell misspell! ;)

  17. With all the chaos in your life the last thing ya need is nasty email. Booger~bite!!!

    I'm so happy you have had some woo~hoo moments this past week. I can't wait to see what's goin' on.

    Enjoy your weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  18. Break a leg Kendall!

    That banner sounds awesome and I am glad that you had the final word with Steve!

  19. I miss the days of high schools musicals and plays. They can be so much fun.
    Who sends bashing emails to everyone in their address book anyway? He sounds like a perfect jerk. Glad you said something to him about it.

  20. I tagged you in a book meme ... an interesting chance to share what you're reading with the blogosphere. It was meant as a compliment, but don't feel obligated ;-)

  21. Sam is in Oklahoma! and lordy, will I be glad when practices are over! One more week and then her performs all wekk-a different sort of headache. Funny, we are also in solo/ensemble week here, Sam goes to play his solo on tuesday!

    I misspell a lot of things when I email and when I am emailing from my personal address? I NEVER use spellcheck. And I am very smart. :)

  22. "The King and I" is one of my favorite musicals! That is a very nice banner idea!

  23. I so love the "King and I" break a leg Kendall!
    I think Steve is an idiot. I also think I can be an idiot with spelling sometimes (but I have a brain injury excuse) so I would never be nervy enough to tell someone else especially in rant form.
    Isn't Rebecca's Make a Wish idea fantastic? Thank you for participating.
    I shall be in suspense did you say Monday?
    Have a peaceful weekend.


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