Friday, February 4, 2011

Like AMVETS, Girl Scouts, and PTA (Only Much, Much Better)

This week, I've found myself swept up in the wave that is Packer Pride. I've worn my green and gold so much that I'm almost (almost) sick of it, played inspiring videos repeatedly, and found myself almost skipping with excitement over the upcoming game. Yes, we're all excited that the Packers have done so well this season, but today, I realized that that there's a lot more to it than championships.

Cheering for The Pack makes you part of a club that everyone and anyone can belong to.  You don't need to be popular, a certain age, or wealthy.  Membership to this club is not exclusive at all, yet you are part of a special group if you belong. You need not complete an application, put in a certain number of hours, or be voted in. In fact, you can't be voted out! Many, in fact, are born into this club, and once you're in, you're in until the day you die. (Of course, if you voluntarily give up your membership, you will be ostracized, but that's a different post.)

Special club uniforms are not necessary; you can go all out and spend all the money you want to show your spirit, or you can simply wear green or gold and feel like a superstar. Heck, some wear very little at all at club meetings, and they get put on television! [Contrary to popular belief, cheese hats are not a required club attire, nor do most members own them.]

There are no dues or joiner fees in the "club" of Packers fans. You don't have to sell magazines or cookie dough to maintain your membership.  You can be without a nickel in your pocket and still know that you are as important a member as anyone with box seats, wearing Pro-Shop finery.

You don't need to take an oath or recite a pledge; all you need to know is any one of many club cheers, such as "Go-Pack-Go!" or "The Bears Still S--k!" (sorry, Melisa!) to be welcomed with open arms at any club gathering, even if you don't know a soul there. (Creative Packers chants are also welcome!) There is no secret handshake (but there are lots of high fives.)  There is no initiation (except maybe the eating of a brat, with cold frosty brew on the side).

In this club, you don't have to hold any officer positions, take notes, pay dues, or earn badges. In fact, you have no responsibilities whatsoever during meetings (unless, of course, you want to have a "meeting" at your house on game day :)

Speaking of meetings, they're held once a week, but you can attend from home, from the comfort of your living room. Sometimes, the meetings get boring, but you can fast-forward through those parts!  You can also jump up and shout/scream/cry/swear in the middle of the meeting, and no one will fault you or fine you. (All bets are off at the stadium, though; keep it clean, folks!) Not at home? You can even grocery/clothes/Christmas shop while attending a meeting (they pipe it through the intercoms at all of our local stores!)  One of the best parts? Early-morning meetings are unheard of.

Club meeting are also held pretty much everywhere in the country, and even in many foreign countries. (Walk through an airport in Packers fan gear, and you'll make instant friends.)

No, you don't really get to march in parades or ride around in cool little cars as members of this club, but you do get to parade around your house as much as you want. 

Oh, every now and then, you might become frustrated with the club; you might wonder what the heck the club leaders are thinking, and you'll question their decision-making skills.  During rough patches, you might even wonder (just for a split second) why you joined, but you will never, ever dream of giving up your membership.

Yes, the meetings are long (about three hours, with a break in the middle), and every now and then they get dull, but that's the perfect time to eat and use the restroom. And yes, sometimes the meetings are COLD, but that is part of the fun!

Besides, especially lately....Packers fans' hearts are warm :)

Yes, I have a lifetime membership, and there's plenty of room for more (especially this weekend). Please join us for this week's meeting, on Sunday, at 5:25 Central Time. Hope to see you there! :)

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  1. Awesome. Will link up this post on FB for all my Packer-fan friends. I don't really care who wins on Sunday, but so many people I know are Packer fans that the green and gold get my vote.

  2. If the Vikings can't go this year then GO PACK!

  3. Sports are a great way to help people bond and foster community spirit. Well worth encouraging.

  4. This is a great encouragement in a lot of ways. Good for you to come up with it. Your positive attitude is catchy. I hope your weekend is so much fun for all of you.

  5. Very well put! I will be part of the meeting on Sunday rooting for your team! Mostly because "my meetings" are done for the season :)

  6. I'll be cheering for them with you! I am usually all for the Steelers, but I can't help but root for the Packers in this one.

  7. I would love to share this post on FB but...most of my friends are Steelers fans and they might strangle me with their Terrible Towels.

    I love brats and cheese. Can I be a secret member? I can't tell my husband though. He's for the other guys.

  8. Snuggle Wasteland, you are in! Just wear green or gold underwear tomorrow; no one will be the wiser!haha :)

  9. So well put! I have been feeling the same way this week! It is so much fun to have something so exciting going on this time of year! No other color but green seemed the right thing to wear this week! And it was neat to see so many people sharing in the fun (club!)

  10. Well put, Sweetpea! I especially loved the "wear your Packer gear going through the airport" part. I have seen Packer gear all over the country and Badger sweatshirts all over the world. I immediately want to yell, "Where are you from?"

    You'll always get a grin and a high five.

  11. Not to mentions the best commercials in the land! Yep, I'll be there curled up with my book just waitin' for the next great advertisement!

    ....but I will be thinkin' of your girl! Heeehehe!!! I can hear ya now!

    God bless and have a blast!!!

  12. I don't think you want me to cheer for the Packers...every team I've wanted to win the playoffs has lost. Can't wait to see what you & your family do for a finale if the Packers win! :D

  13. The comment about finding club members all over the world really struck a cord. My husband and I were at Disney once when he yelled out, "O-H" and we got a resounding, "I-O"!

  14. I hope I am in your shoes next year. Since the Steelers beat my Jets, The Boy and I are Packer fans for the next 48 hours :)

  15. I am sooooo in this club! I can't wait....

  16. although I have no ties to football whatsoever, I loved the post...


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