Friday, February 18, 2011

My Fragment Cup Runneth Over

I simply cannot let the crap flying around the internet go without reply.  I'm not going to state opinions here--I'm only going to give you facts, so that you can avoid being brainwashed by the media in either direction. Here are the extra fragments that I simply must release before I lose my mind...

***Okay, so I quit Facebook, but I wasn't smart enough to avoid Talk Radio (Yeah, I know, I know) so I heard some absolute bullshit tonight and just have to refute it. Any peabrain can google Wisconsin teacher salaries and learn that contrary to what one talk show host reported over and over today, the average teacher salary in Wisconsin is NOT $90,000; it's about half that.  I have never complained about my salary.

***Does anyone know of a single teacher in this world who is allowed to take a student on a field trip without parental permission? Do you think the students who attended the rallies in Madison this week were dragged? Tricked? Please. Madison is the most liberal city in Wisconsin; any student at that rally was there with the 100% support of his/her democrat parent.

***It is a fact that all Wisconsin teachers do not object to increasing their contributions to their pensions or healthcare benefits. Some teachers, in fact, wholeheartedly support education reform in Wisconsin.  I know--Shocking, right? If you thought all teachers supported keeping crappy teachers in their jobs, I'm happy to report that's not the case.

Are you a retail worker? Doctor? Waitress? Plumber?  Does that mean you represent ALL people with the same job/career?  I'm an individual. Average Joe/Jane has no idea how hard I work (or don't work), whether I support (or don't support) this bill, or what I think of the teachers union. PLEASE refute overgeneralizations about Wisconsin "teachers" (or any teachers, for that matter) when you hear people spouting off.

You may be glad (or up in arms) that I got a massage today. Could I afford it financially? No. It was an investment in my mental health, and so was this post, so thanks for reading.


  1. We must have heard the same talk radio host. I just laughed out loud when I heard that, also, he stated you only work 9 months for that, lol...anyway, hope you feel less stressed, this too shall pass:) Have a nice weekend...Lisa

  2. Very informative. I believed the 100,000 salary I read in Drudge Report.

    And I get your point: that you're an individual.

    I do take note of the thousands of teachers -- supposedly looking out for our children's educations -- striking, though.

    Too often, teachers and unions are looking out for themselves, not the kids. And that's what I gather from Wisconsin's hi-jinx.

  3. I hate that you're having to deal with this. The good teachers don't deserve this.
    You totally deserve that massage, and many more!

  4. Lord almighty...I wish I made six figures as a teacher. No where close and I'm a 20 year veteran. if there's a district paying $90K, I'll head there tomorrow.

  5. Like teaching isn't difficult enough without all this to deal with. I'm so sorry for you.

    God bless and I pray that 'someone' will come to their senses.

    I watched the National News tonight...{{{SIGH}}}

  6. Once, when there was a big political attack on teaching going on here in Australia, and teachers were campaigning for a fair deal, my mum tracked the amount of work she did for a while so she could write to the NSW education minister with some home truths.

    She was a high school English and History teacher and it turned out that she was working a 70 hour week. I have never underestimated the amount of work that teachers do - or how poorly they are paid!

  7. My take on this from news reports - Republicans took control of WI and decided that along with making some strong budget changes their would take advantage of the situation and cancel collective bargaining rights for government workers. I always thought Republicans hate unions so that's not surprising to me. Makes me wonder if some of them are against any public education. I also understand that some changes are acceptable and people are upset because there is no negotiation of the changes.

    Also, if I read between the lines you are bothered because of the slanderous words being thrown at all WI teachers.

    Please straighten me out on my understanding. I believe everyone should be able to negotiate. I also believe everyone should respect each other.

    Hope this settles in a way that's acceptable to you. Please keep teaching.

  8. So. I just love you.

    And good for you for doing things that invest in your mental health. Good self care is important, especially in the midst of stress.

    Did I mention that I love you?

    Oh yeah, and I never for one second would have believed that teachers in Wisconsin are making $90,000.

  9. schools everywhere are getting the axe. it's sad because the no child left behind act is supposed to FUND schools so they can do the job of educating our children....but that act has failed the very children it was written for.

  10. It's sad what has happened to the school system today. I am on my daughter's School Advisory Council committee and it's shocking to hear about what the government is doing to education. The standards that they set for each school getting the money they need. Every year the sub group percentages going up and the funding going down. Before long our tax dollars that are allotted for education will go to fill those school board higher ups pockets.
    Teachers don't do their job because of the pay, they do it because they love to educate. At least that is what I'm told from the many friends that do teach.

  11. I have been tentatively following this. I remembered one moment you were on my FB feed and the next you weren't. I hope you are doing alright, and I will be thinking good thoughts for you-- Remember you have my contact info if you need to vent. HOW FRUSTRATING is this situation. And honestly, DISAPPOINTING, too.

    Big hugs.

  12. ok, so I looked for you Friday night on nightline.. did you were pink and was that the back of your head???


  13. Doesn't it feel really good to be in a position to share facts, truths, actual information on your blog? Why do so many people believe what is sent in email and disguised at truth? Or on the TV? Glad you had a massage. I know you deserve it.

  14. I don't know why anyone would take issue with a spontaneous strike on this. How else can your voices be heard?

    BTW, given that you're bringing in the big bucks, could you make me a loan?

  15. I'm sorry that things are lousy right now! I hope it all works out for the best (whatever that is...) I worked at one hospital where all the nurses were in a union--it always made me nervous. Thankfully there was no major issue while I worked there.
    I hope the massage holds you for a long time!! :)

  16. I really, really love this blog. Your comments prove to me that there are sane people out there who can see both sides of the issue and don't have to attack either one. I am so afraid to say anything publicly, for fear of being attacked verbally, and yet my heart is aching. To think that I have to go against my nature and swallow my emotions all day next week (and for the rest of the year) is very unsettling.

    Thank you so much for showing people that you can support someone, validate their feelings, without necessarily agreeing with them. This is not a black or white issue.

  17. Way back when I was a senior in high school, I had a fleeting (that year only) desire to go to college and become a teacher. Thirty two years later, when I was in my first semester in college, I attended a special meeting at our school. Knowing it was going to be a long wait till the topic of interest to me would be discussed and because I had tons of reading to do for my classes then, I took one of my textbooks with me and a lady sitting near me asked if I was going to become a teacher. My response to her was "Heavens, NO! The thought of dealing with 25-30 children as bad if not much worse than my own children, was not high on my list of things I'd like to do." I said that partially in jest but more in truth than anything. It really wasn't so much the kids I didn't want to cope with but rather the parents who don't want you to do this, that or some other things to try to keep their kids in line. Teaching has been one of the last professions to come in line, somewhat, to what other people earn. (Probably because for many years, most teachers were women and of course, that alone is enough to have them paid less for their efforts, isn't it?) Sure there are some teachers who aren't very good and who should find another profession but many, many teachers are really terrific and often can be found in the evening, working at home on things for their classes. To anyone who thinks being a teacher is a overpaid job and a walk in the park, should switch careers and try it for a day or two and maybe, just maybe, learn a bit of respect in the process for the work the majority of these individuals perform. Might just give them the shock of their lives,wouldn't it?

  18. It is so difficult to be diplomatic
    in times like this. You did a good job of stating some facts. The emotion you are feeling for this political situation and all the negative balderdash stems from the fact that you are equally passionate in delivering quality education to children. Endure!
    So how was that massage? We have a midwinter break this week and guess what? Tomorrow I am taking a 'spa day' and will get a massage too!

  19. I, for one, am totally glad you got a massage!


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