Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rants and Raves Wednesday

It's been a long time since I ranted and raved, and since I have some stuff to bitch about share, I'm joining in this week!

*RAVE--I love the photos in my new header, but my favorite is actually one that I did not take. My friend Camille took it from her back porch one morning. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Thanks, Camille, for letting me borrow the shot, but also for touching my heart with it in a way that makes winter seem very gentle.

*RANT--This probably stems from my days as a loyal McDonald's employee, but it drives me nuts when I ask specifically for "one ketchup, please," and I get a fist-full of them at the window. It partly ticks me off because I know employees are trained to give one packet of ketchup (and one sauce thingy, for a 6-piece nugget) and obviously, they don't care. This bothers me, because I feel for the business-owner side of it. I mean, think about it---McDonald's probably spends twice what it needs to on ketchup and sauces because minions hand it out like it's free.  Yes, I know McDonald's can afford it, but that's beside the point. The second reason this bothers me is that I hate wasting things, and I hate wasting money.  It's against my conscience to throw the ketchup away, so therefore, I end up with a glove box full of ketchup!

Not-so-surprisingly, when researching this topic (Stop laughing. Yes, Lisleman does inspire me with his research examples), I found Jason's Blog McDonald's Rant about the opposite complaint--Not enough packets!haha

RAVE--This is so cool! Last week, in Green Bay, the Visitor & Convention Bureau sponsored a "Mystery Man" contest. Find the Mystery Man (wandering around town), and you'd win a package including two tickets to the Super Bowl. Read Homeless Couple Wins Free Super Bowl Tickets. This package is valued at $25,000. It will be interesting to see what the winners do with the tickets. Tough call--Put a roof over our heads and eat for ten years, or see the Packers play in the SuperBowl? Decisions...decisions....

RANT-I noticed creases in my earlobes this weekend. Yes, I'm serious. I spent a long while researching what it means, and so far, all it really means is that I'm getting wrinkly. Damn. Guess I should listen to my Re-Thinking Wrinkles audio post again, so that I could turn this into a RAVE.

RAVE--My spec ed department recently purchased a Livescribe Echo pen for me to use. I'm having fun figuring out how to use it. Yet another technology tool that I can't explain, except to say, "I think it's magic!"

RANT-"Nothing gets the party going like McNuggets." Really? When is the last time you were at a Super Bowl party and said to yourself, "Hm. There's nothing good to eat here. What this party really needs is some McNuggets!" So, yeah, the commercial is silly, but yes, it did cause me to go buy some nuggets for lunch today (where, yes, I received not one, but TWO sauce thingies, and from a manager, no less.)

RAVE-I've got three contacts now for a lesson I'm working on that relates to global awareness.  I'm getting excited about it, and I would love to have more contacts. If you have any connections to middle schoolers in other countries, I would be very happy to hear from you.

Ranting and Raving is very satisfying; I highly recommend it!

[Update: LittleMsBlogger doesn't appear to be ranting and raving these days, but I still want to credit her for the post!]


  1. I love that photo; it's so peaceful.

  2. Love your rants and raves.

    I understand about the ketchup!

  3. I haven't even read your whole post but I felt the need to comment with my knowledge of useLESS triva. You can freeze the packets of ketchup and use them as mini ice packs. I just heard this on some talk show the other day!
    *thank god I can comment anonymously!

  4. The photo is great. I have started taking some pictures here of early morning skies through the trees. It is so satisfying.

  5. I love the photo. It doesn't matter where the photos come from; if it's meaninful and beautiful to the eyes, it's a good thing to share!

    Love your Rants & Raves. I'm afraid my sarcasm would get the best of me if I tried to put my thoughts into a post like this!

    Great job! I always love to read your posts!

  6. Love the R&R today! When we lived in Germany condiments were not free even at McDonald's. Butter on tables or jelly packets heck no....all extra charge! Pissed me off at first but really after awhile it made sense on waste. My Grandma used to have a purse full of S&P, ketchup you name...I laugh now but as a kid I thought she was crazy! Now my Mom is that way..she has a purse full of Airplane snacks! Stay warm!

  7. Beautiful pictures.

    I just can't do McDonald's nuggets...something about the fact that they really don't taste like chicken.

    Are you having a big super bowl party?

  8. What a creative Rant and Rave! Never thought of McDonalds???

  9. I do love that picture. Love your header, and how you change it up every season now.

    Rants and Raves! Love it! I may have to join you.

    The folks at McD's always look at me like I am crazy because I always so "no sauce please". My kids prefer their McNuggets plain. Personally I would prefer we go to Chick-fil-a for nuggets!

  10. Great ranting and raving! I, too get frustrated with the McD employees but not because they give me too much but like, Jason, they never give me enough! I'm a ketchup fool though.

    Um, Mrs. Fours...didn't you know that it isn't the super bowl WITHOUT mcnuggets???? haha! :)

  11. That's just one of the things I love about never hold back baby!!! Heeeehehehe!!! Love both your rants and raves.

    God bless and have a beautiful day sweetie!!!

  12. I sure can relate! One time I called a Dunkin Donuts and told the mgr that even though I only asked for one cream and sugar for my coffe in the bag with donuts I was given tons! She thanked me...
    BTW. According to Michael Pollen- there is BHUTANE in the coating of those nuggets. Yikes!

  13. Maybe you and Jason McNugget should hook up?

  14. I always ask for extra sauce packets...but if I end up with more than I needed, I save them, and they do get used.

    It annoys me when I order a salad at a fast food restaurant and ask for an extra salad dressing pack and they make me pay 75 cents for it.

  15. That Livescribe pen is the best tool I've been given in a long time. It's particularly helpful when dealing with such home-related (vs. work-related) issues such as, oh, the PTA and the school board. The best part? When someone tries to deny having said something.


  16. My only McDonalds rant is that although I may go there too often, I don't appreciate that the morning employees appear to recognize me and know my order ahead of time. I really am all about anonymity when it comes to my bad habits.

  17. Love the picture.

    Can we still be friends if I say GO Steelers?

    *ducks and runs*


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