Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #137

Mr.4444 is so funny. On Friday night, I was working late, and I emailed him that I was working on completing something for a 4:30pm deadline. He replied with,

So I take it a fancy dinner is out of the question? I will try and shoot some squirrels before it gets dark.

See this little cutie?

She's my great niece (granddaughter of my sister Geri). I loved this Facebook status update from her mom, Jennifer,

Hannah was cleaning her room and came out to tell me she was finished. I asked, "Are you ready for me to inspect?" She said, "Yes...wait. When you inspect, do you look under the bed?"

If you like inspiring documentaries about inner city kids, I recommend checking out City Lax, the Movie.

Or, if you prefer cute videos of Wisconsin folks making fools of themselves in public, check this one out.

How well do you handle stress? I'm sort of embarrassed to say that I've never known true stress until this past month of political drama in Wisconsin, and I must say, I do not like it!  My face hurts from clenching my jaw on a regular basis. My heart aches for those of you who live this kind of stress all the time. As bad as this is for me, I know it's a drop in the bucket for some people.

The previous fragment aside, I learned this week that I'll have a job next year. Still waiting on word about my salary and benefits.

Call me a geek, but I wanted to learn more about the nuclear reactor situation in Japan, and I found this very simple video on Free Tech for Teachers, Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Problem Explained. It could have also been named, Nuclear Reactors for Dummies. Interesting.

Kendall's 16th birthday is coming up in April. We'd like to do something special, but we need to keep it reasonable. Any suggestions?

You may know that I've given up negative comments for Lent. (Guess I'll be doing some penance tonight, but it was worth it. :)

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  1. Wow, can't believe this fragging girl was actually first today... so glad to hear that you'll have a job next year... our teachers here got their notices pushed back a full month to April and the probationary and 1 and 2 year teachers have to wait until May!

  2. you mean negative comments in real life? Because you always leave nice comments on blogs.
    I guess your great niece thought the area under the bed was just general storage for anything. I still do.
    thanks for the FF feature.

  3. Good to hear about your job...fingers crossed for the salary & benefits, All of our girls sweet 16's have been at home parties, with some catered food and
    themed was hard to compete with some of the over the top stuff happening with friends. But...our parties got rave reviews, email me if you want ideas for stay at homes!

  4. I wish I had a cookie in the house because I really wanted to try to get the cookie from my forehead to my mouth LOL That was SO funny! Maybe we can do that at our next potluck gathering.

    I had a waterbed for so long that I never even think about putting stuff under the bed anymore. Your greatniece is a hoot, I bet.

    I grind my teeth when I'm stressed and I wake up with my body even more knotted than when I went to bed. Stress is no good. I hope you release your stress and don't let it stay inside you.


  5. How was your squirrel dinner? Did you eat it on a stick? ;-)

    I don't think I handle stress very well. My shoulders get really tight and tense, I clench my jaw and sleep all wadded up in a ball. Not good.

    Glad to hear you still have your job next year!

  6. Ha! My kids try the under the bed trick for cleaning, too. One of my sons even tried telling me the area under his bed was "his garage". A sad reflection of the state of our real car garage!

  7. Your grand-niece is a doll! I love red dresses!

    So glad you have a job next year! I feel lucky to have one, too! We lost a counselor and one or two elective teachers.

    I used to grind my teeth at night when stressed. Now I just get it in my shoulders and lower back. Deep breathing and meditation help me out nowadays!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Praise the Lord for a definite job for next year.....I hope the rest of it works out as well. Scary.

    Thank you for the link about th nuclear reactor. I'm going to watch that tonight.

    Love that facebook status. So cute.

    When I turned 16, I had a very "grown up" afternoon tea with some of my best girlfriends. My mom's friend made all the food, and we used mom's good was really special and fun. Not as expensive of a party as what a lot of my friends did (not by a long shot!!) but it was a big hit!

  9. It must be "post a video" week on Friday Fragments. You did, I did, The Goat did.

    So glad to hear about your job. We've had our own share of drama in politics lately. I'm ready to help my representative un-find his seat in the Indiana statehouse.

    Special celebration for 16? Rent a limo and take friends to dinner? Scavenger hunt w/16 things to find? Let me know what you decide -- I"m only 2 years from that milestone in our house.

  10. I hope your stress level will be able to go down soon. I think some nice squirrel stew and a red wine...or do you serve white wine with squirrel?

    Is Kendall too old for Chuck E. Cheese? (hahaha!!) I say find her a ukulele!

    I've been a news junkie about Fukushima with friends in the country. When I first learned about Chernobyl I read for days and days. Lets hope this is no where near that!!

  11. I might have to step up my negative comments to make up for the ones you are not making. I'm willing to take on the extra burden.

  12. Mr 4444 has a way with words. He's a wise man to inject some humor into your day.

    I'd make a fool of myself too for a fresh, warm chocolate chip cookie....or eight.

    God bless all of you in Wisconsin. I sure hope things all work out.

    Well, you know Kendall better than anyone. My thoughts would be something geared towards her favorite thing of interest. I'm assuming it will be a surprise.

  13. Hannah sounds just like my Elayna!
    I'm very glad you have a job next year, and I hope your salary & benefits are safe too.
    Have a great weekend!
    P.S. I PROMISE I am not making this word verification is "INSANE"!

  14. 'Grats on having a job next year. Still waiting to find out if I will...probably won't know until this summer and they are trying to take our Master's and National Board Pay away...'cause we teachers in the South make so much... without it, my kids might qualify for F&R Lunch!

    *vent over* :) I do know that my principal wants me back and will do all he can to keep me.

  15. How well do I handle stress? Some days better than others.. Thank goodness I'm not a "Stress" Eater or I'd be the size of a house!

  16. Mr. 4444's a crack up...
    Congrats on a job for next year!
    I handle stress the same way!
    Sweet 16 I say a house party! or road trip somewhere fun!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Yay for the job!!!

    Hope the squirrels cooked up nicely :)

    We had Lydia's party last week. 63 kids in our house. They ate minimal food, enjoyed the $50 sno cone machine rental, played Dance Dance on the Wii, played ping pong, and would have stayed all night if allowed. We spent maybe $200 total and she was the most popular girl in town for a day or so. Afterward we may have had to pick up 30 cups. Nice, respectful kids.

  18. I am very glad you will have a job next year!! Mr. 4444's is so funny, did he catch you some squirrel??

    stress is ugly, no matter how you slice it. but i am so thankful that there are people like you who recognize that our perspective is ours... and it may not always measure up to other peoples. i enjoy your blog quite a bit!

  19. Was Mr 4444 home before you were and if so, did he start dinner? Aren't you glad he brings laughter to your relationship? His funny quips are so fun.

    We watched the video about the cookie on the forehead. That was fun. Personally I like games like that.

    Glad you have been told you do have a job next year.

  20. Hannah is adorable! And sounds like my kids! Josiah finally learned to ask if I was wanting MY definition of clean or if his was okay this time!

    I always feel stress in my neck and shoulders! Not good! Hope you are able to relax soon.

  21. How lucky you've never dealt with stress. I'm horrible at it, and it probably wouldn't be so bad for me, but I take everything so terribly!

    Kids are so funny!! I made my kids clean their room yesterday. My daughter's excuse: cleaning makes her soooo tired. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  22. One of my teacher friends linked to this today on facebook and I thought I would pass it along to you.

  23. back again - I just watched the best explanation of Japan's nuclear tragedy. It was made by someone in Japan so you need to read the subtitles but it's very easy to follow - uses cartoons. (oh - not suggested before dinner)

    thanks for linking that other one too.

  24. Stress??? Heeehehhe...are you kiddin'? I'm type~A, perfectionist and just a bit hyper. 'Nuff said...

    God bless ya and have a beautiful weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  25. Thanks for the nuke link. Glad you have a job next year.

  26. First off, congrats on job confirmation. My mom was a teacher and I have the highest respect for our educators.

    Secondly, your hubbie is funny. My husband has a very similar sense of humor.

    your grand-niece is lovely and obviously pretty witty herself.


  27. Your great niece is a DOLL!

    Wow - no negative comments? Good for you.
    That would be a tough one for me - I mean, none at all... but maybe it becomes easier if one gets into the habit.

  28. I have been absent way too long!

    I have missed you!

  29. Your great niece is beautiful. I am trying to figure out which fragment was negative. If you are stressed or worried; the outcome of your stress and worry will never change. It is a waste of time. Those words were like magic to me.
    16th Birthday's are soooo exciting. I surprised my youngest daughter with Chuckie Cheese. She had once made a comment that she wished they had one when she was little. Surprisingly it was a huge hit with her and her friends.
    Have a peaceful weekend.

  30. Great news about your job and my fingers are crossed for your salary and benefits. Wisc. has been all over the new in Los Angeles-- I yiyi, what a mess.

    Love the inspection under the bed question. And your niece is adorable.

    Have a great weekend, jj

  31. You have a negative comment? I can't believe it :-)

    Congrats on still having a job.

    Your niece is beautiful!

    Have a great Sunday- yes, I'm late!


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