Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heard in the Classroom

Just a few 6th grade classroom tidbits for today...

"Mrs.4444? If I'm done, I'm not done, what should I do?"  (Yes, this was an actual question.)

"Mrs.4444, guess what?! Whenever I wear my new glasses, everything looks like it's in HD!"
Logic would follow that he would wear them on a regular basis, right? Nope. (I guess he prefers to live in 2D.)
Earlier this year,  a freckle-faced 6th grader randomly offered, "I'm pretty sure I get my stubbornness from my grandpa. Yup. He doesn't even go to the dentist if he needs a tooth pulled--He just goes out in the garage and does it himself.  It's a good thing he has fake teeth now."  Yes, I'd say so!
Today's gem-of-the-week came after I casually asked a student if his mom was still getting married (it was a whirlwind romance, and there was some talk of his moving away). He replied that the wedding is off; "Her fiancé left her," he said, which is kind of funny, since the fiancé is in jail (and has been, all along).  How do you get left by an inmate? (Talk about harsh!)
Have a funny Wednesday :)


  1. I would think that kid with the glasses would like to see better enough to wear them. The kid's grandfather sounds like a real character!

  2. Yeah, left by an inmate. That's cold! But pretty funny. I hope she'll be able to appreciate the up side of that!

  3. These are great, I can't even pick a favorite!
    I am perplexed about the inmate situation too. Maybe he escaped?!

  4. Heehehehe!!! These were quite entertainin'! Art Linkletter ( I realize that your way to young to remember this show) was correct when he said, "Kids Say The Darnedest Things!"

    Outta the mouths of babes!

    God bless and have a terrifically fun day! :o)

  5. Book material is staring at you. You can't make this stuff up.

  6. I guess nothing like a little jail time to make the heart beat faster.

  7. I've heard that teachers know a whooooole lot more about families than moms and dads think that they do. I can only imagine the things that my ten year old might say, even with our fairly boring household.

    So what should they do if they are done and not done? :)

  8. Today in my classroom one of my 4th graders called a kindergartener a dying hamster like it was some major insult. It was all I could not to burst out laughing when he told me what he said.

  9. I remember in second grade I was pretty proud that I had kept up with the class and was one of the first in the group to finish some work. I put my pencil done and said I was through. The nun gave such a hard time, kept saying what, you threw it away? She was trying to teach me to use the word "finished" and I have never forgotten that.

  10. I love whne you posts these!


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