Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sundays in A Michigan City

Mr.4444 and I took a ride to Michigan yesterday, where we visited friends and went to a local tavern for pizza (It was fantastic, btw). A stranger in a not-so-strange (to me, anyway) land, I noticed some things that made the tavern typical of a Michigan/Wisconsin tavern, and I took photos to illustrate my point.

First, this video game, which I would suspect would not be found in bars in many cities...

This sign, found hanging on the bathroom mirror, 
tells you what time of year it is, as well as a little about the culture...

Right next to it is a way to make the best of it...

(I love smelt, btw!!)

This one offers hope...

I just want to remind you that, of course, the people of Michigan do a lot more than drink and fish. 
This is just a snapshot of a tavern. (Only a small number of Mighiganders were present.haha).

For scenes from cultures all over the world, visit Unknown Mami's place today!


  1. So where were you? I didn't spot you there because I was out smelting. (Not really. Pretend I was listening to opera on the radio.) LOL

  2. I love it. Even if all they did was drink and fish, I'd still love it.

  3. Ann--Love your comment!haha


    U.M. It has a certain appeal, doesn't it?

  4. Sorry for yalls cold weather but funny signs to laugh about :)

  5. I will Smelt then drink about 20 Spiced Rum... i need it! Thanks for the laugh!

  6. That's one of the quaint things about local places. They have their own special niche in the community that makes them unique.

    Love how you think "blog" when you see things like this. Like the rest of us.

  7. Stopping by from Unknown Mami...

    This New Yorker loved the drink prices but I had to google "smelt". In my defense I'm not a big fish eater :)

  8. After the kind of winter Michigan had, I'd be drinking too :-)
    Happy SIMC, jj

  9. They drink fish and Hunt!! Love Michigan...lived there my Sophomore year of HS such fond memories! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

  10. We Trolls really do think that's what all the Yoopers do. (P.S. Sorry Ann in the U.P.!)

  11. I am a yankee by birth. However, I don't know what "smelt" is. Guess there's not much yankee left in me anymore. I've lived in the south now for 26 years. I wonder if any yankees know what grits are and what is the best way to eat them though. ;)

    I always enjoy my visit to your blog. But this time I "smelt" something fishy......(sorry, I couldn't resist)


  12. What is a Dr. Menthol Shot, and does it have anything to do with smelt fishing? Love the signs, and that they were up in the bathrooms... bwahaha!

  13. Oh this here's huntin' country FOR SURE, no??? Hubby couldn't BELIEVE all the girls at work who hunt and fish.

    Of course there was the "show us your rack" contest we heard about on the radio around Thanksgiving - - - -

    Oh, and the commercial for orange TP so no one would mistake your hiney for a white tail in the woods - - -

  14. I've got to make it up to the UP sometime...It's in my blood, though...I can tell. And I've never even tasted Smelt!

  15. I once worked for a company that closed on Thanksgiving week for the opening of hunting season.

  16. Those Yoopers are a funny lot LOL Well, I can't talk - I was born up there! I'm both a Yooper and a Troll.

  17. Some of those places have the best food. Have you ever been to a "Famous Dave's BBQ"? They try too hard to make it look like a tavern up north. I still like some of the sandwiches but the over done decor is dumb.

  18. Its tempting to find a way up north for what use to be a summertime trip to MI, the UP and WI - a partial Great Lakes tour. What gorgeous country you, Ann in the UP and Keetha share!

  19. I just figured ya'll used the booze up north there for antifreeze! Heeehehehe!!!

    The signs were fantastic!

    Have a great day sweetie, now ya have to find and open fishin' hole! :o)

  20. That tavern looks like fun!

    @Nezzy, anti-freeze! LOL


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