Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sundays in My City: Relay Recap

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 Know what these folks are doing?  

I'll give you a hint:  Saturday, in my city, a Relay for Life was held, 
and this was one of the events at the relay.
Participants paid a dollar to stand in the circle on numbered squares.  
Music was played, and when it stopped, the announcer called a number.

 The winner got to choose a cake from a this table:

Apr 9, 2011

It's called a "cake-walk," and it's a great way to have fun while raising money for a good cause.  
Another method is to spray paint a toilet purple and force someone to keep it in his/her classroom/office 
until they pay you $10 to take it to someone else's.

My Difference Makers? We stuck to the traditional stuff, such as a penny war, with raffle prizes.

We also did other typical fundraising activities and in just three weeks raised....

more than $2000!!

Today was the "Big Day," and it did not disappoint. 
Here's a shot of the Survivors Walk. That's Zach Prestby (second from left). 
His new heart is working so well that he lasted ALL day today--I was very impressed. 
(Bet he's sleeping like a baby tonight!)

One of my favorite parts of the Relay is watching people get their haircuts for Locks of Love. 
Here is a sweet 7th grader, calmly waiting....

....and after the first two big snips!

Most of the Difference Makers were there all day. (A mom joined our team, too. She is a gem!)  I'm so proud of the kids for giving up so much of their time and really working hard to make this happen.    As team captain, I didn't have to do much at all--The kids did most of the work--making signs, decorating, working the penny drive table through their lunches all week, collecting money from family and friends, etc. 

These are some of the coolest kids I know; it is a joy being around them.

Soooo sweet.

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  1. I love these ideas. The people who came up with them have quite an imagination. The recruiting efforts were great too to have so many people involved. It's nice to see that Zach is recovered and well enough to participate. Your difference makers are just that.

  2. I was wondering how it went for the DM team, when I saw the video on the news yesterday. Good job, Difference Makers!

  3. So wonderful everyone that gave there time and energy to make this such a success. All fun ideas....I like the cake walk beats a 5k anyway! Great job!

  4. Ms. Cuatro-Cuatro: Y'all are awesome! And I wish I could donate to the cause AND receive the purple toilet for Room 215. I'd pay extra!

  5. All I have is two lempiras. Is that okay? I think the purple toilet is great! I wish I had a purple toilet. Nice pics.

  6. But did you WIN a cake????? I'd like a slice, please.

  7. Oh the purple toilet is my favorite. Did a plumber donate it? As long as no one had used it (I've heard stories about surprises at stores selling them) I would enjoy having one in my office. So homey.

  8. You are amazing!!! I want to grow up and be just like you.

  9. This post made me think of Aunt Becky's T-shirts....she has the site mommywantsvodka. She has cancer t-shirts that say stuff like "Cancer is 'b.s." and "I kicked cancer's butt"

    Except she used the 'potty' words.

  10. It looks like a ton of fun, and for such a wonderful cause! Love it.

  11. How awesome! Looks like it was a great time & there was a difference made :)

  12. The purple toilet is a hoot! Congrats to everyone - it looks like a great event.

  13. visiting from Unknown Mami's Sunday in My City; so glad I did! what a worthy cause for the kids to be involved in and seems like they did a great job participating in it!! Always enjoy a good cake walk,especially if my number is called!

    so poignant too to see the walk with the survivors; I'd be crying I am sure.

    thanks for sharing; enjoy your week ahead!


  14. That looks like such a fun event. And good for you for doing that!

  15. Amazing. And the toilet is hilarious!!! Great work, kids!!! (And teachers!)


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