Thursday, May 5, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #144

No intro tonight--Sorry. I am very, very busy making the cutest stinkin' cake pops EVER for a baby shower tomorrow. As soon as they're done, I'll post pics here and at Mrs.4444 Cooks. I can't wait to show you!!!


It's been a long time since I mentioned Favorite Friday Fragmenters. Last week, Kay reminded me of that fact when she posted this hilarious video fragment and it truly delighted me:

Kay is a busy homeschooler with a beautiful blog (Herr, Nach Deinem Wille 
and a guest book waiting for new friends :)

I also enjoyed this fragment about the Tooth Fairy, from It Feels Like Chaos...

Last week some asked what the going rate was that the tooth fairy pays for a tooth. Well, our tooth fairy pays $5 in gold one dollar coins for the first tooth lost and then either $1 or $2 (again in the gold coins because the tooth fairy is fancy like that!).....

....My kids have told me stories of friends at school getting $15 for a tooth from the tooth fairy. I just said, "Well, I guess their tooth was worth more than yours. 
Maybe they brushed it more!"

Ladies, please accept this award!

One of my pet peeves is when people leave a comment and end it by telling me to come and read their blogs. Sorry, but that's a great way to make me not read your blog. I'm not sure why; maybe I just don't like being told what to do. If you are such an offender, we still love you, and we'll get to your blog in due time :)

Update: I have to clarify that I actually love it when my readers ask me to come and read something you want to share with me because we have that kind of relationship. What I wrote refers to perfect strangers who stop by (drive by, really) and say, "Hey! Your blog is so great. Please visit my blog at," and then I never hear from them again.
If bloggers want connection, they need only leave their urls (and personal, sincere comments).


Taboo--What a WEIRD show. Very, very weird. (Lisleman, I think you would enjoy it.heehee)

I'm glad that Bin Laden is dead, and I can appreciate people being excited about it, but it's not flipping New Years Eve or something; I think it's in very poor taste to show hours of video of Americans screaming, cheering, and chanting "U-S-A.!" on national television.
I can't even articulate it; all I know is that I think it's sick.

Last night, at our school board meeting, the Difference Makers were recognized for being "Outstanding Community Volunteers," and each of them had his/her name called and were given a certificate and small thank you gift. The kids were positively beaming.

To see more of our Cupcake Wars Sweet 16 Birthday Bash pics and video, check it out at Mrs.4444 Cooks.

Okay, now it's your turn!


  1. I have to agree with you about people asking that you visit their blog. There's just something about it that rubs me the wrong way. I do it automatically when someone new visits my blog, but to ask me to do it doesn't sit well with me.

    I'm as happy as the next person about Bin Laden, but it's still just news. In fact, as they were breaking the news and everyone was online talking about it, I was online talking about baseball. Ok, he's dead, now we know, and let's move on.

    That video is great. Those sit-ups are just the funniest thing.

  2. Sorry, bout the time I asked you to visit my blog. I asked because you had written about bullying and it touched me in a way that made me really want to share my thoughts with you (by means of a post I had written). I feel comments are the opportunity to have a two way conversation and visiting another blog to continue the conversation is what the comment section is there for.

  3. I completely agree with you about the cheering after bin Laden's death. Crazy and just awful.

    ps It's been SO long since I have played along.

  4. What if I start off the comment by telling you to come visit first? Does that make it better? No? So, basically you just don't want me to tell you what to do? I don't know if this relationship is going to work out. I'm not used to such assertiveness.

  5. It's an honor to be a fragment in your FF post. However we don't get the NGC but I did take a quick look at that link and most of those subjects would be too extreme for my taste. I do like odd stuff but most of of that list was just shock effect stuff - too weird. Maybe the beauty taboo one would be ok.
    I agree with you on Bin Laden and of course the round of jokes has just begun so be ready for that.

  6. Congratulations to the Difference Makers! Hope you have fun with the cake pops... and (tongue firmly in cheek) please visit my blog ;)

  7. I am really turned off by "Here from the hop please stop by and follow".
    I also agree 100% about the college kids celebrating something they do not even understand. It was an excuse to party in the street. The only thing missing was them handing out candy (oh yeah; college kids have no money)!

  8. I feel the same way as you about Bin Laden, the celebrating on the street is a bit much.
    Congrats to the Difference Makers!
    Love that favorite fragment.

  9. I totally agree about the drive-by comments asking for a visit. It feels really rude.

    Someone out there is paying kids $15 for teeth? That is crazy!! My daughter got $5 for her first one and $1 for all the ones after that. (and I thought the $5 was too much, but my tooth fairy husband was insistent on it).

    I don't understand the people cheering in the streets either.

    Those cake pops you made are SUPER cute!!

  10. Love this walrus video--what in inspiration! Congrats to your difference makers! I just can't rejoice over anyone spending eternity in hell but God is just and revenge belongs to Him. The partying in the street over someone being killed just doesn't set right with me either.

  11. I agree with you about comments. I am deliberately picky about who I follow. I try to leave thoughtful comments and as such, try to follow and visit blogs I enjoy and bloggers I feel I relate to. I don't mean to be snobbish, it's just that I like meaty comments, so if we don't have enough in common for me to leave one for you, then we aren't a good fit, KWIM?

    I also agree about Bin laden. I lived not far from NYC on 911... awful times. I hope his death brings closure to those who lost loved ones and I understand why it was necessary, but I'm not going to celebrate it.

    With a 1st grader and a 2nd grader the tooth fairy is at my house ALL.THE.TIME. She can't afford more than a dollar for subsequent teeth... she's broke!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  12. I totally agree with you on shamelessplugs! I have to say I'm totally impressed with your cupcake know how much Starbucks is selling those for and they are not even as cute as yours! I see a future business in the works! Have a wonderful weekend and Momma's Day!

  13. I'm not telling my kids about the Wisconsin tooth fairy. The Michigan one often brings sports cards. S/He also often forgets.

    I watched some of the demonstrations and kind of wished we could just all say, "Good," and then celebrate our wonderfully trained military.

  14. I have to admit I do put links in my comments but to be fair they are links to my equivelent of the blog entry I'm reading (such as I would normally put my link to my fraggin friday blog in this one) just cause I'm newer to blogging & found that I do get more participation if I provide an easy link for people. It was aslo suggested that I do so and I do like it when people do it for me. I don't feel pressured, I still only go if I'm interested but I do also check out new people when they comment. Anyways, just an explaination cause I'm a guilty offender... LOL! I couldn't agree more on the Bin Laden thing, celebrate by sending some of the troops home and then let the Difference Makers get their USA chants (or the equivelant of them anyway:-)

  15. I am just tickled that the Difference Makers got this recognition and I add my congratulations. Great job, Mrs. 4444, and great job, kids! When anybody says something about "kids, nowadays" I brag about you!

  16. I agree with the drive by bloggers. I won't go if I never hear from them again. It's almost like a mass mailing in my home box. Junk mail.

    I agree about the celebrations around Bin ladens death. Glad they got him, poor taste to throw ragers over it. I am sure we have a long way to go, he was only one guy with lots of followers.

    YOU ARE A CAKE POP JUNKIE!!!! Time for an intervention, will you make the refreshments? ;)

  17. I see this blog following stuff got a lot of comments. I call it a blog game. I may have 500 followers but they are not really following...I do not hear from them anyways. I like your video, he is cute, well sorta.

  18. very few people leave comments on my blog and when they do and then say "come visit my blog" i actually don't really mind. I'm always looking for something else good to read.

    I too am very happy that monster Bin Laden is dead..but cheering at the White House..really... kinda disturbing.

    Cute video
    happy weekend

  19. I love love love that video! SUper Cute!

    I love reading your stuff, so thanks for hosting FF's!

  20. Totally love the cake pops! So cute!!!
    And $15 a tooth - Oh my! That just isn't OK. We have a cheap tooth fairy in our house. It's $1.
    I 100% agree with you on Bin Laden, I didn't get it!
    Thank you for hosting!

  21. You are my cake pop hero. I have a ton of errands tomorrow but I'm determined to make those pops, darn it! :)

    Is that a real URL? If not, it probably should be... :)

    Happy Mother's Day. Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Gold coins? Can I live with you? I can bring my own pliers! Tooth fairies are far stingier in lands to the south. Nothing over a dollar, please.

  23. Lord forgive me, I do mention a subject I've written about to someone who I think would be interested once in a blue moon. (She says hangin' her head low!)

    I've been doin' my happy anit~ terrorist dance and singin' "Ding Dong Bin Laden's Dead!"

    Now, I've got to go pull my teeth and call the Wisconsin Tooth Fairy! Heeehehe!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous Mother's Day weekend!!! :o)

  24. I agree with you on every point! Especially the reaction to binLaden! Lets move on already!

    And that was the cutest video and best tooth fairy answer EVER!

    You don't even have to come visit my blog! Heh heh heh! (Some times I get really tired of LOL and no matter how many times I LMAO ... I still have one!)

  25. I totallay agree with you on what I like to call the "Drive By" comments, where you can tell people don't even read, they are just looking for traffic.

    So rude.

    Make sure to stop by and visit!

  26. It's Saturday already and I guess I totally forgot about Friday Fragment day - goodness. I may need to be defrag'd next week LOL

    LOVE the walrus video! OH that's just great.


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