Sunday, May 8, 2011

In Case You Were Wondering....About My New Header

Yes, I took all of the photos. No, they are not all current, though they are all summer shots. The bottom photos were taken recently. The top were taken last summer, with the exception of my all-time favorite, Family Sunset, which I took when the kids were younger, at our favorite family camping spot, Franklin Lake. I guess I just got sick of Wisconsin waiting so long to get to summer that I've pushed it a little bit. (And my camera is in the shop, so I don't know when I'm going to be able to take photos as often as I'd like.)

Keeping fingers crossed that my camera is fixed (inexpensively) soon... Taking pictures feeds my soul, and I'm hungry!


  1. I'm always just totally in awe of your pictures and your headers!

    Kudos to you sweeite!

    God bless you day! :o)

  2. I love that family pic at the lake, too! They are all beautiful, though.

  3. Your photo header is beautiful.

  4. Nice - but what happened to the post about your Scottish Nephew and his Kilt?

    BTW, I have a friend (online) who lives just outside Glasgow. The next time you need genuine Scottish gear, just let me know.

  5. I used to have a camera that I loved. It's about 10 years old and nothing fancy. Hewitt Packert?? something like that. ...anyway, it's broken. The part that hooks up to the charger is the problem. With your vast knowledge (I mean you are getting a camera fixed now, right), what do you think? Can it be fixed and how and how much?


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