Thursday, July 7, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #153

Welcome one and all! First time fragmenting? You have no idea how much you're going to enjoy unloading all the clutter from your mind. Seasoned fragmenters know what I'm talking about [insert fragmenters nodding vigorously here]; it's the easiest, most satisfying post you'll write all week. To learn more, please click on the tab above (and read my special instructions at the end of the post). Now, let's get on with it!

I did not watch the trial, but I did watch the verdict.  Please join me when I say that I will not give a moment's attention to any television show, magazine, book, movie, etc. that benefits you-know-who. Instead, I will show her innocent child the respect she deserves by boycotting the exploitation.

In case you missed it, I made peanut butter cake pops last week, and they truly are to die for. You'll find pics and the blow-by-blow here on Mrs.4444 Cooks.

If you love Better-Than-Sex Cake, you will love my latest cake-pop/cake bite creation, 
Devil's Sex Cake Bites, pictured here:

I also made some absolutely-delicious Peanut Butter Cake Pops;
(Kendall said, "Mom, these taste just like big bites of cookie dough.") 
It's a wonder I haven't gained 50 pounds since I started making those things!

I really love this commercial:

Teaching summer school was scary at first (I've never taught in the summer before and didn't know any of the kids, grades 4th to 10th), but now it's fun, and I think the kids are learning a lot. The classes I'm teaching the first two weeks are focused on technology (Google Apps and other Web 2.0 tools). The other two weeks (carrying us through July), I'll be teaching the tech classes again, plus "Fun with Computers (1st-3rd graders!). I'm actually looking forward to that.

Our school district offers amazing summer school programs for kids. Many are free, and others are dirt cheap (mine are only $6 each). Too bad all kids don't have such opportunities.

In case you're wondering, Mom had a ball on her vacation to the Dakotas. Here's one of her photos, in which she achieve her goal of "cussing a biffalo!"

(Nice job, Michelle :)

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  1. "most satisfying post you'll write all week" - wow that's a great claim. Maybe you could ask for some blogger testimonials. I do enjoy FF posting and I think many are the most fun to write. I really get a kick out of trying to come up with something that targets you.
    The car ad - very good and yes I can relate to it emotionally but it would not influence me on the type of car to buy. "why that's why we bought Susie a M1A2 Abrams tank"

  2. linky does not want to link - complains about back link even though I have the badge link, the main blog link and now a link to this post. I just added the link to this specific post and it still didn't like it.

  3. Stop! I'm fasting from desserts for awhile (ate too many on vacation) and those cake pops...oh. My. Goodness! They look soooooo good!

    Were they worth the effort it took to make them? (Trying to decide if I'll try making them)

  4. Oh my goodness! I need some of those cake bites to help me eat my feelings about the trial.

  5. I too love that commercial. So true - - - our little girls are always our little girls.

  6. *Consider this my asterisk.

    I love you Mrs. 4444s, but there is NO WAY I'm clicking over to those cake pop recipes. I know I'll gain 5 pounds just clicking the link.

    My dd's summer school is free, but lots of her friends don't have the same choice. Bet teaching the tech classes is cool. Have you tried Google+ yet?

    You had me fooled with that buffalo picture. Think I might need to get my eyes checked.

  7. Great fragments, as usual. And the asterisk idea is a good one!

    I'm not linking up this week, forgive me, tomorrow is our second fourth anniversary, so I did a little post about that.

    See you next Friday, here's hoping it takes a while to get here!

  8. I am a little afraid to click those cake pop links, because I think I might gain weight just thinking about the yumminess (of course, I'm not going to let that stop me!)

    As far as CA is concerned, I'm offering a hearty amen! I will not buy/watch/involve myself with anything that benefits her.

    That picture is FABULOUS!!

    Happy Friday to you =)

  9. We love that commercial! Elayna and I were just talking about it today, and I thought about putting it on my blog but I forgot! I love that you put it here today. "Daddy, Okay!"

    LOVE the pic of your mom with the buffalo and the sign in the background!

    I will admit to being fascinated by the CA case and as a former true crime junkie, it's going to be hard not to read or watch anything related to the trial, but I am determined to boycott. I don't want to put a penny in her pocket!

  10. I read the whole thing, I swear I did, but what really stuck with me is the dividers. I love the little beachy dividers! Oh and the pic of your mom... my mom has been making everyone stop the car so she can get out and take pictures of "Moose Crossing" signs on ski vacations for 20 years, but has yet to actually see a moose. It's a bone of contention!

  11. I so agree with your boycott of you-know-who. Right there with you friend.

  12. LOve that commercial....having a new driver you know that feeling when they drive away. I hope it gets easier, I'm on pins and needles till I get that text. Peanut Butter pops look amazing...I just can't ever make them or I know a new addiction will take over and I'll be fat forever! ove the picture of your Mom...cracked me up! She is a cutie! Happy she had a great time. Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. I seriously miss leading technology classes. I'm sure at some point in the future I'll find a way to do it again.

    Loving the buffalo shot. My best friend just returned from ND with her family visiting her husband's family and friends. It seems all of the vacation pictures I'm seeing this year are not sandy beaches but wide open fields. Both are beautiful in their own right.

  14. Dang, no time to fragment this morning, but I'll leave a testimonial for cake pops. Peanut butter ones are awesome!

  15. I am very happy that your mom finally had the opportunity to cuss at a buffalo. But looks like the cussing ended in typical mom fashion, kissing.

    I did not plan on getting involved in the You Know Who psychopathic drama, but I was laid up with a gimpy ankle last week, so I indulged in courtroom drama. I agree. Boycott!!!!!

  16. i love that commercial too!!! i also plan to boycot anything having to do with ms. anthony. i know our justice system works, and evidently the case was not solid enough to convict.... but ugh!!

    we did SD for 3 summers in a row and i loved it!!! that photo rocks!!

  17. I'm joining in your boycott of *her*. But I'm also boycotting cake pops. ;) I love that your summer school program is free or really inexpensive for everyone. That is soooo cool!

  18. As for me and my house we shall boycott also. I have lived my own drama with our justice system and while I do believe in the system some parts just need fixing.
    I just love the beach dividers:)
    Your Mom always makes me smile she is just too precious!
    Have a terrific week blessing those lucky kids with your techiness!

  19. I have failed to fragment this week, I blame Ikea (I survived, more or less). Perhaps I will produce a Shattered Saturday post instead ;-)

    When I was 14, and we were living in Boulder CO for 6 months, we went on a trip to Yellowstone. Driving through the park we came across a buffalo on the road. My mother tried to get a good photo from inside the car, got frustrated, and then GOT OUT OF THE CAR AND WALKED TOWARD THE BUFFALO. At which point we all yelled at her to "Get back in the damn car are you NUTS?!"

    Also, I still have my stuffed toy buffalo that I bought as a souvenier, his name is Biffalo Buffalo Bison as befits a bison owned by an A A Milne fan.

  20. I watched most of the trial, and watched the verdict. I was completed appalled at what the jury decided. I will be joining you in that boycott. I will stand firm on making a statement on her not gaining financially at the expense of little Caylee.

    Love that photo of your mom, so funny!
    I have wanted to make cake pops and even spotted a book at Target on different recipes and ideas on how to make them.

  21. I'm jealous of the summer school enrichment activities your school offers. Our district made that cut a couple of years ago. They only offer remedial summer school now, and only at a couple of their locations.

  22. Just stopping by...I haven't done Friday Fragments yet...I'll get my fragmented brain in gear for next week!

    On my Seriously post I too stated I don't want money (mine or others) going to benefit someone as the result of a young life lost due to horrific reasons. It's just wrong!!!

  23. I really wish all kids had such fantastic resources available to them.

  24. You're mom is too cute and you, apparently, have those peanut butter cake pops on the brain! Go ahead and make another batch! :)

  25. I always enjoy your Friday Fragments, so I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon :-)

    I'm also teaching summer school, and it is a very different experience than teaching during the school year. Quite an adjustment! What you're teaching sounds like a lot of fun, actually ... I bet the kids are super engaged :-)

  26. Ugh! The trial, the little bit I did hear was UGH! That's all I can say.

    That commercial is sweet. I imagine that's how parents still see their teenagers. Their sweet baby.

    Wow! That pic of your mom with the buffalo. I imagine her Indian name is Kisses Buffalo, The Enchantress.

    Have a great weekend.

  27. Your mom is a kick!

  28. OH you and your yummy looking cake pops I gained 10 pounds reading about them, I love that commercial too and I think the picture of you mom with the buffalo is priceless. Happy weekend


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