Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #154

Time to get our frag on!

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***I do not appreciate automated replies to comments. I don't even need a reply, unless you feel inspired or I've asked a specific question. Automated, generic comments? Seriously? 

***Years ago, I tried to tell Kyle about this cool new thing called "Twitter," but he patronized me, saying something like, "Yeah, yeah, Mom; like that's really anything anyone is going to use."  Today, when I mentioned this to him, he said, "Yeah, I remember that. Now, when my friends talk about Tweeting or whatever, I say, "Dude, my mom was doing that before you were!"

***omg--The neighbors behind us (in our wooded, suburban neighborhood) recently got a rooster (who has a time-of-day disorder). Tonight, we just learned that they've added something that bleats to their menagerie. Greaaaat....

***I read this post about Lip Dubbing (which I learned about on Twitter tonight) and was totally inspired! I cannot wait to share it with any/every teacher or kid-leader I know. Even if you're not a teacher, though, the video examples will make you smile. Seriously; if you don't smile at at least one of the videos, you need to seek help.

***Yes, I am still totally loving Google+. I really love having a clean slate, social networking-wise. There are things I'd like to see changed/added, but Google is so open to user feedback (what beta versions are all about) that they are listening, so it's going to get even better, as soon as next week (I think). If you're curious and missed my video or text posts, check 'em out!

***This video is incredible--Someone videotaped a driving route in Joplin, Missouri before and after the devastating tornado last May. Wow.  [Thanks, Quandlequeen, for the geography lesson!]

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  1. comments - In the DISQUS system you can click "like" but other than keep count of your "like". I'm not sure if it does much else. If I don't reply to a comment I usually click the "like". Have you ever gotten a "like" message from DISQUS?
    The joys of country living - they would not allowed to have pigs would they? That's an awful smell.

  2. We narrowly escaped a bylaw being paseed that would have allowed chickens to be kept in any BACKYARD in our city! Yikes!

  3. I appreciate the people who try to make blogging feel more personal and respond to every comment, but honestly, it gets really, really old. I don't even read them anymore, I just delete.

  4. There's a rooster somewhere near our suburban neighborhood. I like hearing him. But he's not time challenged. And sheep or goats? Maybe they'll take care of your yard?

  5. I do not like automated responses at all.

  6. OMG! I just tweeted about the comment thing! I hate it! 1 person pastes the exact thing everyweek on my bloghop, saying that she hopes I return the favor soon, and I followed her first! then 1 yesterday pasted the exact same comment on both my blogs that are about 2 totally different topics! I'd really rather just no comment at all!

  7. I hate those auto-replies too!
    I am always ahead of my kids when it comes to social media. It cracks me up!
    I live in the country so I'm just giggling about the rooster & bleating creature. I love goats, maybe it's a cute little baby goat! I may be getting some chickens this weekend myself.

  8. haha, I love the twitter comment! moms are cool too :-) so, everyone is talking about google+ and my 'not so socially networked' hubby just got it ... so I think I'm next, lol.

  9. I'm not so sure about google+ yet. I guess because I'm already kinda overwhelmed with life, and distracted enough. hmm we'll see.

    I don't think I've received an automated response yet, but I'm not sure. I usually just don't get responded to at all. I kinda want to get one now, to see what they're like. I feel left out. Like, MOM!!! All my friends get automated responses, why can't I Get one?

    I hope you have a great weekend. Mrs. 4444

  10. My sister once ended up with a rooster by accident when she was keeping chickens in her rather small suburban backyard. I don't think he ever caused problems with noise at inopportune times but he was a vicious little bastard and they had to get rid of him. He'd attack anyone who came near him and they were worried he'd do serious damage to their toddler.

    I want chooks, but I don't think they'd get on well with my dog. But no rooster thankyouverymuch.

    That lip dubbing thing was BRILLIANT! The 5th grade one was just amazing :-)

  11. I'm going to have to check out this google+ thing. I haven't taken the time to look at it yet.
    I don't know that I've gotten automated responses, but sometimes I'll put in a comment and wonder if it's the same thing I've said before!
    Hope the rooster situation gets worked out before you go back to school! Don't want to be woken up in the middle of the night when you have to greet a bunch of smiling faces every morning!

  12. My niece told me granted she is 13 that only famous people tweet...I said then I guess I'm famous!!
    I would probably shoot the rooster.....okay I'm not violent but nobody needs to hear that sound. All the farm animals near us sleep on my same schedule which is really! Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. I couldn't watch the whole video because my computer is being slow this morning, but WOW! That's just devastating. We were hit by tornadoes in April... nothing compared to Joplin, but when I have to drive through the hardest hit parts of town, the damage still astounds me.

  14. Automated responses don't make much sense. Odd.

    Google+ is growing on me. I'm still completely clueless since I haven't had much time to explore it. :)

  15. I can do without the automatic replies too--what a waste of time. Do they really think people appreciate an automatic response?

    I think it's cool your neighbors have a rooster: cock-a-doodle-doo!

  16. I love daughter works for Google and is always getting me involved in their latest and greatest. This one is a winner in my opinion also.

  17. Luckily, I don't even kow what auto-reply is. Hmmmm.... And so, it will not surprise you that I am not sure about Google+. I will have to study up! Have a great weekend!

  18. Auto replies? Really? REALLY?

    I still need to check out this +1 thing but as you seem to be ahead of teh techno curve, I will trust you that it is worth my time.


  19. Linky trouble today. It kept telling me it wasn't working, only for me to see it worked...twice.

    Sorry about that!

    I haven't looked into google+ enough yet, but if the cool kids are doing it (you), that's enough for me. I'm in, but I'm still not yet there.

  20. your rooster neighbor made me laugh! all the time spent on farms growing up, i never met a rooster that could actually tell time :-( that being said, i would deal with it if i could have my own fresh eggs.

    have no idea about google+, guess i will have to read up on that now ;-)

    i guess theoretically the "thanks for your comment" thing sounds nice, but not sure if played out stays nice.

    i love your header pics, wow!!!

  21. Yes, the Joplin tornado damage is terrible and scares me silly about the power of a tornado.

  22. Joplin MISSOURI - I know you meant that and your fingers were thinking something else, but I still had to point it out.

    I haven't ventured over to the Google+ land yet although a lot of people are talking about it and seem to like it.

    Add me to the people who don't enjoy automated replies. Let me expand on that list - people who have to reply to every message in an email string. I get the feeling they're the ones who always have to have the last word in a conversation.

  23. OMG - I'm being a pest - I just wanting to thank you for the FF hosting again because my current FF post is generating a really fun bunch of comments. I'm having a blast (well ok maybe not a blast - at least good laughs).
    LLL might be coming soon - stay tuned.

  24. I also haven't noticed many auto replies, but I'm not a fan of ANY kind of junk mail so more than a few every now and again would truly bug me.

    Had only just seen Google+ - mentioned it in my post, then saw chat about it here as well. I'm not ready to drop FB and hate to add yet another "to do" but may need to check it out. Watched your video - FB can do some of the things you mention (we can email if you want to know about FB groups or more).

    Sorry - another with problems posting and now I have mine up twice!

  25. Joplin before and after is a video for us all to see, to get a glimpse of the horrific changes people have to adjust to after a natural disaster. My daughter and I lived twenty minutes from Joplin for two years. We wish the people there much healing and reconstruction.

  26. I am so late coming to the party I think I'm FIRST for next week.


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