Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #156, Vlog-Style

I have plenty of randomness this week, and I decided to vlog my fragments. Sorry for going over the 2-minute rule--My computer with Camtasia Studio (video editing software) is temporarily unavailable, and I was too lazy to learn a new program, so I couldn't cut it down.

For another cute story about teaching summer school, read yesterday's post: In Which I Learn a Lesson from a Small "Alien."

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  1. Thank you. Another great video to keep your loyal readers up to date on your activities. A very busy summer is an understatement for you. Sounds like all is well. Hopefully you will get a chance to visit the UP later this summer and cool off near Superior. I know I would go there if given the chance again.

  2. Never waste a decent hair day!!
    Yours looks cute. =)

    Congrats to Ellen!

    I LOVE cute little kids that act silly. I don't think I would be able to keep a straight face either.

    I have lots of reasons for my weight too. And not an excuse to be found.

    Six months! Wow. My daughter is only seven (eight next week!) and I am not even going to THINK about those other things. I'm pretending that those things DO NOT EXIST! It is happy here in my denial.

    That is a LOT of cleaning!

    I like this vlogy-fragmenting. Very fun!! Happy Friday to you =)

  3. Kinda like the interior decorator who lives in an apartment out of piles of boxes....does great work for others but her own place is a mess. Is Kyle's room a mess? Is that what you were trying to say?

    Great news about your 'good girl' being away at camp. Unless that's just what she is TELLING you. Maybe her boyfriends parents will just be away for two weeks and they plan to have sexy time for two straight weeks? I'm sure she's a good girl though. I'm just messing with you.

  4. Linky in the downspout?
    All the best with the teenage girl stuff. It was a very tough job for us.
    Say hi to the little surfer dude for me before you leave him for the summer.

  5. LOL, Rebecca!!! I plead the 5th on the bedroom thing (or whichever one keeps family members from making incriminating statements).

    Tracie, enjoy it while it lasts :)

    Will do, Lisleman. That kid giggles more than any little boy I know--You two would get along quite well :)

  6. Love the Vlog. I am working up my courage to try a few myself. Good job!

  7. You are so relaxed and natural! I would be a total spazoid.

  8. You are a natural in front of the camera.

  9. It seems like you just started teaching summer school and it's almost over already! I use the windows movie maker program to edit my videos and it works just fine. Pretty easy if I could figure it out myself. (Go to start, choose run, fill in moviemk and off you go).

    You should have let Hunter call you Mrs. Fours, much easier to remember than your long name!

    I've heard the best length for a video is 1 min. (or less). I must say though, I did not get bored watching this one.

  10. Love your Vlogs! Glad summer school is over and you can enjoy a little of summer before you start back again. I know why you worry because I have a daughter but Kendall like my Katelyn is a good girl...lets hope it stays that way! Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Reason? Excuse? What are those? Weight? No judgements. Just love. :)

    Your Vlogs are so fun. I'm afraid to do one...I feel like a dork. :)

  12. wow, what a great idea to vlog!! you crack me up!!! i still think you look good, enjoy those extras!!

    we only have 1 daughter and i can't think about that yet. she's 8... and she already thinks boys are cute.

  13. Will I seem like an unfaithful reader if I say this is the first of your vlogs that I've seen? Loved to hear your voice.

    My dh used to detail cars while in college, too. And his room? Yeah, let's just say your experience with Kyle is par for the course. Oh, and has he detailed your car? Mmmm hmmm...the cobbler's mother (or wife) has no shoes...

  14. Well, it's not like he details bedrooms.

  15. I think the vlog standard is 2 minutes for everyone BUT you. You, my friend, may talk as long as you want.

    Lydia is celebrating her 3-month with her guy. They are in love and, like you, I am losing sleep over their joy.

    Now you have inspired me to clean a little. Well, you and the people who are supposed to be here in an hour. Why didn't I start this cleaning process yesterday?!

  16. Great vlog! Your hair looked great :)

    I have to say, I totally hear you on the teenage daughter thing.My daughter is 17 and has been dating her boyfriend for 4 months and yep... I'm constantly reminding her that she's a good girl and boy would I love to send her away for 2 weeks. LOL

  17. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in Friday Fragments. This is my first time, and I think i forgot to put the little * by my name.

  18. Just found your blog and spontaneously decided to participate in Friday Fragments. Thanks for hosting, found some great blogs already. Paula

  19. I love that you celebrate having a good hair day by vlogging!

  20. I had to take notes during your vlog! After restarting it twice I thought it'd be more efficient.
    HOLY MOLY, Mrs. Figgleberger (LOL) great vlog!! And I'm so glad you went over the 2 minute time slot actually I wish it had been longer!! :)

    I feel the same way about hair days! (not surprising at all that we think the same way about this, though) I refuse to waste a hair day.

    I've gained weight too, regrettably and let me tell you I'm full of both reasons and excuses!

    AW, Kendall! Happy 6 months! You know Mrs. Finkleyberg, Mr. Ski and I were only together 7 months before we got married! :) haha! But since we were much older I highly doubt that's the path she's on. haha.

    Are those state taxes?! There's something that will have to be put on the 'con' side of moving to WI. Boo!

    Way to go Kyle for making such smart financial decisions when most his age definitely do not.
    Wonder who he learned that from? OH yeah, his two awesome parents!
    (Has he been detailing Grandma4444's car too? :)

    See why I had to take notes...I probably should have just sent you an email. Hope your weekend is great.

  21. Your video's are good!! You are right I am gushing all over about the book cover and the trailer and I'm starting to be okay with 11/11/11 as a release date (no kidding that morning one of those angel horoscopes told me 1's were going to be very lucky for me) so when I was told later that day what could I say?
    My family is acting all sorts of wierd and mean with me (guess they are worried about what I might have said about them in this book (and a few should worry!)
    Have a great weekend and thank you for being such a good blog friend.

  22. I was finally able to listen to the vlog and I loved it!! I have to tell you that one of the relationships that I remember the most fondly (from my teenage past) was the one that lasted only 4 months.

    Congrats to Kyle for making the most out of his summer. Who needs a clean room when you're working so hard? Well, that's just the kid in my talking LOL

  23. I realize I am so behind. But are funny Barb! :) Loved the pointing to the linky :)


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