Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Own "Ski Story"

I recently met a blogger IRL. 

She is beautiful (looks like a teenager, really),


and funny,

and sweet,

a Packers fan (so of course, we were already kindred spirits), 

living in Tennessee (so, yes, she has a cute accent)

I adore her; she is now my fifth, (much-younger) sister.

Thanks, again, Mrs.Ski, for driving over to TinyTown and spending 
three and a half hours of your vacation at a Subway "Restaurant."

(No, her vacation wasn't to Subway; it was to Green Bay, Silly.)

Mrs. Ski, you are always welcome to visit Wisconsin 

(especially when you are cheering the Pack on).

And next time, maybe we'll even eat at a real restaurant

with plates!

And silverware!

And a bathroom with paper toweling!  

I can't wait. :)


  1. I like Subway to go, not to spend 3 1/2 hours there. Wow! I bet you set the record for the longest visit by a customer.

  2. I wonder what the Subway employees were thinking geezz will these ladies ever leave!! lol! Great photo...and how fun to meet a fellow blogger and a Pack fan to boot!

  3. Nice picture anyway! I think you could spend a lot of IRL time around GB meeting followers in restaurants!

    It's nice that you met and had such fun together! Lucky gals!

  4. I love Subway, as long at it's a clean one.

    And the photo, it's good. The blur or whatever, gives it a soft effect. You look the same age, both teenagers!

  5. I hope they were baking bread the entire time you were there! Just a little extra touch for a lovely visit.

  6. tip a subway employee ??
    What are people over generous in upper Wisconsin?
    So if you return the visit will you two be spending hours at Waffle House?
    Really don't you have Culver's up there? (hmm butter burgers)

  7. I'm so jealous! I spent 3 hours in McAlister's yesterday, but it was with a friend I already knew.
    Let me know if you're ever "Tennessee bound"!

  8. That was a great three and a half hours!! I was blown away when I looked at the clock in the car and realized how long we had been talking! Time surely flies when you're having fun! The pleasure was all mine and I was so elated that I got to meet my most favorite Wisconsin blogger!

  9. Doh! I just wrote you an epic comment back and my dumb smartphone (or would that be smart dumbphone?) swallowed the whole stinkin' thing!

    It's evergreeneden4 at gmail dot com. :)

    I'll be writing you tonight to regale you w/all sorts of coincidental coolness! (i.e., the #4, etc.)

    And so happy to hear you girls got to have real-life time together, even if it was on a hard yellow formica bench, surrounded by the scent of jalapenos (sp?) and vinegar! LOL good times, good times. :)

    AND one more thing - sorry beautiful lady; you can't convince me! Younger guys are just better at hiding the "looking" these days. You are a serious hottie!


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