Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Elsie Mae, the ARP?

It's kind of a movie time-of-year, isn't it? (So hot, you can only go to the movies to stay cool!) I recently came upon this cute post about my mom from 2008, and I thought you'd appreciate it.

I love my mom. How can you not love a lady whose name is Elsie Mae and who says things like, "Oh My Stars and Garters!?" She has a childlike enthusiasm for everything life has to offer. However, I'm afraid my mom is a movie ARP! [my own term, short for Annoying, Rude Person]

I took Mom to see Atonement last week. It always happens this way; I ask her to the movies, and only on the way there do I remember how potentially uncomfortable it can be to be in a theater with Mom. As you can imagine (see sidebar), her sense of humor is sometimes a bit, well...different than some. At movies, she laughs out loud at the funny parts, but Mom also laughs out loud at parts that are only funny to her. She also has a habit of stating the obvious in a loud way. For example, in one of the beginning scenes of Atonement, you see two boys of the same age, with the same curly, red mops for hair, same outifts,etc. Mom announces (loud and clear) "They're twins!" [Thanks, Mom; I hadn't realized.]

Early in the movie, there is a very, very inappropriate word typed onto a typewriter. Let me just warn you; it rhymes with "punt," and it can be very alarming to see that right-off-the-bat with your 78-year-old mother sitting next to you. I threw my hand up over her eyes the second time I saw it coming, and she chuckled,"What kind of movie did you take your old mother to, Girl?!" (This lady is sweet, I tell you!)

When one of the characters later said a swear-word, Mom admonished out loud, "Watch your 'slanguage,' Young Man!" She is so funny, so cute, and so annoying all at the same time. Fortunately, we have never gotten any dirty looks (it may be too dark to see them?), and we've never been asked to leave, so maybe it's not as bad as I fear?

As annoying as these habits can be, though, I have to admit that hearing Mom belly-laugh and exclaim "Oh, my heavens!" every now and then is totally worth it. There will come a day when she won't be there to annoy me, and I'll wish she was there to remind me of what's funny, delightful, and charming about life.

So, if you are ever at the movies and you hear a lady talking out loud and laughing at odd times, imagine that she is Elsie Mae, and instead of being mad, smile.

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  1. Your mom sounds awesome.

    Also, I am in love with James McAvoy. He can do no wrong. Even with the word that rhymes with punt. :)

  2. Ya know, Barb, even if someone was giving dirty looks in the dark, if-once the lights came up-that person would see the face behind the person they were giving the dirty looks to, who could possibly be offended by someone with a smile like your Mom has? Her smile, even only seeing just a photo, not in person, has to be infectious, just like her laughter and enjoyment of whatever she's watching or listening to.
    You're right -cherish those moments every time you can because -well no need to say any more about the why you should do that now, do I?
    Loved this post. Can you tell?

  3. I think I would totally enjoy your mom, even at the movies.
    You should link this up with the "Tuesdays Gone" linky at Life Music Laughter.

  4. Not sure if my other comment was taken. Hmmm... I would love to go to the movies with Elsie Mae!

  5. It's good you mom enjoys herself and provides some comedy for you. Enjoy every minute you have with her!

  6. I've said it over and over again omg I love your Mom. I usually laugh more at movies at other peoples laughs or laughing. It's better than someone kicking the back of your chair or constantly getting up for more popcorn. She is too cute!

  7. If someone said "watch your slanguage" in the movie theater I think it would cause me to go into a fit of giggles!

  8. She is adorable! I have to say, I'm that person in the theater that when 'those words' get said, I'm saying "Oh my" - we'd get along fantastically :)

  9. Adorable! You are so right one day we will all miss our moms and wish we had spent more time with them! And I will smile the next time some lady seems to be rude and tailing during the movie....lol

  10. Put up with us! We're the conscience of the world!

    I had to laugh because my Aunt Connie had the most infectious laugh in the world, and the most noticable one at the movies. And everything struck her funny. My mom loved to go anyplace with her, because life was just more fun with her around. I think the same must be true of Elsie May, ARP.

  11. Your mom and mine should go to the movies together... my mom is also well known for laughing loudly when no one else does.

    "Oh My Stars and Garters" that's one I haven't heard... I may have to use it.

  12. Good point but I really wish people didn't talk too much during the movies. Laughing out loud is fine. But overhearing constant loud whispering is annoying. Does she eat popcorn? I find that can keep some people from talking.
    Really the best thing is both of you having fun together.

  13. I just love that picture of you and Mom! Movies and hugs with her are priceless! :)

  14. Awww. your mom is so cute!

    I remember watching a movie with my mom and grandma a couple of years ago where someone mentioned the O word (that ends in gasm) and there was this moment where I wished I could hop in a time machine and go back and step out of the room for that second. lol I think I lucked out and she missed it. The funny thing, after Grandma went to bed that night the first thing my mom said was something about the word in the movie and how she hoped it went over my grandma's head.


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