Thursday, August 4, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #157

I can't believe how much I have learned this week.

***I have learned how to hyperlink cells in Google Spreadsheets (an amazingly-cool trick!), which will allow me to go totally paperless when it comes to communicating with staff about my special needs students.  I also learned that I'll be able to use Google Docs to perform a normally-very-tedious task in less than half the time, and that makes me very happy, because that's one task I can't stand (It's a report I have to write a few times a year.)

***I learned to use Google Voice (which I hadn't even heard of until yesterday. It took a long time to set up but is a fantastic tool.  With Google Voice, I can now give parents a phone number that will ring on both my classroom phone, as well as my cellphone, without them knowing my cell number! This also means that I can make phone calls to parents from home or in my car on the way home from school without having to use a "Private Number" (which makes them not pick up). If enough of you are interested, I'll do a Tech Tuesday post on that.

***I learned that now, in a new version of Gmail, there are some amazing shortcuts. If you forget them, you just type "?" and the list pops up.

***I got connected with more than ten leaders in the field of education (on Google+) and therefore learned about the #140edu Conference, which I was able to watch via Ustream ALL DAY. Seriously--It was so inspiring that I couldn't tear myself away from it.  Except for the zits, bullies, and homework, I would SO love to be in about sixth grade right now--Kids are going to be doing such incredible things with technology and Problem-Based-Learning in schools in the next several years.

***I've learned that I have a new colleague (Mr.M), who I'll be working closely with at school (team-teaching three classes), and I'm excited to say he is young, full of enthusiasm, and loaded with potential. (He fits in nicely with our team!)

***I learned that I am going to have to work a lot of hours in the next few weeks if I want to hit the ground running (and not trip and fall on my face) when I go back to school in a few weeks.

***I learned that you can get a nice, digital camera for $20 on Craigslist. (Kendall broke hers.)

***I learned (purely through observation, mind you) that a lot of people can't stand gifs! Honestly, I rarely saw them until I joined Google+. Some people like to post them, and they don't bother me at all, but a lot of  people apparently abhor them. (If that includes you, close your eyes! Here comes a gif, just for fun!)

***I also learned the value of presentation. Weeks back, I shared that my sister Judy started a cake pop business (and asked you to please Like her Facebook page, hint hint. If you did, thanks!) Since then, she has been very busy creating beautiful cake pops for all kinds of events. Last weekend, she brought these to a Home & Garden show in Tulsa, and I just had to share them, because the presentation was wonderful and resulted in long lines of people at Judy's table.   [Okay, I confess. I didn't just learn this one. I just wanted to find a way to say NICE JOB, Judy!!! WooHoo!]

***Finally (and this is serious), I just learned a few minutes ago that one of my students from this year got hit by a car last week and is still in ICU, not doing well. Please pray for B and his mom, J. Gotta run.


  1. cool I just typed a ? while on the gmail page and got screen full of shortcuts. thanks
    That's such a sad note to end on. Tragic when young kids are injured. Prays and good thoughts go out to him and his family.

  2. So sorry about your injured student.
    Sounds like next school year could be really amazing!

  3. Many prayers tonight for the little guy and his family!
    I am loving those cake pops...
    I need a new camera too, I will have to try Craig's list.
    I need to spend a day on Google to get up to speed.
    I love the gifs; I wish I could find the one that barks and tells me the mail is here[I always seem to be waiting for e-mails]
    Have a happy weekend:)

  4. Hope Mr. M will be a good addition. So sad about your former student in ICU. That's awful! Great that you enjoyed the all-day conference and connected with other teachers through Google+. That Google voice sounds great for teachers. I wouldn't have a use for it though.

  5. Gracious! You've been busy. I had to move classrooms this year and went in to start organizing my new room...long road...

    Google Voice for parents... that's genius... I had heard of it, but I'd not thought to use it for school... that's a great idea!

    Last and most important, prayers being sent.

  6. Wow you are a busy much for a restful relaxing week of no school. Who are those crazy ignorant people that think teachers have a summer off?! Your sister's cake pops are gorgeous. I wish her much success and luck in her business. I hope you former student is doing better my heart and prayers are with them. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Google is going to take over the world. They are just biding their time...

    Keeping prayers going for your student and his family.

  8. You are my tech idol. It makes me wish I had some work to accomplish to use all those cool tools. Well, maybe. Praying for your student. Wish I had time to post fragments, but not today.

  9. Awesome list of learning! Have a blessed weekend!

  10. I'm not a huge fan of gifs but some are cute.

    Oooh, I can't wait to try the gmail shortcuts.

  11. You sure learned alot- lol!

    So sorry to hear about your student- hope all turns out ok!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Wow you have learned a lot this week! I find myself technically frustrated all the time because I can't spend the time learn all the cool things out there. Way to go applying all those time saving methods to your life, it is great saving time!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. I love the gif! My blog is absolutely poluted with them. :)

    Saying prayers for the student and his family.

  14. I am impressed by all of your techy knowledge Sis! It sounds like you are having fun and they are a big help to you. Awesome!

    Thank you for the compliment on my show display and inviting folks to visit The Creative Crumb on FB! I appreciate everyone's support and I hope you find yourself smiling when you stop by.

    Happy Weekend!

  15. Those cake pops are amazing!! I wish I had the talent and patience for something like that.

    I never minded GIFs, though, I grew up with Myspace where they were ALL OVER THE PLACE!!

    It's horrible what happened to your student (read about it on G+), and my thoughts are with the family. I really hope some lessons are learned from this incident, by both kids and drivers. I can't imagine how his parents are feeling, and it makes me sad to wonder...

  16. I'm one of those not really a fan og gifs and HATE music (don't folks realize we have our own playing?).

    You have been learning so much! I need to use Microsoft Outlook at work so haven't caught up with the features of Google. I mind that Google+ really really really only wants full real names - so many of us would want to use it with our blogname.

    Your sister's cakepops are so sweet - love the mug gifts! I have some of those small plastic bags from making Wilton Chocolate "lollipops" for holidays and showers - so I'm set to go.

    Prayers going out for the little one.


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