Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #160

There are many, many fragments I could write this week (My head is full of them!), but I'll spare you the largest majority (which relate to going back to school--students start on Tuesday) and stick with the stress-free ones. You're welcome, and thanks for being here :)

***Lots of socializing on the docket this weekend; I'm looking forward to it.

***The Creative Crumb is having a cake-pop giveaway! The reply with the most "likes" wins. (Of course, I'm partial to Kathy Tennant's post--Us teachers deserve cake pops, right?) Please vote (or enter)!

***So happy to read that NieNie is pregnant! She also continues to share some of the best photos on the internet, but it doesn't hurt that her kids are incredibly adorable...

I don't check in with the NieNie Dialogues very often, because it's easy to get sucked into her incredible story, but it's very inspiring.

Speaking of inspiration, my sister Geri is a Christian who does not consider herself a "writer," but I begged to differ after reading a powerful poem that she was recently moved to write. No, she does not write often. She had been admiring the music of Bryson Andres, a little-known violinist who lives and performs in Anchorage, Alaska. Geri bought one of his CD's (self-produced, I think) after hearing him perform at a free, outdoor performance and was so moved by his music that she felt a divine inspiration to write House of Bread.  The link is to a public Google Doc (anyone can read it and leave a comment).

What kind of fragments do you have this week? I'll enjoy "inspiring," but I also appreciate "humorous," "entertaining," "newsy," "heartwarming," "odd," and....heck, I like 'em all. No pressure...Link away!


  1. That poem is incredible. I would definitely say that Geri is a writer, after reading that.

    I love how you are all techy-smart. I didn't know that you could set up a google doc to accept comments in that way.

    Cake pops. yum.

    NieNie is amazing. I'm so happy for her and her family to have a new little on one the way.

    Happy Friday to you!

  2. I always enjoy popping over to your blog for fragments, laughs or whatever. Thanks for providing a place to share.

  3. How about whiney fragments? That's all I have to offer this week!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  4. Hooray for cake pops!!!

    I'm SO excited to hear about NieNie! I haven't been there for a while, but I know more children has always been high on her wish list!

    I've missed you!!
    Also - Mr Linky didn't like me this week. I guess that's what I get for ignoring him for so long!

  5. Hey I've seen that movie clip before.
    Thanks for hosting FF.
    Hmm - I bet you put my FF post in the "odd" category.

  6. I still haven't tried a cake pop.

    You are not going to friggin' believe this! Word verification just called me adowner. I am not a downer. I taking a picture of it.

  7. So funny.

    Lisleman--No comment.haha

    Mel--I so miss you, too :) Thanks.

    Tracie-I didn't know it, either, until recently! So cool.

    I don't know why I'm typing these replies here (other than the fact that my email notification is still not working for comments). No one goes back to all the blogs they commented on to see if the blogger replied in the comment thread. Do they???

    Love you guys....

  8. The 100 Best Movie Lines was great fun. I was cracking up at my computer and hubby had to see what was giving me the chuckles. Thanks for the good belly laughs this morning.

  9. Clever video on the top 100 movie lines!

    And your sister has some serious writing talent. Guess it runs in your family :)

  10. There's no crying in baseball! ♥ Love that.

    Cake pops. I aspire but have still not attempted. I think I'm afraid of the mess. :)

    Happy Weekend!

  11. Mr. Linky is not having a good day...

  12. That picture of the little totally adorable. I love the look in his eyes and the color of them too!!! HANDSOM!!!

  13. Keith and I were just talking about your student last night. We'll keep praying for a complete recovery!!

  14. I have yet to try a cake pop. Next time I'm at Starbucks, I should rectify that...

    Ah, back to school! I know teachers dread it, but I cannot wait for my daughter to go back. I miss the routine that gets lost in the summer.

  15. not much new here but i love that photo of nie nie's son- gorgeous. hope you have a great weekend!

  16. I use the little Friday Fragments bumper sticker on my posts and it's not coming up on my blog. Just the coding and letters/symbols stuff.

  17. As a poetry lover, I'm glad to hear of anyone exploring poetry. It's a great mental exercise as well as a catharsis. Kudos to your sister.

  18. I find it VERY interesting how many of those movie quotes I use on a weekly basis. I didn't know some of them of course, but I'd say that in the past month I have used at least a third of the quotes in my conversations. That was great. I'm going to now post it on Facebook! Thanks!!

  19. Loved the video! I think "It's not a tumor" in Arnold voice is the most quoted movie line in my house. Also, even though it's been a while whenever I think of Daniel Day Louis's "I drink your milkshake" speech from There Will Be Blood it makes me laugh. No one else I know saw it, so I just have to laugh to myself.

  20. Visiting a day late, but finally made it (out of breath!)

    Your sisters poem was great! It's funny how certain things can inspire us to do great things ourselves!

    Have a great weekend...we're super busy, too!

  21. Thank you for reminding me about the Nie Nie dialogues. I have not visited there in so long. You are so right I was there a long time but am again so inspired...
    How very sad for these young children who have been burned. I hope the can find the strength they need to get well and perhaps make a difference...
    Wouldn't it be nice if Stephanie visited them...
    I will continue to pray for them.
    I am off to read as many fragments as I can before Irene arrives:(

  22. I loved that video and can't wait to share it with my hubby (he's a movie buff.)

    Also the poem your sister who's not a writer wrote was stunning. She's not just a writer, she's a great writer.


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