Monday, August 15, 2011

Funny Monday: Free Food Gone Wrong

Many, many years ago, my mom worked in the mall, for Wisconsin Research. That reminds me of a funny story she shared one night when she got home from work.--She said that while questioning a middle-aged man, she asked if he had a job. He replied in the affirmative, and Mom then asked,

"Is that pull-time, or fart-time?" LOL!!

Anyway, this video made me think of Mom's days at the mall...

Have a Happy Monday! :)


  1. This was funny--love to start the day with humor. I actually laughed out loud at this!

  2. Love it....omg....I love starting Monday morning with a laugh! Thanks! Happy Monday!

  3. Oh, my aching sides! The expressions on those faces!!! Whoever thought that one up is one meanie. Has Elsie seen this? I think I can hear her laughing already.

  4. Pretty funny! I wouldn't have been so sweet to just sit there, though LOL ha!!

  5. funny stuff
    Hey you should try that on your family some night - have them watch you get some extra dinner food from the garbage. Rolls might work well.

  6. Oh my gosh, this was great. Still photos of those expressions... priceless!


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